Hitachi Data Systems file and content solutions feature an integratedportfolio to help organizations reduce costs, minimiz...
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Step 2: Back Up Less Datasheet


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Explains how backup-free storage reduces cost and complexity; provides benefits of Hitachi Content Platform; includes brief HDS backup use cases.

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Step 2: Back Up Less Datasheet

  1. 1. Hitachi Data Systems file and content solutions feature an integratedportfolio to help organizations reduce costs, minimize complexity andmanage growth. To achieve those benefits, organizations can follow ourstep-by-step “A-B-C” strategies. The 2nd step is Back Up Less: Organizationsstreamline the backup process to shorten backup and recovery times,improve data protection and reliability, and lower management andcapital costs.Transform Virtualization Economics Reliable Trusted Innovate Informa-tion Global Change Intelligent Technology Services Value Insight Op-portunity Social Infrastructure Integrate Analyze Discover CompetitiveDATASHEETReduce Total BackupCapacity Requirementsby 30% or MoreIn the 1st step of the A-B-C strategies, orga-nizations employ HDS solutions to Archive1st. After tiering data based on its value andreducing the load on primary storage, orga-nizations can move to the 2nd step: BackUp Less, in which total backup capacity canbe reduced by 30% or more by leveraging abackup-free infrastructure and other capacityefficiency technologies. Depending on spe-cific needs, HDS offers a broad portfolio ofsolutions designed to enhance data protec-tion operations.Reduce Costs andComplexity WithBackup-Free StorageHitachi Content Platform data protectionand preservation features make it possibleto back up far less data to tape and tran-sition to disk-based data protection. Liketraditional tape-based backup, ContentPlatform stores and tracks multiple versionsof objects (data, metadata and custommetadata) for preservation and retrieval. ButA-B-C Strategies to Hitachi Data Systems File and Content SolutionsStep 2: Back Up LessThe HDS file and content solutionsprocess for better managingunstructured data involves A-B-Cstrategies in 6 steps:■■ Archive 1st.■■ Back up less.■■ Consolidate more.■■ Distributed IT efficiency.■■ Enable e-discovery andcompliance.■■ Facilitate cloud.A-B-C Strategies forUnstructured Dataunlike traditional tape-based backup, withContent Platform, versions can be easilybrowsed and accessed from protected,replicated disk systems, and data canbe moved to a variety of media includingspin-down disks. Users can access andrecover versions directly from the objectstore, which means the data no longerneeds to be on primary storage.Hitachi Data Ingestor integrates seamlesslywith Content Platform to provide a bottom-less, backup-free storage solution, withseamless access to storage for distributedusers and cloud consumers. The solutioneliminates the need for backups at the edgeby providing a highly available on-ramp intoa centralized, self-protecting, multitenantrepository that segregates data without theneed for physically separate systems.Organizations can also reduce risk withData Ingestor and Content Platform, asthe solution automates management andenforcement of regulatory, governanceand data lifecycle policies. Content ismade more secure with encryption, “writeonce, read many” (WORM), replication,RAID, data integrity checks, and otheradvanced security measures.Advantages of HitachiContent PlatformHitachi Content Platform can help organi-zations cut costs, greatly enhance archivingand backup efficiency, and better governdata to support more informed decision-making. The solution features:■■ Reduction of total backup capacityneeds by 30% or more.
  2. 2. DATASHEETCorporate Headquarters2845 Lafayette StreetSanta Clara, CA 96050-2639 USAwww.HDS.comRegional Contact InformationAmericas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@hds.comEurope, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or info.emea@hds.comAsia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or© Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. TrueNorth is a trademark or registered trademark of HitachiData Systems Corporation. All other trademarks, service marks, and company names are properties of their respective owners.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered byHitachi Data Systems Corporation.DS-291-A DG February 2013■■ Increased data availability and restore timeswith more recovery points, data integritychecks, versioning, and a variety of dataprotection and disaster recovery options.■■ Easy search of information using objectstagged with smarter metadata.■■ Visibility and control of information usingautomated, repeatable processes.■■ Support for regulations and corporategovernance mandates through retentionand compliance capabilities.Reduce Operational andCapital ExpensesHitachi Content Platform provides abackup-free, immutable storage formatthat does not need to be supported by aconstant backup cycle. This results insignificant cost savings, including:■■ Lower capital expenses (hardware,software licensing and so forth).■■ Reduced maintenance costs.■■ Reduced management overhead andcomplexity.■■ Reduced backup volume, cost and time.Depending on specific needs, HitachiContent Platform, Hitachi Data Ingestor,Hitachi Unified Storage or Hitachi NASPlatform and a variety of applications canprovide the freedom to solve customerbackup challenges with the most effectivetechnology.Hitachi Data Systems File andContent SolutionsBy combining products from Hitachi DataSystems file and content solutions, organiza-tions can reduce the costs and complexity ofmanaging big data “as easy as A-B-C.” Theintegrated portfolio includes:■■ Hitachi Content Platform. Aggregate,manage, protect and share content withan open, centralized and multitier enter-prise cloud storage solution.■■ Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere.Synchronize and share content in a safe,secure manner at any time, from any-where on any device.■■ Hitachi Data Discovery Suite. Search,identify, collect and preserve data acrossthe storage infrastructure from onesecure location for improved storagemanagement.■■ Hitachi Data Ingestor. Integrate withHitachi Content Platform for edge-to-core storage that streamlines the entirebackup process and greatly reducesbackup windows.■■ Hitachi Unified Storage or Hitachi NASPlatform. Perform the same or morework with fewer devices, more efficientcapacity and lower overhead using themost powerful consolidation platform onthe market.The Next StepAfter completing the first 2 steps in theA-B-C strategies, Archive 1st and BackUp Less, organizations are ready toConsolidate More. By consolidating silos,you’ll streamline management and oper-ations, maximize utilization and efficiency,and accomplish more with fewer resources.While all of these steps are not essentialfor every company, organizations canincrementally improve the management ofunstructured data and maximize savingsand benefits by employing multiple steps orthe complete A-B-C strategies.Learn MoreTo learn more about the A-B-C strategies,please contact your HDS representative,your Hitachi TrueNorth Partner or■■ Provides significant backup savings: A medium enterprise insurance companysaved 32 hours on a full system backup with Hitachi Content Platform.1■■ Reduces tape-based backups: A Fortune 500 computer services companyfound that internal Hitachi Content Platform protection and replication capabilitieseliminate the need to back up to tape.2■■ Factoid: 33% of IT organizations stated that the internal Hitachi Content Platformprotection and replication capabilities eliminate the need to back up to tape.3HDS Backup Use Cases1TechValidate.