Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Accelerating Business Velocity with Converged Solutions


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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) is a family of completely integrated and flexible reference solutions. Each UCP solution has been specifically configured for immediate deployment and to run top tier infrastructure applications without over-purchasing or provisioning unnecessary equipment. Each custom-built solution has its entire solution stack certified. No more compatibility issues or accusations by different vendors’ technical support.

Hitachi UCP is a family of the best integrated converged infrastructure platforms. They accelerate the most-used applications in desktop and server virtualization, collaboration, database, data warehousing and business analytics. When so much of your organization’s budget is used to support fixed costs, these solutions offer business efficiencies and business value. You can realize these benefits via immediate deployment and greater workload throughput that improve business velocity and profitability.

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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Accelerating Business Velocity with Converged Solutions

  2. 2. INFRASTRUCTURE DEPLOYMENT CHALLENGESIT Infrastructure IT Development Plan Support Buy Deploy Integrate Test Code Too many handoffs Too many tools Too many vendors Too much time Costs too much “IT organizations spend 23.3% of staff time and resources on this type of pre-system deployment”
  3. 3. FIRST-GENERATION CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE (CI) End-to-end stackApplication Vendor tests, configures, installs, and supportsHypervisor Benefits of CIServer Cuts deployment time, cuts costNetwork “40% of larger enterprises are planning to deploy some manner of converged system”Storage
  4. 4. TWO CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE (CI) MODELS Integrated Solutions (Turnkey) Reference Solutions (Flexible) App App App Products App App App Virtualization Management App App App Unified Virtualization Mgmt Server Virtualization Mgmt Server Mgmt Network Server MgmtValue Network Mgmt Storage Network Mgmt Storage Mgmt  Preconfigured by Storage Mgmt vendor plus unified  Pre-validated by vendor management and  Customers test  Buy single SKU or orchestration  Buy elements flexibility to choose  Buy single SKU individually elements Reduced Complexity More Flexibility
  5. 5. MISSION-CRITICAL WORKLOAD REQUIREMENTS Data Virtual Analytics Email OLTPwarehouse desktopPeak Instantaneous Scale 1,000 to Millions or Deployperformance business 100,000 billions of thousands ofto hundreds of decisions with mailboxes and online virtualdatabase in-memory support transactions desktops for ainstances analytics mobility from processed variety of anywhere real-time workersStrains due to VM sprawl CIO imperatives• Overprovisioning/overloading • Accelerate business velocity• Unnecessary upgrades • Increase IT efficiency• Application performance and • Improve IT economics data recovery issues stalling • Meet stringent SLAs migration to virtualization
  6. 6. TOP CHALLENGES OF FIRST-GENERATION CONVERGEDINFRASTRUCTURE FOR MISSION-CRITICAL WORKLOADS Infrastructure Management limitations gap • Commodity systems lack • No truly unified high reliability and high orchestration of physical availability and virtual infrastructure • Storage scalability and performance • Many vendors do not offer choice of fully integrated and flexible reference solutions • Long deployment time (4 to 6 weeks) • Cost
  7. 7. NEW-GENERATION CONVERGEDINFRASTRUCTURE ConvergedInfrastructure vCenter Simplify Best-in- Virtual and Choice of Cuts more Class Physical Integrated or Operating Infrastructure Management Reference Costs Converged Infrastructure Solutions for Mission-Critical Workloads
  8. 8. OTHER CI CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS One purchase order ConvergedInfrastructure One solution stack One orchestration management software One-source support 99.999% availability Deployment in as little as 2 days
  9. 9. HITACHI UNIFIED COMPUTE PLATFORM (UCP)Application Hitachi Unified Validated Compute Platform ConvergedHypervisorServerNetworkStorage
  10. 10. UCP FAMILY PORTFOLIO Hitachi Hitachi UCP Pro UCP Select Hypervisor Server Network Storage
  11. 11. UCP PRO: INTEGRATED SOLUTION ‒ Hitachi VSP storageEthernet Brocade  Best in class ‒ Hitachi CB 500 server 6720-60 ‒ VMware vSphere 5.1FC Brocade 6510 ‒ ~1000 VMs per chassisBrocade FCX 648 ‒ Scale up to ~8000 VMsfor Management Hitachi UCP Hitachi UCP ‒ Deploy in ~two days Pro Pro ‒ One source for support Enterprise-Class VSP Storage  UCP Director: vCenter integrated management and orchestration of bothHitachi Compute physical and virtualBlade Server CB environment 500 UCP Director Software GA October Management Server CR 210 2012
  12. 12. UCP DIRECTOR: TIGHTLY INTEGRATEDINTO VMWARE VCENTER "… we need to see the whole stack and manage it together" – Major U.S. bank
  13. 13. UCP DIRECTOR INCREASES STAFF PRODUCTIVITY  VMware vCenter is great for virtual environment  UCP Director enables vCenter to orchestrate infrastructure as well UCP Director Integrated into VMware vCenter Unified virtual and infrastructure view Automated infrastructure configuration One-click infrastructure provisioning Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting Integrates UCP with existing management with RESTful API Benefits Cuts time, resources needed for orchestration Admins can focus on value-added services
  14. 14. HITACHI UCP SELECT: REFERENCE SOLUTIONS ‒ Hitachi or Cisco* server options  More flexibility: ‒ Hitachi storage options Ethernet Switches* – ‒ Brocade or Cisco switch options Brocade or Cisco Switches ‒ All element management software ‒ VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V* PCIe SSD cards* Hitachi UCP Servers* Select Hitachi CB 2000, CB 500 and CR 220 or bare metal* Or Cisco UCS Server ‒ Best practices reference architecture  Pre-validated: ‒ Implementation guide Fibre Channel ‒ Sizing options Switches* – Brocade or Cisco Storage* – Hitachi VSP  Small, medium and large* ‒ Tested and certified with all major or HUS 130/HUS 150 Storage*  Number of VMs, VDI, mailboxes, etc.* Individual solutions will vary mission critical applications
  15. 15. UCP SELECT FOR VMWARE VSPHEREWITH CISCO UCS ‒  Best of breed ‒Cisco Nexus/MDS VMware vSphere ‒ Switches Hitachi VSP storage ‒ Cisco UCS servers (not sold by HDS) ‒ UCP Select Cisco networkingCisco UCS B Series Servers Element management software  HDS and Cisco joint reference solution ‒ Built by approved resellers,  Channel partner enabled VSP Storage ‒ Hypervisor, app and OS installed and distributors and SIs supported by partners
  16. 16. UCP SELECT: REFERENCE SOLUTIONS UCP Select for VMware vSphere GA Jan.VIRTUALIZATION VIRTUALIZATION v5.1 2013 DESKTOP UCP Select for VMware View® Jan. GA SERVER UCP Select for VMware vSphere 2013 with Cisco UCS GA Oct. UCP Select for Citrix® 2012 XenDesktop® UCP Select forMicrosoft® GA Jan. Private Cloud v2 GA Oct. 2013 2012 UCP Select for Microsoft SQL Sept. WAREHOUSE GA Server® 2008 2012 OLTP DATA UCP Select for Oracle Database GA Oct. UCP Select for Microsoft SQL 2012 GA Oct. Server 2012 2012 ANALYTICS BUSINESS EMAIL UCP Select for Microsoft® UCP Select for SAP HANA® Exchange 2010 GA Oct. Scale-Up 2012 GA Sept. 2012
  17. 17. I.T. ECONOMICS – OPPORTUNITIES TO CUT COSTS Benefit area Items impacted by UCP Reduction Test and • Resources for integration, configuration, test 35-55%development and support of new systems • Time and resource for implementation of 18-43% Deployment mission-critical workloads Staff • Ongoing activities such as provisioning, 22-48% productivity monitoring, troubleshooting of CI Asset • Overprovisioning and overloading of storage, 23-45% utilization network and serverEnvironmental • Savings on power, space and cooling 15-28%
  18. 18. HITACHI UNIFIED COMPUTE PLATFORM:NEW GENERATION OF CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTUREHitachi Unified Compute Platform vCenter vCenter Simplify Best-in- Virtual and Choice of Cut more Class Physical Integrated or Operating Infrastructure Reference Costs Management Converged Infrastructure Solutions for Mission-Critical Workloads Converged Infrastructure Solutions for Mission Critical Workloads
  19. 19. UCP USE CASES FORMISSION-CRITICAL WORKLOADS © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012.Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012. All rights reserved. © All rights reserved.
  20. 20. VMWARE ADMINISTRATOR CHALLENGES VMware vCenter is a great tool to manage virtual machines  But VMware vCenter-based infrastructure management is limited  Most CI solutions only offer link and launch management software  Missing bare-metal management  Limited host ecosystem view Server  Image management is time consuming  No real-time hardware updates to vCenter  Limited network view  VLAN and port configuration is tedious Network  No self-healing of switch configuration  No monitoring of physical switch  Limited storage system or SAN view  No storage management capability Storage  Storage provisioning takes manual efforts across silos  No monitoring of storage environment
  21. 21. PROVISION END-TO-END CONVERGED STACK Provision host Provision storage Provision network Deploy ESXi image to Attach storage to Configure VLAN for configure host configured host physical network• Install and configure multiple • VM admin identifies how large a • For a single host components: PowerCLI snap-in, datastore is needed • Gather VLAN configuration auto deploy, PXE/TFTP and DHCP • Requests storage administrator from host • Storage admin identifies where • Determine connected switch• Find the right image and drivers to provision the volume (i.e., ports online storage ports) • Configure switch port VLANs• Use PowerShell command-line • Creates HSDs on proper ports for with PowerCLI to: specified hosts • For a host cluster • Creates volume of specified size • Find all hosts in cluster and• Create and test an ESXi image profile with the correct drivers • Adds volume to HSD gather VLAN info Configuring end-to-end infrastructure is complex, time- ports Create an auto deploy rule to • SAN admin Identifies WWNs for • Determine connected• hosts for each host map host profile and image consuming and error-prone • Configure all switch ports • Identifies array port WWNs profile • Creates zones in appropriate connected to cluster• Deploy the ESXi image to a host fabrics • VM admin mounts new volume • Systems may be configured to • Creates and formats partition hundreds of ports leading • Creates and names new complexity in provisioning datastore networks
  22. 22. PROVISION HOST WITH UCP DIRECTOR Provision host Provision storage Provision network Select the server you want to deploy Click Deploy Images One step to deployment
  23. 23. PROVISION STORAGE WITH UCP DIRECTOR Provision host Provision storage Provision network In vCenter, Select the host Choose Hitachi UCP Configure Host Storage Specify new volume details Process takes minutes instead of days Finish Click
  24. 24. PROVISION NETWORK WITH UCP DIRECTOR Provision host Provision storage Provision network (VLAN configuration for physical switch is automatically updated) Select the host to configure network With UCP Director for VMware vSphere, end-to-end Apply the VLAN configuration converged infrastructure orchestration is easy Click Apply
  25. 25. PRIVATE CLOUD WITH VMWARE VIRTUALIZATION UCP SELECT FOR VMWARE VSPHERE (REFERENCE SOLUTION) For consolidation applications to a Email Dbase VDI private cloud Custom OLTP Bus Obj Flexible options with servers and DW CRM ERP storage offering  Density of VMs per storage unit Servers Options  Density of VMs per compute unit Capacity- and performance-optimized VSP or HUS virtual infrastructure Storage Full VMware vSphere support  VAAI, VASA, vCenter, SRM, VAMP, VADP, PSA
  26. 26. PRIVATE CLOUD WITH MICROSOFT SOFTWAREUCP SELECT FOR MICROSOFT® PRIVATE CLOUD (HYPER-V)  Performance-tuned and scalable Hitachi Compute Blade 2000  High-density computing and throughput  Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V  High number of VMs per blade  Microsoft System Center  Optimized data location through intelligent 2012 storage tiering Brocade FC  Scalable to accommodate up to 10,000 VMs Networking  High reliability and VM availability Hitachi VSP or HUS Storage  Sophisticated blade failover and Software  Symmetric active-active storage controllers  Virtual machine live migration and workload balancing  Fast time to value Sizing Options Medium Large  Solution management integrated with CB 2000 1-8 blades 2-16 blades Microsoft System Center VM Manager Hitachi Storage HUS 150 VSP  Fast provisioning of VMs Number of VMs Up to 750 Up to 10,000
  27. 27. EMAIL INFRASTRUCTURE HITACHI SELECT FOR MICROSOFT® EXCHANGE Ethernet Brocade Massive scalability to 96,000 mailboxes in 8,000 increments Maximize reliability and high availability Hitachi UCP Select  Microsoft Gold certified platform ‒ Microsoft DAG (Data Availability Group)  Combines Hitachi, Microsoft technologies Hitachi ‒ N+M failover Compute Blade Server ‒ Logical partitioning of servers for cost CB 2000 Brocade FC optimization 8,000 24,000 48,000 96,000 users users users users HUS 130 / Server blades 2 6 12 24 HUS 150 Memory/blade 80GB 112GB 144GB 160GB Storage Storage system 1 x HUS 1 x HUS 150 2 x HUS 150 2 x HUS 150 130 Capacity (raw) 92TB 272TB 568TB 1098TB
  28. 28. IN-MEMORY REAL-TIME BUSINESS ANALYTICS UCP PRO FOR SAP HANA® SCALE-UP Meet demanding business needs with small, medium and large configurations Data availability and performance  HUS 150 is ideal for SAP HANA need for ‒ Highly available disk storage to protect in-memory data persistent data storage ‒ SAP HANA logs (IOPS intensive), savepoints against outages and failures (throughput – MB/sec-intensive), database restarts  CB 2000 servers with SMP and onboard PCIe SSD drives Sizing Options Small Medium Large Blades 1 2 4 Investment protection for future HANA ERP Sockets/Cores 2 /20 4/40 8/80 releases RAM (GB) 256 512 1,024 PCIe SSD 1 2 4
  29. 29. DATA WAREHOUSINGUCP SELECT FOR MICROSOFT® SQL SERVER® Sizing Options Entry Small Medium Large Cost-effective, high-performance High availability No Yes Yes Yes and scalable Up to Up to Max. capacity 18TB Up to 1PB 50TB 80TB  Small configuration with FC Server CR 220 CR 220 CB 500 CB 2000 direct connect  Balanced compute to drive sequential reads to meet concurrency requirements  Robust data protection and data replication options Full Microsoft support  Support MS SQL 2008 and 2012  Microsoft Fast Track validation
  30. 30. ONLINE TRANSACTION PROCESSING (OLTP)UCP SELECT FOR ORACLE DATABASE Higher performance and availability  CB 2000 SMP scales to 80 cores  Dedicated PCIe flash drives for acceleration for Oracle ASM Preferred Mirror Read  HUS 150 with full data protection High agility and flexibility with open architecture  Red Hat Linux, Oracle Linux or Windows Server  Oracle 9i, 10g or 11g Full Oracle integration  Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-in  Recovery Manager adapter  Oracle VM plug-in
  31. 31. HITACHI VALUE PROPOSITION TO THE CIO Mission-Critical Workloads NeedAccelerated Business Velocity = UCP (Best-in-Class Reliability, Availability, Scalability and Performance) Increased IT Efficiency Orchestration = UCP Pro Flexibility = UCP Select Superior Economics
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