HDS iPad App for Hitachi Command Suite


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Configuring storage from an iPad might be novel, but it isn’t where the true value and impact of storage management mobility lies. Our iPad app is all about putting more specific insight right at the finger tips of administrators so they have immediate insight wherever they are.

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HDS iPad App for Hitachi Command Suite

  1. 1. HITACHI COMMAND SUITE FOR IPAD APP1 © 2012 Hitachi Data Systems. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. SHIFT IN HOW STORAGE IS MANAGED,AND FROM WHEREIDC: Mobility drives the shift −IDC Web Conference, January 2012 Worldwide Storage Top 10 Predictions Worldwide Consumer and Commercial Share of Device Shipments by Device Type, 2011
  3. 3. HITACHI COMMAND SUITE FOR IPAD APP Hitachi Command Suite for iPad App provides a global management dashboard to monitor storage service levels for business applications across your Hitachi storage environment Key capabilities  Data center visibility to monitor the operation and status of all your storage systems  Business application compliance to required service levels of capacity and performance  Chargeback to consumers or business units for service levels delivered  Capacity planning to efficiently utilize existing storage resources and properly plan for future growth
  4. 4. HITACHI COMMAND SUITE FOR IPAD APP:KEY USER INITIATIVES Storage Environment Dashboard Application Virtual Service Level Infrastructure Objective Insights Monitoring Application Current Storage Service Level Capacity Views Violation Investigation
  5. 5. STORAGE ENVIRONMENT DASHBOARD Global dashboard of system health and application service levels
  6. 6. APPLICATION SERVICE LEVELOBJECTIVE MONITORING Observe storage Monitor application service level storage service compliance of level objectives business over the past 24 applications hours
  7. 7. APPLICATION SERVICE LEVEL VIOLATIONINVESTIGATION View application storage performance snapshots for possible causes of a service level violation
  8. 8. CURRENT STORAGE CAPACITY VIEWS View current storage capacity allocation and utilization rates
  9. 9. VIRTUAL INFRASTRUCTURE INSIGHTS Virtual machine capacity insights (used, free%, etc) within VMware datastores
  10. 10. HITACHI COMMAND SUITE FOR IPAD APP Delivers new levels of mobile access for data center management visibility with application service level compliance and storage system health monitoring from virtually anywhere  Universal monitoring of current operating status for mission-critical applications and the supporting storage infrastructure  Simplify system monitoring for lower operational costs  Ensure application-specific service level objectives are being monitored and met around the clock  Consolidate monitoring for all Hitachi storage environments  Decrease time and effort for effective performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  11. 11. THANK YOU
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