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SEO Post Panda and Penguin

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MBO Presentation 2012

MBO Presentation 2012

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  • http://searchengineland.com/google-sent-over-700000-messages-via-webmaster-tools-in-past-two-months-113807
  • Not good enough to be great offline and have a website. Have to have a great website, too. Jon Cooper, PointBlankSEO: “It’s sad. Google’s scare tactics are winning. More & more think “building” links is dead and that everything intentionally built is web spam.”
  • http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ef56/


  • 1. Haley DrummondDirector of Organic SearchOne Click Ventures@bblstrdrum
  • 2. HALEY’S BACKGROUND (AKA WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?)• English / Teaching background• Ball State / UIndy Grad• Computer Nerd• Cheese aficionado and Dance Central super star• Heads Up Organic Team at One Click • 9 Stores, 10 People • Scarves.net, HandbagHeaven.com, SunglassWarehouse.com • PR (and social) / Content / Tech / Analysis
  • 3. HOW WE USED TO DO THINGSOn-Site OptimizationSite Architecture Links + Anchor Text =Crawl Errors RANKINGSContentSocialLINKS
  • 5. PANDA PENGUIN• First released February • First released April 24, 23rd, 2011 2012• Goal: lower the rank of • Goal: lower the rank of “low-quality” sites sites that violate Google’s Webmaster• Affected Sites Guidelines • Had weak, thin, or scraped content • Affected Sites • Offered little of value • Used manipulative or • Featured poor user unnatural linking experience practices, keyword stuffing, or cloaking
  • 6. WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM THIS?• Create websites that offer something of value• Think of our users first• Promote, don’t link build.
  • 7. WHAT DOES LONG TERM SEO STRATEGY LOOKLIKE POST-PANDA/PENGUIN?Something to Offer + Genuine Endorsements= Domain AuthorityDomain Authority + On-Site Optimization =Increased Organic Traffic
  • 8. SOMETHING (RELEVANT) TO OFFER • Doesn’t have to always be heavy content • Could be video, a resource, user reviews, advice, a forum, an awesome product, a blog, a “how-to” guide • Put content on product pages • Could just be an awesome product on an awesomely-usable site • Has to be something someone would want to share or link to…on their own.
  • 11. GENUINE ENDORSEMENTS • Social – Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc, etc, etc • Build and be a part of a community • Guest Posting (careful!) • Outreach (careful!) • Make friends Do something or create something worth talking about, and put it in the hands of people who might talk about it. This is old- school marketing.
  • 14. WHAT IS NOT OKAY• Irrelevant blog comments• Crappy directories never used by humans• Article spinning• Sponsored posts (put nofollows on anything where $ or product changes hands)• Irrelevant guest posts• Manipulative anchor text. RELEVANCY IS KEY
  • 15. DOMAIN AUTHORITY The more people talk about you and the more time they spend on your site, the more authority your site has in the eyes of Google.Okay, but this is really vague and hard, and the results take forever.What can I do to get results now?
  • 16. ON-SITE OPTIMIZATION1. Make sure you’ve optimized your pages (This is where you can target keywords) • No more than 2 keywords in a title tag (Does it look spammy? Then it’s spammy) • Use your keywords (and related words) in a natural way on the page • Make use of H1 tags, etc • Don’t hide content behind images or JavaScript • Use Image Alt Tags • Use appropriate (and short, if possible) URLs
  • 17. ON-SITE OPTIMIZATION2. Ensure your site is easy to use • Build mobile sites • Pay attention to user feedback – get your bounce rate down • Look in to 1-click social logins • Review your site architecture • Resolve crawl errors
  • 18. THREE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITIES1. Optimization of Pages2. Create something worth promoting – something your competitors can’t easily copy3. Build up an audienceThis is not easy. It is not fast. But because it’s genuine, it will outlastany Google update.Because it takes time and effort, your competitors will have a hard timecatching up with you.
  • 19. BUT I’M NOT CREATIVE AND I’M NOT A WRITER.That’s okay! Use what you have. 1. Expertise in your industry 2. An audience 3. Something to offer
  • 20. IDEAS FROM THE OCV OST Hide-a-key Rocks• Have customers share stories of being locked out • Explain benefits of having a rock -• Front poor decorating tips cleaning lady, baby-sitter, children who• “Where’s Waldo” with your rock - hide it lose key, etc and post it, ask people to find where the • Other things you could fit inside the rock, rock is other uses for the rock• Survey where people would hide their • Name your rock contest key - show results and point out most • Contest - you get whatever is in your people aren’t as secure as they think rock. they are • Strangest places you’ve found your keys• People you would/would not give a spare after you thought you lost them key to • Alternatives for people who live in• Content where people share best pet apartments where rocks would look out rock story of place• Landscaping tips; how to hide rock in • Other places to hide your keys that aren’t landscaping the rock; use fake rock as a decoy• Which rocks go the best with my brick • Contest - have people nominate most• Share scary break-in stories habitual key loser in their family• Home safety tips - what to do when going • Theme: selling peace of mind out of town • Memory tips and tricks for people who• Rock song about the rock lose keys
  • 21. IDEAS FROM THE OCV OST A local plumber• Poop jokes• Funny or embarrassing stories of toilet overflows • Testimonials• Team up with local newspaper; have • Location-based tips - how to take care home improvement section with different of your house in freezing weather or articles when it’s really hot• 5 fixes you don’t need a plumber for • Toilet seat sizing chart• Review of drainage products • Pimp my toilet techniques• Tips for first time home owners • What your kids have put down the toilet• Do a quiz about plumbing emergencies - • Crazy things plumbers have found in the what do you do when? drain• Infographic on easy fixes • What to do if you drop your ring down• When you need a plumber the sink or flush something down the• DIY vs. call a plumber infographic (go toilet crazy on Pinterest) • Simple guide on how to unclog a toilet• How to tell your husband nicely that you • If my toilet is doing this, i should expect need to call for backup - what you this should say, how to get him to call the • How much $ it could cost you if you plumber don’t fix plumbing problem• Host a tutorial on fixes you can do • Halloween costume contest - best yourself, record videos while you’re plumber costumes doing it to put on YouTube • Infographic on environmental issues and• Diagrams - label the parts of a toilet water usage with toilets
  • 22. QUESTIONS?