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CAEA presentation on middle school sock doll unit. Workshop Description: The trans-formative power of art has never been so potent then with this middle school unit on recycled, handmade sock monsters. Students begin with dialogues comparing handmade/factory made goods as well as discussing monetary worth vs. alternative forms of currency such as emotional, sentimental and spiritual value.

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  1. 1. Sock Monsters: The Power of Recycled,Handmade Crafts in an Industrialized Economy
  2. 2. Project can be linked to :Personal identityRecycled artTechnologyIndustry/economyIntergenerational DialogueEmpathy/Care for others
  3. 3. The Setting: AXL Academy, Aurora, COTitle I EL Charter School6thGrade Girls6th Grade Boys
  4. 4. Students are posed with a question:• Is there a difference between buying something from a store vs. making it yourself? If so what is that difference?Example: Grandma’s homemade cooking vs. Taco Bell? (Mixed responses)
  5. 5. Identity Sock Dolls:Turning Trash into Treasure!
  6. 6. A Variety of examples engages a diverse group.
  7. 7. Personal Identity: An intuitive ProcessA creative process that lets you create and than analyze during andafterwards.
  8. 8. Deconstructing the Sock! Students view images/books of sock dolls and start with planning sketches of how they will cut and use their sock.
  9. 9. As a class we learn to sew:1. Threading the needle (with an arms length of thread).2. Tying the knot (double knot).3. Learning 2 stitches (running stitch, blanket stitch) .Peer to Peer learning. “Ask 3 and then ask me.”
  10. 10. Students start with 2 small pcs. Of feltthey will use to learn the blanket stitch.They are responsible for keeping theirneedle in this pc of felt for the rest of theunit.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXkSE2TTF4sStudent response very positive to havejust sewn a “pocket” or “puppet”
  11. 11. Students begin the task of following a general plan/idea of what they are doing but staying open to changes, letting the creation take course.Natural Differentiation: Complex vs. simple
  12. 12. “I liked this project because everyone was able to get along and there were no conflicts.”I liked it because we got to makelittle people that related to us.”
  13. 13. Is there a difference?
  14. 14. Is there a difference?“Store bought is made in a factory. Handmade is made by someone.”“A handmade doll is made of hard work and love. A store bought doll is just something thrown together for some money.”“It’s more moveable and it has heart in it.”
  15. 15. ”Handmade is better because it is made with Love.”“Handmade is more important.”“You can run to the store @ the last minute to get a gift, but handmade shows that you care and took the time to do it.”
  16. 16. • Hand made dolls are fun and unique to make because it fits a persons personal needs.• “The difference is in the stitching.”
  17. 17. Empathy/Care for others• “I gave my sock doll to my baby brother Micah who has spina bifida. My sock doll has spina bifida too.”• I shared it with my mom, my BFF’s mom and my BFF.• “I gave one to my Mom’s boyfriend for his birthday, and I made one for my sister.”
  18. 18. Intergenerational Dialogue• “I asked my grandma to help me learn how to sew better.”• “I told a couple of friends and my dad helped me make mine.”• “I asked my mom for help”.• “I taught people how to make one and showed my mom and dad.”
  19. 19. Now let’s make some!