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Social media slideshare

Social media slideshare






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  • Blogs are a web logs/journals, usually used for individual commentary and interactive feedback/comments. Effective bloggers have regular entries. Blogs are used to discuss a topic that may be too complex for a tweet or Facebook post, and to give your topic or program a more personal and engaging presence than a website allows. Some common blogs are Blogger, Tumblr
  • ReachOut’s story started on the other side of the world—in Australia back in 1992, when a cousin of Jack Heath, founder of Inspire, took his life. When trying to make sense of it, Jack had a vision that young people could be connected with comprehensive resources and support through the media they use. With this support, lives could be saved and young people’s mental health and well-being could be improved. Inspire Foundation was founded and with the then escalating rates of youth suicide, Inspire launched the ReachOut website in 1998. Australia has seen a 56 percent reduction in youth suicide rates since ReachOut’s inception. In fact, 3 out of 4 Australian young people know ReachOut.It is pretty impressive and you might be thinking “How did they do that?” It is very simple actually. They went to where Australian young people are. ReachOut offered a safe online space where teens and young adults could get the information they wanted and needed. To ensure ReachOut stayed relevant and true to Australian young people, the ReachOut ‘crew’ established a youth involvement program, ensuring that young people told them how to run the show. They also began to add interactive features such a forum,and an SMS service that teens and young adults could subscribe to for free to receive weekly text messages on managing stress and staying positive leading up to exams. ReachOut Australia also released ReachOut Central (ROC), an online interactive game where players get to experience real life situations and learn from virtual experience.
  • Mobilize.org empowers and invests in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems. Founded in 2002 on the campus of UC Berkeley by David B. Smith, Mobilize.org grew out of a successful student-led effort to challenge tuition increases that would make the cost of earning a UC degree prohibitive to many students.  Over the past decade, Mobilize.org has grown into an organization that harnesses the unique attributes and passion of the Millennial Generation to identify and address problems of concern to society, and provide Millennials with resources needed to implement solutions.In 2007, Mobilize.org launched the Democracy 2.0 Campaign to call attention to the ways our democratic process and institutions were both serving and failing to serve the interests of the Millennial Generation.
  • Microblogs are a shorter form of blogging that provide brief, frequent updates. Microblogs allow people to communicate and stay connected through quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?Uses SMS/text. A real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations. Most common microblog is Twitter, friendfeed, Ping, hello txt, rejaw, Plurk, Pownce, indetica.ca, Jai Ku, Tublr also has microblogging.
  • Freeze the Industry - youth advocates trying to put a freeze (moratorium) on tobacco industry products. Smokers Helpline - tips and tools to try and help people quit tobacco products successfully.
  • Qwitter a social tool designed to help you quit smoking.
  • foodfeed is a service that helps you share your eating habits with everyone, from anywhere.
  • On-line communities with similar interests. Provides multiple ways for their users to interact such as chat, email, video, voice chat, file‐sharing, blogging, and discussion groups. Helps people find out more about each other through sharing interesting & personal responses. Common sites: Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Formspring
  • Understand how smoking in movies affects YOUth! www.smokefreemovies.ca Follow us on Twitter: @hookedhollywoodHOOKED BY HOLLYWOOD is a place to share your thoughts and opinions about the effects of smoking in the movies. We hope you’ll share our page with friends, family and everyone else to help spread the word.HOOKED BY HOLLYWOOD is supported by the Public Health Units in Central West Ontario. If you have questions about the impact of smoking in the movies, feel free to ask and we’ll get you the “expert” answers.
  • The truth®, campaign works to state the facts about Big Tobacco to inform people about the dangers of smoking. The youth of truth® believe that pointing out the shortcomings of an industry, whose products kill someone every 6.5 seconds in the world, just seems like the right thing to do. The truth® campaign on Pinterest and Instagram. Instagram photos used to document the promotional efforts for the Flavor Monsters app.
  • The truth has an entire YouTube channel where you can view all of their campaign videos, commercials, psa's, download their mobile apps, games, and purchase apparel.The Flavour...GONE! campaign is a youth-led campaign that began in July of 2008 that includes a variety of YouTube videos as major part of how they get their message out and garner support for their important cause. Flavour…GONE! youth were beyond thrilled when Bill-C32 gained Royal Ascent on October 8th, 2009- this banned flavouring in blunt wraps, the ban of singles and kiddie packs, proper warning labels on cigarillo’s and the ban of flavouring agents in cigarillos. To the disappointment of everyone this bill held major loopholes. Just before Bill C-32 came into effect, they released new products that were advertised as being "C-32 Compliant", but still contain flavours and bright packages. Furthermore, the bill did not ban flavoured chewing tobacco, which is still sold in brightly coloured tins with yummy sounding flavours. Because of this,the FIGHT IS NOT OVER - all flavours in all Tobacco, you're NEXT! We want Chew Tobacco Included! Spit or chew tobacco is just as dangerous as cigarettes. One tin of spit/chew can deliver as much nicotine as 40-60 cigarettes! It can cause cancers of the mouth in as little as five years after continual using, aided by the fact that there are 28 known carcinogens in spit tobacco.
  • www.sextext.orgSAN FRANCISCO, CALIF, HAS been experiencing an increase in gonorrhea among heterosexuals,particularly among African American youths aged 15 to 19 years. In this group, there were 45 more cases of gonorrhea in 2005 than in 2004, an increase of over 100%.1 In 2005, African American women in San Francisco had a rate of gonorrhea that was 12 times the rate of White women—a 69% increase from 2004.Contemporaneous with the rising sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates, mobile phone use has been increasing among the same populations. A survey by Dobkin et al.2 revealed that 85% of San Francisco youths, aged 12 to 24 used mobile phones.In the first 25 weeks of service (April–October 2006), there were more than 4500 inquiries;2500 of those inquiries led to access to more information and referrals. The top 3 messages accessed were: (1) “what 2 do if ur condom broke”; (2) “2 find out about STDs”; and (3) “if u think ur pregnant”
  • http://www.wane.com/dpp/news/app-takes-tempation-out-of-texting-while-driving
  • www.secondlife.comCDC, health fairs, universities, shopping

Social media slideshare Social media slideshare Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media & Health Promotion
  • Microblogs
  • Social Networking Sites (SNS)
  • Photo & Video Sharing
  • Videos• truth® - http://www.youtube.com/user/truthorange?feature=relchannel• Flavour Gone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1Z29_OaZjo
  • SMS/Txt/Mobile Applications
  • inSPOT Toronto CampaignHypertag delivered the inSPOT message into mobile handsets within a 4 hour period over 5 nights. Summary: 1463 Audience Alerts, 317 downloads= 21.7% conversion rate
  • inSPOT Toronto Hypertag ElectronicBookmark (animated jif)
  • Chlamydia Campaign Proximity Marketing• Delivered over 5 days to 6 high schools as part of a Gr. 11 health promotion assembly.• Electronic bookmark delivered through 4 wearable units at end of assembly.• Animated gif which reflects look of posters/condom cards placed in cell phones.
  • Chlamydia Campaign Proximity Marketing• Goal of Hypertag campaign to raise awareness, and send youth for more information to contact points. Summary: 306 Audience Alerts, 109 downloads= 30% conversion rate
  • Chlamydia Campaign Electronic Bookmark(animated jif)
  • Distracted Drivinghttp://www.wane.com/dpp/news/app-takes- tempation-out-of-texting-while-driving
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Gaming & Gamification
  • Collaborative writing Podcasts WIKIS WIDGETS GIS