Step 4: Distributed IT Efficiency


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Hitachi Data Systems file and content solutions feature an integrated
portfolio to help organizations reduce costs, minimize complexity and
manage growth. To achieve those benefits, organizations can follow our
step-by-step “A-B-C” strategies. The 4th step of the process is to manage
distributed IT more efficiently by adopting a centralized strategy for data
collection, protection and management.

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Step 4: Distributed IT Efficiency

  1. 1. Hitachi Data Systems file and content solutions feature an integratedportfolio to help organizations reduce costs, minimize complexity andmanage growth. To achieve those benefits, organizations can follow ourstep-by-step “A-B-C” strategies. The 4th step of the process is to managedistributed IT more efficiently by adopting a centralized strategy for datacollection, protection and management.Transform Virtualization Economics Reliable Trusted Innovate Informa-tion Global Change Intelligent Technology Services Value Insight Op-portunity Social Infrastructure Integrate Analyze Discover CompetitiveDATASHEETA Centralized Strategy forData Collection, Protectionand ManagementManaging the increasing volume and varietyof data at a single location is difficult. Fororganizations with distributed IT located inremote offices, branch locations or alternatedata centers, the challenges are far greater,often leading to sprawling storage silos andinadequate IT resources and safeguards atremote locations.Hitachi Data Systems is committed to sim-plifying distributed IT environments to readilyaccommodate shifts in business, economicand regulatory demands. Through a central-ized IT strategy that ingests and distributesdata to and from geographically dispersedsites, organizations can reduce IT resourcerequirements at remote and branch officesand simplify management. With integratededge-to-core solutions from Hitachi, datacan also be protected throughout the dis-tributed locations in multiple ways, includingreplication, disaster recovery and rapidremote-site recovery capabilities.A-B-C Strategies of Hitachi Data Systems File and Content SolutionsStep 4: Distributed IT EfficiencyThe HDS file and content solutionsprocess for better managingunstructured data involves A-B-Cstrategies in 6 steps:■■ Archive 1st.■■ Back up less.■■ Consolidate more.■■ Distributed IT efficiency.■■ Enable e-discovery andcompliance.■■ Facilitate cloud.A-B-C Strategies forUnstructured DataDepending on the specific needs of theorganization, a variety of Hitachi componentscan be integrated to manage distributedIT environments more efficiently, including:Hitachi Data Ingestor, Hitachi Unified Storageor Hitachi NAS Platform, Hitachi ContentPlatform and Hitachi Storage Optimizationfor Microsoft®SharePoint®.Combined Benefits of HitachiContent Platform and HitachiData IngestorTwo products are integral to centralizeddata management. One is Hitachi ContentPlatform, which offers built-in intelligence anddata protection that eliminates the need fora siloed approach to storing and protectingunstructured content. The other is HitachiData Ingestor, a seemingly bottomless,backup-free on-ramp appliance that requireslittle administrative overhead and frees ITfrom constant capacity planning.Content Platform and Data Ingestor worktogether as a single solution to orchestratecost-efficient distributed IT deployments.Data Ingestor is a minimal-footprint or vir-tual appliance that is placed at the edge.Purpose-built for Content Platform, DataIngestor functions as a caching device, withautomated policies that replicate all residentfiles to Content Platform and keep activedata in the local cache.Placing Data Ingestor at the edge of dis-tributed IT environments can help loweroperating expenses and, ultimately, the totalcost of ownership. No application recodingis required for applications to work withData Ingestor and interoperate with ContentPlatform.
  2. 2. DATASHEETCorporate Headquarters2845 Lafayette StreetSanta Clara, CA 96050-2639 USAwww.HDS.comRegional Contact InformationAmericas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@hds.comEurope, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or info.emea@hds.comAsia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or© Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. TrueNorth is a trademark or registered trademark of HitachiData Systems Corporation. Microsoft and SharePoint are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks, service marks, and company names areproperties of their respective owners.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered byHitachi Data Systems Corporation.DS-293-A DG February 2013Simplify Management, EnsureData ProtectionUsing a centralized strategy to distribute andshare a consistent set of content to and fromgeographically dispersed sites enables orga-nization to:■■ Simplify management.■■ Improve cost efficiency.■■ Ensure data protection.■■ Reduce the risk of data mishandling orloss.■■ Reduce IT footprints at remote andbranch sites.Hitachi Data Systems File andContent SolutionsBy combining products from Hitachi DataSystems file and content solutions, organiza-tions can reduce the costs and complexity ofmanaging big data “as easy as A-B-C.” Theintegrated portfolio includes:■■ Hitachi Content Platform. Aggregate,manage, protect and share content withan open, centralized and multitier enter-prise cloud storage solution.■■ Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere.Synchronize and share content in a safe,secure manner at any time, from any-where on any device.■■ Hitachi Data Discovery Suite. Search,identify, collect and preserve data acrossthe storage infrastructure from onesecure location for improved storagemanagement.■■ Hitachi Data Ingestor. Integrate withHitachi Content Platform for edge-to-core storage that streamlines the entirebackup process and greatly reducesbackup windows.■■ Hitachi Unified Storage or Hitachi NASPlatform. Perform the same or morework with fewer devices, more efficientcapacity and lower overhead using themost powerful consolidation platform onthe market.The Next StepOnce organizations have completed thefirst 4 of the 6 steps in the A-B-C strategies,they can move on to the 5th step: EnableE-Discovery and Compliance. While all ofthese steps are not essential for every com-pany, organizations can incrementally improvethe management of unstructured data andmaximize savings and benefits by employ-ing multiple steps or the complete A-B-Cstrategies.Learn MoreTo learn more about the A-B-C strategies,please contact your HDS representative,your Hitachi TrueNorth Partner or■■ Simplifies administrative workload: An enterprise retailer with multiple locationsreduced its bandwidth and simplified administration when it replaced its low-endNAS with Hitachi Data Ingestor and Hitachi Content Platform.1■■ Centralizes content from remote locations: A small healthcare organization withremote offices moved data from previous NAS to Hitachi Data Ingestor to keepactive content locally cached while centrally managed and protected.2■■ Factoid: 20% of IT organizations use Hitachi Content Platform to deliver IT servicesto geographically dispersed internal consumers and/or trusted partners.3HDS Distributed IT Efficiency Use Cases1TechValidate.