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Care tracker from Hint Health

  1. 1. Blue Button Co-Design Challenge CareTracker Personal care tracking for smartphones
  2. 2. Our team is incredibly excited about what Blue Button+ means for personal health. We looked at the submissions in Co-Design Challenge and were inspired to solve a problem submitted by Dr. Catherine Rose: [...] We need a way to keep the hospital, her school team, her therapy team and us - all on the same page regarding her care. It takes heroic efforts now, but it could be greatly simplified! By marrying the simplicity and ease-of-use of a modern smartphone app with the data available in Blue Button+, we think we can solve this problem and bring some fun to personal care. Inspiration
  3. 3. Our goals are to... ● focus and solve a real, specific problem ● simplify personal care using an innovative and fun “Journal” system ● bring the ease-of-use of a modern smartphone app to personal care tracking ● demonstrate how Blue Button+ can be used to solve real problems in health
  4. 4. Add Blue Button+ Data We are building a simplified flow that helps users import their Blue Button+ data.
  5. 5. Create a Patient Care Journal The Journal is the centerpiece of the app. It shows care tasks (such as medications, doctor visits, therapy, etc.) presented as a timeline.
  6. 6. Invite a Care Team The app is built for both patients and caretakers. Caretakers can manage multiple patients, and patients can add multiple caretakers to their care team.
  7. 7. Thanks to support and feedback from the community, we were able to rapidly iterate on our prototype and improve what we built in just a week. We’ve already incorporated the following pieces of feedback, and we have added many things to our roadmap. ● We added a way for patients and care team members to view a basic version of a patient’s health record. Prior to the feedback, the app simply contained a Journal timeline and a Care Team manager. ● We added the ability for patients and caretakers to communicate by discussing individual tasks within a patient’s Journal. ● We reduced the amount of text on each screen and made navigation clearer. Community feedback
  8. 8. Pick up your smartphone and visit the following link to try out our initial prototype. This is the result of just one week of “heads down” work. Test the app
  9. 9. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves to polish our application and add more features. Here are a few things we intend to add. Our roadmap was highly influenced by co-design feedback! ● Push, text, and email notifications for both patients and care teams ● A simplified Blue Button+ flow that makes it easy for a user to find their health provider and load Blue Button+ data. ● Integration with smartphone calendars for reminders. ● Real-time communication and communication history for patients and care teams. ● A way to reward each other with fun badges for completing tasks. ● State of the art security and enhanced privacy controls. ● Bring the app to Android and iOS app stores. Product roadmap
  10. 10. We built CareTracker specifically to solve a real problem presented by a real patient in this contest. As a team, we wanted to see what would be capable of doing in just a week’s time. We were able to build this initial prototype very rapidly as a proof of concept and look forward to iterating further. Our team is incredibly excited about Blue Button+, and we cannot wait to continue development of this application and bring it to more people. We have fantastic ideas brewing about what we could build now and in the future. Thanks for your support! More about the project