Cloud Service for Content Archiving Solution Profile


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Cloud Service for Content Archiving Solution Profile

  1. 1. Improve Efficiencies in Archiving of Fileand Content in the EnterpriseHitachi Cloud Service for Content Archiving lets youget maximum value from your data while passing datamanagement and infrastructure responsibilities toHitachi Data Systems. We maintain your data remotelyusing our hardware, software and personnel, whileyou retain easy access to the data regardless of userlocation. Our fully managed service is part of HitachiCloud Services, delivered by Hitachi Data Systems.It can be customized based on your applicationarchiving and content requirements, and enables yourapplications to index and search across multiple datatypes. Customization options will expand in the futureto enable more value-added content, compute andanalytics capabilities. Make our enterprise-class archive-as-a-service model part of a hybrid or public cloudstrategy to reduce costs, improve overall operationalefficiencies, and provide competitive advantage.Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archiving,Delivered by Hitachi Data SystemsSOLUTIONPROFILEThe explosive growth of data is adding complexityand expense to most IT environments. The bulk oftoday’s data growth comes from unstructured data,such as business documents, files, computer-aideddesign, computer-aided manufacturing and Webcontent. In an effort to store, process, optimize andserve this information back to end users, many orga-nizations have built large network attached storage(NAS) environments. These sprawling environmentsrequire continual storage investments. They arecostly to manage and rob resources needed for anorganization’s most valuable data.With a remotely managed public cloud servicefrom Hitachi Data Systems, you can successfullytackle challenges associated with unstructured datagrowth while improving the performance, scalabilityand manageability of your existing storage invest-ment. Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archivingrelieves capital expenditure, ends oversubscriptionof storage, and reduces management overheadand other operational expenses. When you offloadunderutilized, legacy or shared data to Hitachi CloudServices, we use our hardware, software and person-nel to maintain that data for you, while you pay onlyfor the storage you use.
  2. 2. SOLUTION PROFILEFigure 1. Cloud on-ramps, such as Hitachi Data Ingestor, Rocket Arkivio Autostor, and HitachiNAS Platform, integrate seamlessly with Hitachi Cloud Services to simplify moving content intocloud storage.Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archivingis ideal for organizations that need to:■■ Centrally archive for file services to remoteand branch offices.■■ Reduce and reclaim storage on older NASenvironment, to improve performance andstorage utilization.■■ Support policy-enabled archive ofSharePoint content to the cloud.■■ Archive infrequently accessed contentto relieve bloat in primary systems.■■ Support archival for compliance and con-tent preservation.■■ Remotely store and access archivedcontent.In the following sections, we’ll discuss thevalue of Hitachi Cloud Service for ContentArchiving in 3 typical use cases, as shownin Figure 1.Use Case #1: Streamline FileTiering to Increase Performanceand Production TimeMuch of the data residing on expensiveprimary storage goes untouched after 3to 6 months. However, it often remains inplace much longer because of the timeand difficulty involved in cataloging it andeither deleting or moving it, depending onits compliance profile. This inactive dataconsumes costly capacity and can impactperformance. In the event of an outage,businesses must restore massive amountsof content that may not be mission critical.This poses a threat to recovery time objec-tives and business continuity.Without an alternative storage solution,storage growth forces businesses topurchase and support additional NAS plat-forms. This adds to the data center footprintand to the resources required to oversee anincreasingly complex storage environment.Storage growth can overwhelm the abilityof backup systems to collect all data withinthe available backup window. A failure toachieve full protection within a backupwindow can put SLAs at risk, result in lostdatasets, and add weeks to a project.Hitachi Cloud Services is an enterprise-level public and enterprise-to-cloud solutionowned by Hitachi Data Systems. Our solution covers all cloud delivery models andprovides a set of cloud storage services as well as REST API support for enterpriseapplications. We maintain your data remotely using our hardware, software and per-sonnel, while you retain easy access to the data, regardless of user location.Our fully managed cloud services include steps to:■■ Provide an object storage solution that enables you to store, share, protect, pre-serve, analyze and retrieve file data from an enterprise-level cloud platform.■■ Move content from primary stores on-site into off-site cloud storage.■■ Store copies of files remotely in a secure facility, reducing backup.■■ Monitor consumption and availability, addressing any issues before they impact ser-vice level agreements (SLAs).■■ Allow versioning on files returned to the cloud with changes.■■ Enable on-demand capacity requests and pay as you go pricing.■■ Adhere to efficient management practices that keep prices low.■■ Provide “write once, read many” (WORM) functionality for data retention enforcementand compliance.Customization options will expand in the future to include compute and analytics capabilities.Hitachi Cloud Services
  3. 3. 3Innovation is the engine of change,and information is its fuel. Innovateintelligently to lead your market, growyour company, and change the world.Manage your information withHitachi Data Tiering SolutionWith a file tiering solution from Hitachi CloudService for Content Archiving, you gain asimple and effective way to reduce contenton primary NAS (see Figure 2). You candelay the purchase of additional Tier 1storage by tiering infrequently accessedfiles to the Hitachi cloud or migrating themto various on-premise tiers. Storing dataon the most cost-effective tier decreasesyour total cost of storage ownership by atleast 25%. Our solution lets you develop aholistic tiering strategy that classifies yourdata to allow automated, policy-based datamovement and management. Because youhave less data to back up on site, you gainback production time and can meet SLAsfor decreased recovery time in the event ofan outage. Our integrated service offeringhelps you:■■ Identify old or inactive data and move itoff Tier 1 storage to a core repository.■■ Collect and analyze detailed informa-tion about storage utilization and datarelevance.■■ Automatically store data on the appropriatestorage tier.■■ Set parameters on what type of data toplace in the cloud and adjust policies toadapt to changing requirements.■■ Easily find and retrieve data for analy-sis, e-discovery, compliance or otherpurposes.■■ Pass to Hitachi Data Systems theresponsibility for storing, protecting andmanaging all but your most active data.The example in Figure 2 shows how youcan leverage HDS for both your on-siteand off-site storage requirements for differ-ent tiers of storage using HNAS softwarefunctionality. For storage from other ven-dors, you can also tier storage to HitachiCloud Services through file tiering softwarefrom a 3rd party like Arkivio, which is avalued partner of HDS.Use Case #2: Simplify theDelivery of File Services toSatellite OfficesProviding file services to remote and branchoffices is a time-consuming and expen-sive undertaking that requires backup of alledge devices to a disaster recovery site andFigure 2. With a file tiering solution from Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archiving, you candevelop a holistic tiering strategy based on business needs, data type, protection and otherfactors. Our tiering solution leverages policy-based business rules to automatically offload datafrom Hitachi NAS Platform or Hitachi Unified Storage VM to the Hitachi cloud or to variousstorage tiers on your premises.constant management of storage systemcapacity, utilization and performance. Remoteoffices need a NAS system for their own files,and they rely on the home office for versioncontrol, security, and quick and easy accessto shared network files.As data volumes increase at the edge, enter-prises struggle to budget for more storagehardware and a bigger data center footprint.They seek to devote more managementresources to the needs of an increasinglycomplex IT environment.
  4. 4. SOLUTION PROFILEChallenges include meeting service levelobjectives for access speed, upgradinghardware, and complying with corporateand regulatory standards for recoverabilityand data protection.File Serving SolutionWith a file serving solution from HitachiCloud Service for Content Archiving, yougain a simple and cost-effective way toensure a wide range of workloads (seeFigure 3). It enables distributed users toexperience safe and easy file retrieval froma single, shared repository. Our integratedservice offering helps you:■■ Improve content sharing between sites(one namespace for multiple file systems,but only one system that can write to thenamespace).■■ Automatically move content into the coreinfrastructure to provide seemingly end-less storage capacity at the edge.■■ Keep at the edge only those files thatare unique to each remote locale forshorter backup windows and lessmanagement overhead.Figure 3. When you archive content to the Hitachi cloud, a pointer remains behind to give usersa familiar way to retrieve documents.At the core of Hitachi Cloud Servicefor Content Archiving is HitachiContent Platform, which we ownand manage for you from one ofour facilities. Content Platform is ahigh-performance object archive withbuilt-in data protection capabilities.We configure it to meet business-specific tenant and namespace needs.Content Platform:■■ Scales from terabytes to petabytesof usable capacity.■■ Uses a multitenant architecture tosecurely support thousands of usersper system.■■ Ensures data integrity with suchcontent preservation and retentioncapabilities as encryption, WORM,and content authenticity services.■■ Offers advanced search and indexcapability.Get the Hitachi ContentPlatform Advantage■■ Cache recently used files at the edge tomeet low-latency SLAs.■■ Ensure access to the latest versionof a document.■■ Give authenticated users a familiar wayto interact with storage, regardless oflocation.Use Case #3: ReduceApplication StorageRequirements, EliminateSharePoint SprawlExponential growth of data, particularlyunstructured data, is driving up costs andcreating unprecedented complexities andrisks. To improve management of unstruc-tured data, HDS provides cost-effectivestrategies for archiving unstructured data.By archiving and reducing the load on pri-mary storage, organizations can improvedata governance, limit storage sprawl, andreduce overall storage costs by more than25%. Depending on the specific needs ofyour business, you can combine HitachiCloud Service for Content Archiving with avariety of applications and archiving soft-ware to tier data based on its value.The popularity of Microsoft SharePoint forcreating, managing and sharing content is amajor contributor to the growth of unstruc-tured data in enterprise storage environments.Adding instances of SharePoint can over-whelm Microsoft SQL Server®and lead toa sprawling SharePoint environment. Suchsprawl interferes with efficient SharePointmanagement and risks compliance with cor-porate and industry regulations for contentretention and e-discovery.A buildup of binary large objects (BLOBs),which constitute unstructured data, oftencauses performance to degrade in largeSharePoint deployments and untenablebackup and restore times. This leads toslower document query and retrieval, andan accompanying loss of productivity.Solving these issues by adding SQL hard-ware and software licenses increases totalcost of ownership.SharePoint Archiving SolutionWith a SharePoint archiving solution fromHitachi Cloud Service for Content Archiving,you can reduce SharePoint content on SQLServer. This improvement allows for a moreefficient environment, a reduced cost of
  5. 5. 5ownership, and maximum control over themovement of SharePoint data and metadata.Our integrated service offering helps you:■■ Reduce the size of SQL databases todefer hardware upgrades and improvebackup and recovery time.■■ Set policies to determine which data isarchived and when (instantly, at a specifictime and date, or at regular intervals).■■ Transparently retrieve documents fromthe familiar SharePoint interface.■■ Pass to Hitachi Data Systems theresponsibility for storing, protectingand managing all but your most activeSharePoint content.■■ Store SharePoint data in a manner thatsupports information governance andregulatory requirements.Tiered Pricing for PredictableBudgetingA remotely managed cloud service shouldhelp you budget for operational expenses,so the last thing you need is a surprise.That’s why we make pricing simple to under-stand and give you options for increasedsavings. Here’s what you can expect:■■ Graduated pricing: The more you store,the more you save.■■ A no-surprise pricing approach that iseasy to understand, minimizes fluctua-tion, and allows you to predict your costs.With service from Hitachi Data Systems, you get a single vendor capable of handlingboth the high service-level requirements of your on-site production data and therequirements of other data that you chose to store economically off site. We can seam-lessly implement NAS and object-based storage in your data center. With our uniqueHitachi NAS Platform data migration functionality, we enable policy-based migrationto your on-site content archive storage or to your off-site content archive with HitachiCloud Services. You benefit from:■■ A single point of contact to address any issues.■■ Our help in identifying what content should be moved and in managing datamigration to the most cost-effective tier.■■ The flexibility to tier data to multiple on-site archive and tape storage optionsor to move it off site with Hitachi Cloud Services or another cloud service,such as Amazon.One Trusted Vendor to Meet Your On-Site and Off-SiteStorage RequirementsBenefits of Hitachi CloudService for Content ArchivingHitachi Cloud Service for Content Archivingcan play an important role in relieving theproblem of storing, managing and protect-ing increasing data volumes. We targetyour most challenging storage problemswith integrated solutions that eliminateup-front capital expenditure for underuti-lized assets and minimize operationalexpenses brought on by data growth andmanagement complexity.Reduce Cost■■ Gain back production time by reducingthe amount of storage requiring backup.■■ Align payment with the volume of storageconsumed.■■ Enable chargeback based on utilization.■■ Decrease management overhead andtape expense by eliminating backups atthe edge in favor of centralized, advancedreplication at the core.■■ Decrease your total cost of ownership byturning file storage from a capital expenseinto an operating expense.
  6. 6. © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. Innovate With Information is a trademark or registeredtrademark of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation. Microsoft, SharePoint, Active Directory, and SQL Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All othertrademarks, service marks, and company names are properties of their respective owners.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered byHitachi Data Systems Corporation.SP-150-A DG May 2013Corporate Headquarters2845 Lafayette StreetSanta Clara, CA 96050-2639 USAwww.HDS.comRegional Contact InformationAmericas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@hds.comEurope, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or info.emea@hds.comAsia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or Complexity■■ Scale easily to meet fluctuatingcapacity needs.■■ Simplify storage administration byconsolidating content from multiple sitesor SharePoint environments.■■ Automate enforcement of regulatory,governance and data lifecycle policies.■■ Centralize backup, compliance andlifecycle management.■■ Simplify search and retrieval ofarchived data.Reduce Risk■■ Protect content with encryption WORM,replication, RAID, data integrity checksand more.■■ Get full integration with Microsoft ActiveDirectory®and Lightweight DirectoryAccess Protocol (LDAP).■■ Meet your service level objectives andprotect mission-critical content withimproved backup and recovery time.■■ Ensure compliance by setting retention,litigation hold and shredding policies.What Are You Trying to Do?The cloud can form an integral part of yourenterprise storage strategy. Following aresome of the top reasons for buying cloudstorage:■■ Do you need ongoing storage capacityfor a cloud-ready product you alreadyown, such as Hitachi Data Ingestor,Hitachi NAS Platform, or Symantec Vault?You can use these existing productswith minimum configuration changes foreasy connection to the cloud.■■ If you are a medium or large storage user,owning or renting storage space for non-critical data is costly. Backup, replicationand disaster recovery can double or tripleyour storage requirements. You can freeup expensive storage by tiering, archivingand backing up to the cloud.Take the Next StepsTo learn more about how the HitachiCloud Service for Content Archiving canimprove efficiencies in your organization,please contact your Hitachi Data Systemsrepresentative or visit us at a file serving solutionfrom Hitachi Cloud Servicefor Content Archiving, yougain a simple and cost-effective way to ensure awide range of workloads.