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This is a project by Fab Lab Brasil Associaton

Fab Labs Around the World - Heloisa Neves

  1. 1. FAB LABaround the worlda vision of different fab lab modelsby Fab Lab Brasil Association
  2. 2. This presentation is a project by Fab Lab Brasil Association focused on the concept of open information and has the objective to understand and share contentabout the Fab Lab global network. The pictures and some informations were obtained through visits and interviews made by Fab Lab Brasil members andthrough the archives of the project “Tour d´Horizon des Fab Labs” coordinated by Fing – Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération. Some pictures were takendirectly from specific fab lab webpages.More information:www.fablabbrasil.orgwww.fing.orgThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/You are free:to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the workto Remix — to adapt the workto make commercial use of the workUnder the following conditions:Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).Share Alike — If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.
  3. 3. Fab Labs presented at this document:EnglandManchester (2012, may)NetherlandsAmsterdam (2012, october)Utrecht (2012, october)FranceToulouse (2012, octuber)Paris (2012, november)SpainBarcelona (2012, febrery)Sevilla (2012, september)
  4. 4. ENGLAND Fab Lab ManchesterFirst Fab Lab in EnglandHistory: At the center of an ancient and vibrant industrial region, Attendance: 3/4 projects per open dayManchester is the ideal city to host the manufacturing revolution, and itis quite natural that the Manufacturing Institute in Manchester has set Business model and financing:The Fab Lab has received fundingup a Fab Lab. from the Manufacturing Institute, which is an independent organization founded 15 years ago in order to carry out projects promotingFacilities: 1 Shop Bot, 1 vinyl cutter, 1 laser cutter, 1 Rolland Modela, innovation. This allowed them to finance the local machines (it cost1 3D printer, 1 embroidery machine, 1 vacuum forming. Laser cutter between 90 and 140 k €). It is through the paid days that it`s possibleand Shop Bot are the most used (6 hours per week for each) to fund open days: Fridays and Saturdays. However, they are not independent. They are still under the support of the ManufacturingLocation: In the center of Manchester. Institute.Staff: One full-time manager, two technicians and a full-time secretary Public: Mainly students and inventorsOpen to the public: Open two days per week (Friday and Saturday) Overall impression / mood: This lab is certainly a center of creativityduring which anyone can use the machines for free. In return, they and innovation. There seems to be a lot of discussion in the Fab Labmust document their projects. The other days of the week are booked where users learn a lot from others (through a system similar tofor workshops (eg monthly event "Do It With Others") and external paid Utrecht)projects (58 € per hour).With students of Fab Academy: Yes, since 2011 Font: http://fing.org/?Fab-Labs-overview&lang=fr (translation from french to english by Fab Lab Brasil Association)
  5. 5. ENGLANDFab Lab Manchester This is the building where Fab Lab Manchester is located. It is on the ground floor at the left side of the buillding.
  6. 6. ENGLANDFab Lab Manchester Overview of the lab showing the meeting table and the room with small machines (at the back).
  7. 7. ENGLANDFab Lab Manchester Detail of the room that contains the 3d printer, laser cutter, embroidery machine and electronic components
  8. 8. ENGLANDFab Lab Manchester
  9. 9. ENGLANDFab Lab Manchester Meeting/work table and lounge with kitchen
  10. 10. ENGLANDFab Lab Manchester The Shop Bot
  11. 11. ENGLANDFab Lab Manchester Detail displaying some machines
  12. 12. ENGLANDFab Lab Manchester Camera Station - to document the projects made at Fab Lab and to share with others.
  13. 13. NETHERLANDS Fab Lab AmsterdamA Fab Lab in the heart of the Dutch capitalHistory: Founded in 2008 under the leadership of Waag Society Attendance: 5 projects per open dayFacilities:1 Shop Bot, 1 vinyl cutter, 1 laser cutter, 1 high precision Economic Model and financing: The Fab Lab receives fundingmilling, 3D Printers. dedicated to community open days through the Waag Society. This is half of their budget. The other half comes from workshops, Fab LabArea: 150m2 / 250m2 clients during the closed days, and from the loan of their equipment. Expenditures are mainly in the remuneration of staff. The premises areLocation: Located at the first floor of a small castle in the center of loaned by the municipality of Amsterdam.Amsterdam, close to the Red Light District and to the Central Station Public: Mainly designers and design students.Staff: 1 full-time manager, between 3 to 6 students (for a period of 2 to6 months, usually from the design area), one part-time secretary that Overall Impression / atmosphere: This lab is certainly a center ofworks in both spaces: Waag Society and Fab Lab Amsterdam creativity in design with some great innovative projects and special attention to the quality of the design and technics.Open to the public: Open two days per week (Tuesday and Thursday)during which the use of the machines is free. In return, they must Font:document their projects. The other days of the week are booked for http://fing.org/?Fab-Labs-overview&lang=frworkshops, projects and external paying projects undertaken by the (translation from french to english by Fab Lab Brasil Association)staffStudents from Fab Academy: Yes
  14. 14. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam This is the building where Fab Lab Amsterdam takes place, but centuries ago (left). Impressive as the past and future are so near here. See the same space today, with the pictures down. I´m sure that someone is taking a lot of care! Can you imagine this building and I can´t but I hope this street here 500 someone takes care years? of it. It´s a beautiful place. Picture by Dialogue Cafe 2010
  15. 15. NETHERLANDS Fab Lab AmsterdamFab Moments - online plataform and device todocument the projects made at Fab Lab and share withothers.
  16. 16. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Football game completely constructed at Fab Lab Amsterdam and a screen for the best moments.
  17. 17. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam
  18. 18. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam
  19. 19. NETHERLANDS Fab Lab Amsterdam Video Conference - a screen open to other laboratories of the network for clases and projects together.Fab Charter - principles that every fab lab shouldfollow. Here, a version on the door.
  20. 20. NETHERLANDS Fab Lab AmsterdamHarmony between past andfuture!
  21. 21. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Ideal velocity and power for work at laser cutter.
  22. 22. NETHERLANDS Fab Lab AmsterdamMilling space with the Shop Bot.
  23. 23. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Business activities. picture by Fab Lab Amsterdam webpage
  24. 24. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Workshop days. picture by Fab Lab Amsterdam webpage
  25. 25. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Workshop days. picture by Fab Lab Amsterdam webpage
  26. 26. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam a fab project - a whole guitar constructed at Fab Lab Amsterdam (project by Alex Schaub) picture by Fab Lab Amsterdam webpage
  27. 27. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Open Table (project by Jens Dyvik). picture by Fab Lab Amsterdam webpage
  28. 28. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Fab Lab Amsterdam - Fashion Projects. left picture by Fab Lab Amsterdam webpage
  29. 29. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Fab Lab Amsterdam - Product Projects right picture by Fab Lab Amsterdam webpage
  30. 30. NETHERLANDSFab Lab Amsterdam Low Cost Prothesis Project (Project by Fab Lab Amsterdam, Waag Society, HONF and Sprint)
  31. 31. NETHERLANDS Protospace - Fab Lab UtrechtFab Lab multicoloredHistory:The Fab Lab was established in 2008 under the leadership of Attendance: ten projects per dayan university consortium, the city of Utrecht, the European Union, thefoundation for the promotion of innovation and Rabobank. Economic Model and financing: The city of Utrecht, the Chamber of Commerce, the region, the European Union and Rabobank are theFacilities:1 3D printer (ZPrinter 450), 2 laser cutter, 1 shop bot, 1 vinyl main funders of this project. According to the manager, the cost ofcutter, 1 milling running a Fab Lab is 1000 € per day.Area: 100 m² Audience: designers, inventors, engineers, mechanics, artists.Location:The Lab is located in an industrial area of Utrecht. The Overall Impression / atmosphere:The Fab Lab users come from verybuilding hosting the Lab is also occupied by a workshop of architects different fields. Pushing users to help each other has created a dynamicand designers (working a lot with protospace). that everyone appreciates. Note that this Fab Lab is offset from the center, and therefore the communication around this place wasStaff:The staff is composed of two managers: one from the design area particularly effective (particularly through television media).(2 half-days per week), the other from the engineering area (4 days perweek), 1 engineer, 2–4 trainees (design or mechanical students) and apart-time secretary. Font: http://fing.org/?Fab-Labs-overview&lang=frOpen to the public: Mondays and Tuesdays are open days, the other (translation from french to english by Fab Lab Brasil Association)days need to be booked but it should be noted that the operation isextremely flexible.Students from Fab Academy: no
  32. 32. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Reception.
  33. 33. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Weekly calendar.
  34. 34. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Fab Moments - online plataform and device to document the projects made in Fab Lab and share with others.
  35. 35. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Exhibition of the projects made at Protospace - Fab Lab Utrecht.
  36. 36. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Exhibition of the projects made at Protospace - Fab Lab Utrecht.
  37. 37. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Exhibition of the projects made at Protospace - Fab Lab Utrecht.
  38. 38. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Exhibition of the projects made at Protospace - Fab Lab Utrecht.
  39. 39. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht
  40. 40. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht
  41. 41. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Prices of materials and specific form to calculate how much you should pay for material and machine use.
  42. 42. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht FAB Flash - helping to document the projects.
  43. 43. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Bender made at Protospace - Fab Lab Utrecht.
  44. 44. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Laser cutter velocity and power table and the laser machine working.
  45. 45. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Instructions of work for each machine.
  46. 46. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Ludic game with machines information.
  47. 47. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Electronic stuff and space.
  48. 48. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Ultimaker Space - a important project from Protospace - Fab Lab Utrecht (community of makers that created a 3d printer and are selling the product and creating an envolved community).
  49. 49. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Ulti Router (left) - another project by the makers group. And a big Ultimaker in action (right).
  50. 50. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Milling space.
  51. 51. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht
  52. 52. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht
  53. 53. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Some details of laboratory organization
  54. 54. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Detail of the coffe corner (left) and some products created at Protospace - Fab Lab Utrecht.
  55. 55. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Coffee corner with a self buy system.
  56. 56. NETHERLANDSProtospace - Fab Lab Utrecht Coffee corner with a self buy system.
  57. 57. FRANCE Fac Lab ParisCommunity Fab LabHistory:Founded in 2012 Economic Model and financing: The machine were financed by Orange.Facilities:1 laser cutter, 1 milling, 1 3d printer, some machines under construction Public:Community in generalfor the fab lab community Overall Impression / atmosphere:The most bottom up fab lab, reallyLocation: Université de Cergy Pontoise constructed by the community.Staff:1 manager, 3 directorsOpen to the public:completely open every dayStudents from Fab Academy: No
  58. 58. FRANCEFac Lab Paris Map of the lab and Fab Charter at the entrance of the lab
  59. 59. FRANCEFac Lab Paris Room with small machines, videoconference system, some projects, reception and lounge.
  60. 60. FRANCEFac Lab Paris The video conference system
  61. 61. FRANCEFac Lab Paris
  62. 62. FRANCEFac Lab Paris A curious project with enfasis in three concepts: share, document and participate
  63. 63. FRANCEFac Lab Paris
  64. 64. FRANCEFac Lab Paris
  65. 65. FRANCEFac Lab Paris The room that shelters the laser cutter and materials
  66. 66. FRANCEFac Lab Paris Some analogic machines and storage room
  67. 67. FRANCEFac Lab Paris Electronic components, machines construction
  68. 68. FRANCEFac Lab Paris Detail of the room
  69. 69. FRANCEFac Lab Paris Constructing a vacuum forming and a message left from Fab Lab Ultrecht Team
  70. 70. SPAIN Fab Lab BarcelonaFirst spanish fab lab and one of the first of the network Economic Model and financing: The Fab Lab Barcelona is financiedFacilities:1 Shop Bot, 1 milling, 1 vinyl cutter, 1 precision milling, 1 by IAAC and government of Barcelonalaser cutter, 4 3d printers, 1 kuka robot Public: designers and architetcs, mostly.Location:Inside the IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture ofCatalunya)Staff:1 manager full-time, 2 technicians and between 1 to 3 studentsOpen to the public:Open to the public with different prices for studentsand professionals.Students from Fab Academy: Yes
  71. 71. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Entrance to the laboratory, which is inside the IAAC
  72. 72. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Common space for work (IAAc students + fab lab)
  73. 73. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona First space of Fab Lab Barcelona: small machines (precision miling, 3d printers, laser cutter and electronic space
  74. 74. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona World map with all the fab labs and pictures of the staff
  75. 75. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Panoramic view
  76. 76. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Team working in a regular day
  77. 77. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona At the second table, Fab Academy students working
  78. 78. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona
  79. 79. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Electronic projects
  80. 80. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona
  81. 81. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Detail of the electronic space (components and machines)
  82. 82. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona View of the second room (where are the big machines)
  83. 83. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Big laser cutter
  84. 84. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Milling machine
  85. 85. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona
  86. 86. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Kuka robot with 14 axes
  87. 87. SPAINFab Lab Barcelona Kuka working
  88. 88. SPAIN Fab Lab SevillaSouth Spain Fab Lab Economic Model and financing:Facilities: The university pays for 1 technical and bought the machines. The2 Milling machine, 2 laser cutters, 3 3d printers, 1 vinyl cutter students pay a reduced cost to use the machines and professionals pay a different price than the students.Location:Fab Lab Sevilla is located inside the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Public:Mostly architecture students and professionals. Sometimes,Arquitectura de Sevilla people from interactive and multimedia area.Staff: 1 director part time (professor of the school), 1 technician Overall Impression / atmosphere: This fab lab has the spririt of(contracted from the university), 3 architects working per project. community, they have a very horizontal model and the students feel completely free to come to the lab, study, construct things and meetOpen to the public: people. The lab also receive several professors that are visting theOpen to the public everyday university and professionals that come to Sevilla for a special workshop or conference.Students from Fab Academy: Yes
  89. 89. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla The entrance of Fab LAb Sevilla and the building of the Universidad de Sevilla, where fab lab is located
  90. 90. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla General view of the Fab Lab - open space with work tables and machines
  91. 91. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla
  92. 92. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla Entrance and administration room
  93. 93. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla The two laser cutters
  94. 94. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla Examples of materials for laser cutter
  95. 95. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla 3d printer and video conference system
  96. 96. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla Milling machine room
  97. 97. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla
  98. 98. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla Storage room
  99. 99. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla Some experiments
  100. 100. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla Some experiments
  101. 101. SPAINFab Lab Sevilla Bird house constructed at the first Fab Lab Kids Sevilla
  102. 102. some reflexionsFab Labs aren´t machinespaces
  103. 103. some reflexionsFab Labs aren´t machine Fab Labs are meetingspaces spaces for people that use the machines in their projects
  104. 104. some reflexionsFab Labs aren´t spacesexclusively centered onstudents
  105. 105. some reflexionsFab Labs aren´t spaces Fab Labs are spacesexclusively centered on where the students meetstudents profesionals, teachers and community to share knowledge
  106. 106. some reflexionsIn Fab Labs there´s nolinear structure, liketheory coming beforepractice
  107. 107. some reflexionsIn Fab Lab there´s no In Fab Labs the knowledgelinear structure, like is get through moretheory coming before complex ways. it´s usualpractice the concepts of: hands on, fabricate things and understand after
  108. 108. some reflexionsFab Labs aren´t spaceswhere the user wait forthe technician help whenthey find a problem
  109. 109. some reflexionsFab Labs aren´t spaces The users of a Fab Lab arewhere the user wait for active people that helpthe technician help when each other, in order tothey find a problem solve their problems. They also document how to solve the problem to help the community.
  110. 110. some reflexionsIn Fab Labs we don´t usethe concept of author,patents or copyrights
  111. 111. some reflexionsIn Fab Labs we don´t use We use the philosophy ofthe concept of author, “open”, co-creating,patents or copyrights learning with the peers, sharing the information with the community, sharing documentation with the network in order to democratize the knowledge and the access to the new technologies and achieving a more innovative project
  112. 112. A project of Fab Lab Brasil AssociationCoordinated byHeloisa Nevesheloisaneves@fablabrasil.orgWithAndrea Bandoni (survey at the dutch Fab Labs)Juliana Henno (english revision)contact:www.fablabbrasil.orginfo@fablabbrasil.org