Gluten free diet for celiac disease


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Gluten free diet for celiac disease

  1. 1. GLUTEN-FREE DIET FOR CELIAC DISEASE Presented by: Sara Cole, Kayla Sansom, Holli Stephens, and Katie Pouncey Date: June 30, 2013
  2. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW TABLE Team Member Website Summary Statement Sara Cole m/the-emotional- impact-celiac-disease- 81010.html?cat=5 This website is a blog entry from a woman who has celiac disease. Although this blog entry does not include sound medical advice, it does give the reader an insight into the life of someone with this disease.
  3. 3. MENU ANALYSIS By: Sara Cole
  4. 4. LITERATURE REVIEW TABLE Team Member Journal Article Citation Summary Statement Kayla Sansom PubMed Fredrik N, Olof S, Lars L, Anneli I. A gluten- free diet effectively reduces symptoms and health care consumption in a Swedish celiac disease population. BMC Gastroenterol. 2012; 12: 125. C3482575/. Accessed June 26, 2013. This article discussed a clinical questionnaire sent to Swedish residents with celiac disease symptoms. After initiating a gluten free diet, almost all symptoms ceased.
  5. 5. MENU ANALYSIS By: Kayla Sansom
  6. 6. LITERATURE REVIEW TABLE Team Member Journal Article Citation Summary Statement Katie Pouncey PubMed Central David H Dewar, Suzanne C Donnelly, Simon D McLaughlin, Matthew W Johnson, H Julia Ellis, Paul J Ciclitira. Celiac disease: Management of persistent symptoms in patients on a gluten- free diet, World J Gastroenterol. 2012; 18(12): 1348–1356. http://www.ncbi.nlm. MC3319961/. Accessed June 20, 2013. This article shows trails of patients with celiac disease who have already implemented a gluten- free diet, and how it worked and in some cases did not completely heal all symptoms.
  8. 8. LITERATURE REVIEW TABLE Team Member Journal Article Citation Summary Statement Holli Stephens CINAHL Fric, P; Gabrovska, D; Nevoral, J. Celiac disease, gluten- free diet, and oats. Nutrition Reviews, 2011, Feb; 69(2): 107- 15. http://web.ebscoh il?vid=4&sid=c28 dc900-3cfc-46fa- a4d1- 2dbb7260fdeb%4 0sessionmgr114& This article acknowledges the issues celiac disease patients may come across because of the lack of grain in their diet. Several studies were done on whether or not oats are acceptable for celiac patients. Unfortunately, the issue remains in controversy because what works for one patient may not work for others.
  9. 9. MENU ANALYSIS By: Holli Stephens
  10. 10. WORKS CITED FOR MENU ANALYSIS  Dr. Oz (22 March 2011). The Gluten-Free Diet Plan. Retrieved from plan?page=4#copy
  11. 11. CONSENSUS STATEMENT ABOUT THE GLUTEN FREE DIET FOR CELIAC DISEASE While researching the diet for this disease, we have concluded that having this diet would be a major lifestyle change. There is little to no variety for real gluten-free products. For example, Domino’s Pizza has a “gluten-free” pizza but Domino’s has a disclaimer for people with celiac disease saying that they should not eat their “gluten-free” pizza. Shopping for real gluten-free items can be expensive, hard to find, and time consuming, but companies are trying to have more gluten-free options. Overall, this diet is relatively healthy with a good amount of vitamins.