HDI Capital Area October 16th Professional Development and Vendor Fair


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HDI Capital Area October 16th Professional Development and Vendor Fair. HDI and HDI Capital Area Updates and Event Program. EasyVista ITIL Simplified presentation by Russell Stopek. ITInvolve What is Social Media and Is it Really Worth it? by Matthew Selheimer.

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HDI Capital Area October 16th Professional Development and Vendor Fair

  1. 1. Updates from HDI Capital Area  & HDI Corporate October 16, 2013 10/17/2013 ©2013 HDI. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. HDI Capital Area www.hdicapitalarea.com hdi it l • Upcoming Meetings Upcoming Meetings – November 20th – How to be a Networking  Superhero Workshop with Phil Gerbyshak Superhero Workshop with Phil Gerbyshak – December 6th – Annual AOY/DST Awards  Luncheon at Maggiano s in Tysons Corner Luncheon at Maggiano’s in Tysons Corner
  3. 3. HDI Capital Area Sponsors • Diamond – The MIL  Corporation • Platinum Plus ‐ LanDesk • Platinum – Beyond20 – EasyVista • Gold – Robert Half Technology (Global  Sponsor) p ) – Bomgar – Issue Trak – Cherwell • Silver – Service Now – Time Warner Cable • Bronze – RightStar • Web/Event – – – – – – Itinvolve Remedyforce ReACT StrataCom TechnoLava Artisys
  4. 4. Free Consulting for HDI Capital Area  Members and Guests • Our sponsors (The MIL Corporation, BOMGAR,  p ( p , , EasyVista, BEYOND20, Robert Half Technology  and Issue Tracker) to secure valuable no cost  consulting services for up to one hour  consulting services for up to one hour • Complete the survey & HDI Capital Area Board  officers will select the most appropriate sponsor  to contact you to help you with your issue,  project or question  • This is a free service there is no cost to you and This is a free service, there is no cost to you, and  you are under no obligation to purchase anything p // p / g/ http://hdicapitalarea.com/free‐consulting/
  5. 5. HDI Awards – Call for Submissions • Each year HDI awards the highest honors in Each year, HDI awards the highest honors in  the IT service and technical support industry • These awards recognize support professionals These awards recognize support professionals  at all levels and as individuals, teams, and  organizations • View the different awards options and  nominate someone by going to:  i b i www.ThinkHDI.com/Membership/Awards
  6. 6. AOY/DST – Call for Submissions • Call for Submissions is OPEN • Email the following information (by Oct 28th)  to  awards@hdicapitalarea.com • Help Desk Analyst and/or Desktop Technician's Name  – Company  – A paragraph describing the individuals achievements (why A paragraph describing the individuals achievements (why  you are nominating them)  – Manager's name and contact information g – Nominating Managers and Analysts will be our guests at  the December 6th Awards Luncheon at Maggiano’s
  7. 7. AOY/DST – Call for Submissions • Call for Submissions is OPEN • Email the following information (by Oct 28th)  to  awards@hdicapitalarea.com • Help Desk Analyst and/or Desktop Technician's Name  – Company  – A paragraph describing the individuals achievements (why A paragraph describing the individuals achievements (why  you are nominating them)  – Manager's name and contact information g – Nominating Managers and Analysts will be our guests at  the December 6th Awards Luncheon at Maggiano’s
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  12. 12. ITIL Simplified Russell Stopek 1 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista Senior ITSM Consultant, ITIL Expert Certified, ISO/IEC 20000 Manager/Consultant Certified
  13. 13. Agenda 1 2 Is your Organization ITIL Compliant? 3 Common Confusion 4 Avoiding Pitfalls 5 Learning From Oth L i F Others 6 2 ITIL Awareness Question & Answers Session © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  14. 14. A Brief History of ITIL British Gov’t recognizes IT  Service quality as insufficient CCTA is tasked with developing  a framework for Operational  Guidance for more efficient  and fiscally responsible use and  mgmt. of IT resources Gov’t agencies and large  companies in Europe  utilize the ITIL framework  utilize the ITIL framework and make it the de facto  standard in IT Service  Management ITIL V3 released adopting a  Service Lifecycle approach to  Service Management and a focus  on business ITIL V2 released with volumes  dedicated to Service Support and  Service Delivery Service Delivery CCTA creates the GITIM  framework focused on  Service Support and Delivery CCTA merges with the OGC GITIM is renamed ITIL 1986 1988 1989 1990 CCTA – Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency GITIM – Government Information Technology Infrastructure Management ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library OGC – Office of Government Commerce 3 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista 2000 2001 2007
  15. 15. What is ITIL ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library - There are many ideas floating around out there about what ITIL is In reality, ITIL is a group of books that teaches the best ways of delivering our services to  In reality ITIL is a group of books that teaches the best ways of delivering our services to our customers ITIL puts great emphasis on a Service Lifecycle which consists of 5 stages: Service Strategy Service Design Service Transition S i T iti Service Operation Continual Service Improvement - 4 Published by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in Great Britain Not just OGC theories…ITIL is continually improved through private sector contributions  globally, so ‘real world’ practices are incorporated into the material l b ll ‘ l ld’ i i di h i l It costs nothing to implement because it is in the Public Domain  © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  16. 16. Maturity & Management Challenge *Gartner Maturity Model 5 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  17. 17. How can ITIL help? • ITIL helps to align the people, processes and technology of IT with the needs and  goals of the business that  they support 6 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  18. 18. Benefits of ITIL • ITIL helps to communicate the value of IT and dispel the myth that IT is basically ‘a  big black hole for money’ Business • IT meets expectations of the business • Customers are more satisfied, leading to repeat  business • Consistency of all processes improves • Business productivity increases as downtime is reduced Process • Communication structure is clearly defined y • Unambiguous definition of accountability and  responsibility • Processes are manageable, effective and efficient • Appropriate and accurate metrics are utilized for  continuous improvement • Ability to identify cost of providing IT Services • Ability to justify cost of additional resources • Coordinate the balance of supply and demand more  efficiently • Improve cost effectiveness of suppliers • Identify ROI to stakeholders Personnel Integration • IT has the ability to ‘change at the speed of business’ • Ability to implement and leverage cutting edge  technology • Processes cross organizational silos to be fully  integrated across the overall enterprise 7 Monetary • Workload distribution is properly managed, so  employees are not over‐worked • Staff is not ‘burned out’ which leads to decreased  stress levels and improved morale •E l Employees receive proper training which leads to  i i i hi h l d increased production © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  19. 19. Is your Organization ITIL Compliant? Can C an organization b ITIL compliant or certified? i ti be li t tifi d? An organization cannot achieve ITIL certification or compliance This is because ITIL is a framework of guidance, not a standard An organization can achieve ISO/IEC 20000 certification, which is the standard for IT  Service Management The ISO/IEC 20000 standard is based on the principles of ITIL When implemented in an effective manner, ITIL can help organizations achieve  When implemented in an effective manner ITIL can help organizations achieve certification when audited by a registered certification body Individuals can achieve various levels of ITIL Certification *For more information, please see http://www.iso.org 8 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  20. 20. Is your Organization ITIL Compliant Can a solution make my organization - 9 ITIL compliant? Pink Verify – What is it? © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  21. 21. Incident vs. Service Request Terminology • Incident – Any Event that causes (or  may cause) a disruption to, or  degradation of a service • Service Request ‐ A request for a  change to a Service that is usually well  understood, common, has standard  d d h d d procedures, pre‐approved, low risk and  is user initiated Confusion Points • What is the difference between an What is the difference between an  Incident and a Service Request? • Should Service Requests be managed  as Incidents? 10 Answer • An Incident is something that disrupts  service, while a Service Request is  something the User wants or needs • Incidents should be handled through  the Incident Management Process • Service Requests should be handled  through the Request Fulfillment  Process © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  22. 22. Events vs. Incidents Terminology • Event ‐ Any detectable or discernible occurrence  that has significance for the management of the IT  infrastructure or the delivery of IT service • Events that signify Normal Operation  (Informational) • Events that signify Unusual Operation  (Warnings) • Events that signify Exceptional Operations  (Incidents) • Incident – Any Event that causes (or may cause) a  id h ( ) disruption to, or degradation of a Service Confusion Points Answer • People believe that Events are always Incidents • Incidents are always Events • Most Events are not Incidents, they are  Informational I f ti l 11 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  23. 23. Service Request vs. Standard Change Terminology • Service Request ‐ A request for a change  to be made to a Service that is usually  well understood, common, has standard  ll d t d h t d d procedures, pre‐approved, and low risk • Standard Change – A request for a  change to be made to a Service that is  usually well understood, common, has  usually well understood common has standard procedures, pre‐approved, and  low risk Confusion Points  Answer • What is the difference between a Service  Request and a Standard Change? • What process do we use to manage  them? • Service Requests are usually User  q y initiated  and completed through the  Request Fulfillment Process • Standard Changes are usually  Operational in nature and are recorded  in the Change Management Process 12 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  24. 24. Problem vs. Known Error Terminology • Problem – The unknown, underlying root  cause of one or more Incidents cause of one or more Incidents • Known Error ‐ A fault in a CI identified by  the successful diagnosis of a Problem  and for which a temporary work‐around  or a permanent solution has been  or a permanent solution has been identified Answer • A Problem becomes a Known Error once  we understand its Root Cause and we  have a Workaround for it •A An organization has a choice:  i ti h h i Permanently fix the Known Error  through a Request For Change, or record  the Known Error in the Known Error  Database (Knowledgebase) and utilize  Database (Knowledgebase) and utilize the Workaround whenever necessary Confusion Points  • What is the difference between a  Problem and a Known Error? Problem and a Known Error? 13 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  25. 25. What Exactly is a CI? Terminology • Configuration Item (CI)  • Any component that needs to be  managed in order to deliver an IT Service   Confusion Points  Confusion Points Answer • What do we record in the CMDB as a CI? • Record what is important to the Business • Just because you can record it in the  CMDB doesn’t mean you should 14 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  26. 26. How do I Implement ITIL? “Gain Buy In from Executives and Upper Management” But…what exactly are we buying into? 15 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  27. 27. ITIL Starts with Service American Express revamped their entire approach to Customer Service. Previously, workers were judged on how many calls they handled, not by how much they helped the customer. This resulted in decreased business opportunities and a damaged brand. Now, Now employees are told not to use scripts or rush customers off the phone They are considered phone. “relationship care experts,” and take as much time as needed to help a customer. This approach has been extremely successful. Viewing Customer Service as an investment and not a cost, transformed the organization. “It really is the golden rule. It's about treating people how you want to be treated.” What is a culture of service? How is it implemented across an  organization? • Satisfied customers are the  number one objective of all  employees • Organizational philosophy is Organizational philosophy is  geared towards delivering high  levels of service • “How can we help you today?”  16 • Employees go above and beyond  what is required • Customer feedback is valued and  implemented • Customer expectations are clearly  defined • Continuous improvement is  incorporated into all processes © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  28. 28. Service Culture Key to success is that the customer should be listened to and  understood Customer Feedback - - - - 17 Requirements Customers define exactly what they want IT delivers assurance that their requirements will be translated  into solutions that meet their needs Quality Customers want the same quality service level every time Customers want the same quality service level every time IT processes help ensure consistency in service delivery Value Customers want to get good value for the money they spend g g y y p They do not want to feel ‘ripped off’ IT services should help customers achieve their goals Communication Customers want to know what is going on at all times C k h i i ll i IT needs to keep customers informed regardless of the situation © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  29. 29. What is a Service? Service is a human concept - There is nothing that you can point to and say, “This is a Service!” Services consist of the 4 P’s - People People Process Products (Technology) Partners (Vendors) Partners Service Services provide p - 18 Utility Does the Service do what it’s supposed to do? Product Warranty How well does the Service do what it’s supposed to do?  (Availability, Security, Capacity, Continuity)  © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista Process
  30. 30. Perspectives of  Service 19 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  31. 31. Service Management Service Management is a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services Resources - Things we have (money, infrastructure, people, information,  app cat o s) applications) Capabilities - Things we can do (Management, Organization, Process, Knowledge,  People) Processes and Functions Represents an organization’s capacity, competency and confidence Resources and Capabilities come together to create value for the customer  (must have the right proportion) 20 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  32. 32. Processes vs. Organization System  Management Storage  Management Application  Management Network  Management Infrastructure  Management Other Incident Management ITIL Processes must cut across  organizational boundaries to be  successful Problem Change Ch All organizations have to be  involved in Service Management Release Configuration To be effective, processes must  be understood throughout the  entire organization Capacity Availability All organizations must  All organizations must understand Service Management  concepts Financial Service Level IT Service Continuity IT Service Continuity 21 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  33. 33. Common Pitfalls Terminology • • • Everyone should be using the same terminology The right terminology helps to ensure that the right process is  followed • If everything is a “trouble ticket,” the service desk is processing  issues that are not actually  trouble issues that are not actually “trouble” • ‘I need a new mouse’ vs. ‘Server is down’ Categorization Properly defined categories allow for process automation Proper training (human element) in categorization is key for success  It’s more than just terminology confusion, it’s process confusion - Once you confuse language, you confuse process ITIL helps you to avoid this 22 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  34. 34. Learning from Other Organizations Comm Element mon ts Servic Features ce lines • Standardized on a small Standardized on a small  number of ingredients • A variety of combinations  are available for the  customer to choose •C i t t Consistent across locations  l ti • Standardized overnight Standardized overnight  shipping process • Customer can easily track  delivery status of items by  themselves at any time of  day or night day or night • One on one in store One on one in store  customer support • Free “Genius” support • 90 days phone support for  new purchases • Free training classes • Quick replacement of failing  parts Customer service is #1priority Strive for continuous improvement of processes Emphasis on employee training in customer service Organizational focus is always on the customer Daily operations have been standardized 23 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  35. 35. 24 © Copyright 10/17/2013 EasyVista
  36. 36. Get Started Today! www.easyvista.com 1-888-EZV-ITSM 25
  37. 37. What  Is  Social  IT  and  Is  It  Really  Worth  It?   Ma6  Selheimer  
  38. 38. “The  primary  and  crucial  difference  between   human  cogni@on  and  that  of  other  animal   species…is  the  ability  to  collaborate  for  the   purpose  of  achieving  shared  goals  and   inten@ons.”     -­‐  Edward  O.  Wilson   2  
  39. 39. 3  
  40. 40. “Man  is  by  nature  a  social  animal…anyone   who  either  cannot  lead  the  common  life  or  is   so  self-­‐sufficient  as  not  to  need  to,  is  either  a   beast  or  a  god.”     -­‐  Aristotle   4  
  41. 41. 5  
  42. 42. “Wisdom,  I  know,  is  social.  She  seeks  her   fellows.”     -­‐  Thomas  Jefferson   6  
  43. 43. 7  
  44. 44. “Imagine  a  world  in  which  every  single  person   on  the  planet  is  given  free  access  to  the  sum   of  all  human  knowledge.  That’s  what  we’re   doing.”     -­‐  Jimmy  Wales   8  
  45. 45. 9  
  46. 46. IT  is  Social   Quick  Quiz     §  Par@cipated  in  an  email  exchange   since  you’ve  been  here?   §  Par@cipated  in  a  conference  call  in   the  last  24  hours?   §  Par@cipated  in  a  group  face-­‐to-­‐ face  mee@ng  in  the  last  24  hours?   §  Posted  or  downloaded  a   document  from  a  shared  directory   or  sharepoint  site  in  the  last  24   hours?   10  
  47. 47. What  if  you  had  a  Wikipedia   for  your  IT?   11  
  48. 48. “People  take  issue  with  individual  aspects  of   Wikipedia  all  the  @me.  But  it’s  kind  of  hard  to   hate  the  general  idea  of  a  free  encyclopedia.   It’s  like  ha@ng  ki6ens.”     -­‐  Jimmy  Wales   12  
  49. 49. Dealing  with  Modern  IT  Complexity         “In  talking  with  Gartner  clients  who  have  fast-­‐growing   and/or  complex  environments,  we  see  that  it  is   becoming  impossible  for  any  person  or  group  to   completely  understand  how  everything  integrates   together.”     “Approximately  80%  of  mean  <me  to  restore  service   (MTRS)  is  spent  trying  to  answer  the  ques<on  of   what  changed.”       G.  Spafford,       ”A  Two-­‐pronged  Strategy  for  Stabilizing  IT  Services”,    27  February  2012   17  October  2013   13  
  50. 50. People   Technology   17  October  2013   Process  is  cri@cal     …but  it’s  not  enough.     Process   14  
  51. 51. Does  this  look  familiar?   17  October  2013   15  
  52. 52. What  should  it  contain?   5%   •  Explicit  Knowledge   §  §  §  §  §  •    Tacit  Knowledge   §  §  §  §  95%   Data   Informa@on   Documents   Records   Files   Experience   Thinking   Competence   Understanding   Combining  these  forms  of  knowledge  through   interac<on  of  human  beings  creates  new   knowledge  and  ability  to  take  informed  ac<ons     16  
  53. 53. What  is  Social  IT  Collabora@on?   “Social  IT  Management  (ITM)  involves  the  use  of  social   collabora@on  processes  and  tools  in  support  of  infrastructure   and  opera@ons  (I&O)  objec@ves.”     17  October  2013   17  
  54. 54. What  is  Social  IT  Collabora@on?   “Common  social  ITM  use  cases  include  the  use  of  social  communi@es  to  foster  peer-­‐ to-­‐peer  (P2P)  IT  service  support,  be6er  capturing  of  out-­‐of-­‐band  collabora@on  among   IT  staff  members  and  the  use  of  social  media  to  promote  the  value  of  the  IT   organiza@on  to  the  business.     The  unstructured  processes  or  ac@vi@es  that  occur  in  many  IT  opera@ons   organiza@ons  represent  a  poten<ally  rich  repository  of  organiza<onal  knowledge   that  has  been  difficult  to  collect  using  tradi@onal  ITSM  products.       This  capability  will  become  increasingly  important  in  the  emerging  DevOps  arena,  as   development  and  opera@ons  begin  to  work  more  closely  to  coordinate  planning  and   build,  test  and  release  ac@vi@es.”   17  October  2013   18  
  55. 55. What  is  Social  IT  Collabora@on?   Type  I   Type  II     •  Between  IT  and  users  (e.g.  feeds,  chat)   •  Use  cases:  incidents,  requests,  self   •  support   Value  =  @me  to  resolve,  customer  sat,   support  efficiency   17  October  2013       •  Within  IT   •  Use  cases:  knowledge  capture  /  sharing,   •  changes,  releases,  incidents,  problems,   compliance,  DR/BC,     Value  =  business  agility,  lower  risk,   resiliency,  and  much  more…   ITinvolve  Confiden@al   19  
  56. 56. §  Easily  federate  or  import  exis@ng  informa@on   §  Follow  what  you  care  about  and  validate  informa@on   through  peer  review     §  Organize  it  in  the  context  of  what  IT  manages  –    so  it’s   easy  to  find  and  use   §  Capture  “tribal  knowledge”  as  part  of  daily  work  and   collabora@ons  with  others   20  
  57. 57. §  Access  prior  experience  in  the  context  of  the  issue  you   are  working  on   §  Leverage  visual  analysis  and  rela@onships  to  iden@fy   likely  root  causes   §  Engage  relevant  experts  and  avoid  “all  hands  on  deck”   exercises   §  Promote  collabora@ons  to  knowledge  and  easily  make   resolu@ons  available  for  re-­‐use   21  
  58. 58. §  Plan  scenarios,  involving  all  the  right  stakeholders   §  Assess  and  visualize  upstream  &  downstream  risks   §  Provide  risk  consensus  to  streamline  approvals  
  59. 59. A  Maturity-­‐based  View   Level  4  –  Social  Driven     •  Goal:  CSI  through   collaboraOon   •  Social  drives  process   excellence  &  improvement   •  Self-­‐sustaining  community   Level  3  –  Social  Embedding   •  Recogni@on  and  Rewards   Value     Level  1  –  Social   ExploraOon     •  Goal:  Learning   •  Ad  hoc  collabora@on   •  How  can  social  tools   improve  IT  support?   Which  tools?   •  Are  there  specialized   social  IT  capabili@es?   Level  2  –  Social  Add-­‐ons     •  Goal:  Improve  user  inOmacy     •  1:1  chat  (IM,  video,  skype,  etc.)   •  Private  groups  (cha6er,   facebook,  yammer)   •  Communica@on  policies  set   •  Goal:  Improve  KPIs  (e.g.   MTTR,  change  success  rate)   •  Social  object  model   •  Social  knowledge  mgmt   (capturing,  promo@on,   sharing,  delivery)   •  Social  process  enhancement   (e.g.  weigh-­‐in,  triage,  vCAB)   Pimall  #2  –  Solitary  wall/feed,  “noise”   Pimall  #1  –  Ungoverned  broadcas@ng  (e.g.  twi6er,  RSS)     Maturity   17  October  2013   ITinvolve  Confiden@al   23  
  60. 60. The  State  of  Social  IT  Research  and  Adop@on   “Fioy-­‐four  percent  of  I&O   organiza@ons  are  either  well   into  social  ITM  ini@a@ves  or   planning  one  during  the   next  six  months.”   24  
  61. 61. Is  Social  IT  just  hype  or     the  new  way  to  manage  IT?  
  62. 62. T  H  A  N  K      Y  O  U  
  63. 63. HDI Capital Area Local Chapter www.hdicapitalarea.com Professional Development and Vendor Fair Event Wednesday, October 16, 2013 9:00 AM—3:00 PM AFT (AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS) 555 New Jersey Ave N.W. Washington, DC 20001
  64. 64. Program Agenda Time Session 9:00 am—9:30 am Registration, Networking and Vendor Tables Open (Coffee, Tea and Continental Breakfast will be provided) 9:30 am—9:45 am Welcome & Announcements 9:45 am—10:45 am Matt Selheimr: What is Social IT and Is it Really Worth it? 1st Prize Drawing at 10:45 10:45 am—11:00 am *Must be Present to Win Break 11:00 am—12:00 pm Sergeant Matt Eversmann: Dedication, Pride and Commitment 2nd Prize Drawing at 12:00 12:00 pm—1:00 pm *Must be On Site to Win Easy Vista Best Practices Presentation and Demo Lunch, Networking and Vendor Tables Open 1:00 pm—2:00 pm Kirk Weisler: Never “Dis” Courage 2:00 pm—2:30 pm Refreshment/Dessert Break **Last Chance to Visit Vendors** 2:30 pm—3:00 pm Closing Remarks and Prize Drawing* *Must be Present to Win Special Thanks to AFT For hosting our event today
  65. 65. Welcome Fellow Professionals, It is my honor to welcome you to HDI Capital Area Local Chapter’s 2013 Leadership Professional Development Event. My name is William Liberti and I am the President of the Washington DC Chapter of HDI. Our VP of Programs, Carol Fester has an amazing day planned for you, including three keynote speakers and great information from our Vendor Sponsors. What can you expect from today’s event? Get Informed! We have amazing keynotes and vendors who will supply information to help you on your professional development journey. Get Connected! Join the best and brightest IT Service and Technical Support professionals from around the Washington DC Metro area in a day that is sure to connect you to folks who can help you improve your support center. Get Fed! Not only are we offering free breakfast and lunch – we are offering you information to feed you and your organization! Get Prizes! There will be a raffle drawing for prizes including an iPad Mini, Galaxy Tablet & Gift Cards (you must be present for the raffle drawings to win). If you need any help today, please find a Capital Area Officer. We will be the ones in the HDI Capital Area shirts. After today, we hope you will join us at future HDI Capital Area meetings. We are a non-profit association, whose mission is to provide quality programs designed to inspire and motivate personal and professional growth. Our regularly scheduled meetings foster an atmosphere to share camaraderie, inspiration and knowledge with colleagues in the industry featuring subject matter experts, group discussions, networking opportunities and HDI Training and Certification events. Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you again at future meetings! William Liberti President HDI Capital Area Local Chapter president@hdicapitalarea.com www.hdicapitalarea.com
  66. 66. About the Speakers First Sergeant Matt Eversmann ~Dedication, Pride, and Commitment: The Story of Black Hawk Down An authentic American hero, First Sergeant Matt Eversmann recounts the harrowing events of Black Hawk Down and the remarkable human qualities and actions that have immortalized the heroic rescue mission. He focuses on three attributes that brought him home alive: leadership, courage, and selfless service. Inspiring, motivational, and patriotic, he always has an emotional impact on his audience. First Sergeant Matt Eversmann (Ret.) is a testament to the true nature of war and heroism. He is immortalized in the epic film Black Hawk Down and the 2004 book The Battle of Mogadishu, which tell the heroic story of a group of elite United States soldiers sent to Somalia in 1993 as part of a United Nations peacekeeping operation. Eversmann retired from the Army as an Infantry Company First Sergeant after 20 years of service. He continues to serve others as the vice president of operations at Innovative Wellness Solutions. Eversmann is co-author of The Battle of Mogadishu (2004). Eversmann’s courage and patriotism are unmatched, and he has received many military decorations, including the Army Service Ribbon, the National Defense Service Ribbon, eight Army Achievement medals, and four Army Commendation medals. Kirk Weisler ~ Never “Dis” Courage – Learn the 7 Seeds of Courage to Grow Yourself, Your People and a More Courageous Culture Courage is not the absence of fear, but taking action in the face of it. We need courageous leaders now more than ever before and we need them to ACT. This session will consider the Seven Seeds of Courage seeds that must first be known, sown, and then grown in ourselves, our people and our culture. Come gather the seven seeds of courage and start growing your more courageous culture today! Chief Morale Officer Kirk Weisler is an expert at creating outrageously cool workplace cultures and high performance teams Years ago Kirk helped to create a corporate culture so rich in ownership spirit, engagement, measurable results that he was invited to share his approach first nationally, then internationally. He now travels around the world sharing everyday things leaders can do to positively influence, nurture, and build Super COOL cultures and high performance teams. His unique background as a US Army Ranger, a member of the 19th Special Forces Chaplaincy, his work with At-Risk Youth and experience as a Master Storyteller & Team Builder make him a very fun, engaging, and sought after speaker. He authored the Best Smelling book, The Dog Poop Initiative and the semi – sweet best smeller, “The Cookie Thief. , Kirk lives in Phoenix AZ with “Wonderful wife Rebecca and their five remarkable children with one on the way!” What is Social IT and Is It Really Worth It? In the session, Matthew Selheimer will discuss the two types of Social IT - 1) Use of social media sites & principles to improve interactions between end users and IT support and 2) use of social collaboration to improve how IT captures, manages, shares, and uses both human knowledge and systems-based knowledge to improve decision-making and IT service delivery effectiveness. Matthew Selheimer is responsible for all aspects of marketing as Vice President of Marketing at ITinvolve. This includes: corporate and product positioning; demand generation; social media and online marketing; media and analyst relations, thought leadership; and internal communications. An 18-year industry veteran, he has rich and diverse experience spanning IT management software, enterprise business applications, data center hardware and consulting. Previously, he has held executive marketing and product management positions at BMC Software, as well as sales, business development, alliance management, systems engineering, and consulting positions at Informatica Corporation, Compaq Computer, and Deloitte & Touche. Matthew holds an M.B.A. from Texas A&M University and a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
  67. 67. HDI CAPITAL AREA MEMBERS CALL FOR HELP DESK ANALYST AND DESKTOP SUPPORT TECHNICIAN OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS We often discuss the benefits of recognition and this is a PRIME opportunity to recognize the superstars at your desk. We have two awards programs: Help Desk Analyst and Desktop Support Technician. Each company may nominate up to two people in each category. This quality program is FREE and a benefit of your HDI Membership (the Analyst and Technician do not have to be a member). The Capital Area has an outstanding program in place for Analyst of the Year, with top-notch judges scoring candidates and selecting three Capital Area Analysts who have represented the Northeast Region, with two winning Global Awards. Last year, we added the Desktop Support Technician award to our successful program. All nominees and managers will be our honored guests, at our Annual Awards Luncheon, on Friday, December 6th, at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Thanks to the success of this event, we have reserved a larger room. We will recognize each nominee and their manager. Every nominee will receive a plaque and the winners will receive the Analyst of the Year or Desktop Support Technician award. Doug Neilsen, expert in peak performance, will give the keynote at this year’s luncheon. DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to recognize your key analysts and technicians. The only investment you make is time to send the information below and complete the application. Your return is truly a heartwarming event that has become a year end celebration for our teams. We encourage members to nominate your outstanding Analysts and Technicians by emailing the following information to Sandy Seroskie, Monday, October 28th, at awards@hdicapitalarea.com: • • • • Help Desk Analyst or Desktop Support Technician's Name Company A paragraph describing the individuals achievements (why you are nominating them) Manager's name and contact information The criteria and nomination form is sent to the Manager to complete. We encourage you to send the information above early, so you have more time to complete the application. The local chapter Analyst of the Year and Desktop Support Technician of the Year will compete for the regional award and regional winners then compete for the global award. The winner of the Regional Analyst of the Year and Desktop Support Technician Award will receive a free registration to the Annual Conference courtesy of Robert Half Technology.
  68. 68. DIAMOND CHAPTER SPONSOR HDI Capital Area would like to thank all of our Vendor Sponsors. Through their support, we are able to bring quality programs to the DC Area. Rhonda Cadogan rcadogan@milcorp.com www.milcorp.com Established in 1980, The MIL Corporation provides innovative financial management, system engineering, and technical services to the federal government. Our subject matter experts help to advance customer operations through proven tools and methodologies. Creative, highly skilled professionals are what set us apart. Dedicated to excellence, service, and support, MIL recognizes that sustained high-quality service delivery is the most important contributor to our success. We’ve been recognized by our clients and industry professionals alike for our integrity, diligence, and expertise across our core service areas. The MIL Corporation provides 24x7x365 Tier I through Tier III help desk support for the federal government. Our competitive edge and business success depend on our staff being fully trained in current technology and professional practices. As such, MIL help desk professionals are HDI certified, follow processes developed around the ITIL V3 framework, and use industry leading trouble ticket entry and tracking systems. We serve as the single point of contact for incidents, problems, and service requests from initial contact through resolution. PLATINUM PLUS CHAPTER SPONSOR Nick Dow Nick.Dow@Landesk.com 801-208-1426 www.landdesk.com Your employees are using multiple devices and platforms to accomplish their work and access enterprise apps, data, and services. We’ve got an IT solution that can help you manage and secure all those different endpoints, while giving employees the flexibility to do their jobs. Our User-Oriented IT solution reshapes the way IT approaches management and security. Rather than focusing on each individual device as the endpoint, we focus on the user. This allows IT to incrementally improve productivity for every person in the organization. This vision leverages all platforms and devices a user may choose in order to perform work and achieve results more effectively while still giving IT the control it needs to get its job done.
  69. 69. PLATINUM CHAPTER SPONSORS Brian Flora Brian.Flora@Beyond20.com 202-904-2497 www.beyond20.com Beyond20 provides training and consulting services to organizations in Government, Military, and Private Sectors looking for measurable improvements in IT and Project Management operations. We deliver proven solutions in the following areas: • ITIL® Certification Training • Project Management Training, including PMP® and CAPM® Certification • CobiT Training and Consulting, inculding CobiT for Sarbanes – Oxley Compliance • IT Culture Change Workshops, including PoleStar ITSM and PoleStar PM Simulation Events • ITIL® Process Consulting • Enterprise Project Management (EPM) System Implementations • Program / Project Management Consulting • Networking for Introverts® Workshops Beyond20 delivers value to its customers by providing professional, knowledgeable consultants and instructors with a high level of diverse, practical experience. Through Training, Tools, and Culture Change, Beyond20 is positioned to deliver solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Beyond20 is proud to be a Project Management Institute (PMI®) Registered Education Provider (REP). Andy White awhite@easyvista.com +44(0)7500 85 82 81 www.easyvista.com For over 20 years, EasyVista has been a visionary leader in the IT Management market providing IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), CMDB and Automatic Inventory worldwide. EasyVista is fully integrated and organically grown, available SaaS and On-Premise, includes all 15 ITIL v3 processes, and is codelessly customizable.
  70. 70. GLOBAL & GOLD CHAPTER SPONSOR Marina Gregory Marina.Gregory@RHI.com 212-687-6063 www.rht.com HDI proudly acknowledges Robert Half Technology as the exclusive sponsor of the HDI Awards program. Robert Half Technology has held this sponsorship since 2004, and since this time has given award finalists the opportunity to be honored as leaders within the technical service and support industry, attend the industry’s leading conference, understand more about their industry, and network with peers from around the globe. With more than 100 locations in North America and Europe, Robert Half Technology is a leading provider of technology professionals for initiatives ranging from web development and multiplatform systems integration to network security and technical support. Robert Half Technology offers online jobsearch services at www.rht.com. GOLD CHAPTER SPONSOR Danielle Rosaro drosero@bomgar.com 770-407-1875 www.bomgar.com Bomgar’s mission is to change the way work is done. We work to free the enterprise tech support community from the restraints of access barriers and geography, and from the inefficiency of traditional phone-based and on-site support. Enterprise remote support with Bomgar makes support more responsive, efficient and secure by removing the geographical and technological barriers between customers and those supporting them. Providing support with Bomgar helps you respond faster, distribute specialists more evenly, increase the productivity of current staff, and resolve incidents more cost-effectively. With Bomgar, support becomes a shared virtual resource. www.issuetrak.com IssueTrak designs, develops and supports software for tracking business processes and operations. Its signature software package has become a robust platform for internal and external customer service and support, IT help desk, workflow and process management, and issue tracking. The software is used by large and small companies in 40 countries. Marc Fey Marc.Fey@Cherwell.com 719-203-3466 www.cherwell.com Cherwell Software is the developer of Cherwell Service Management™ — an integrated service management software solution for IT and support professionals. Award-winning Cherwell Service Management was designed, from the ground up, using Microsoft’s .NET technology and out-of-the-box ITIL best practices. With fully-integrated modules, codeless configuration, and automated One-Steps™, Cherwell Service Management provides a holistic approach to service management, allowing IT and support departments to align themselves with the businesses they support. Cherwell Software is again recognized on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSSM tools for 2013.
  71. 71. SILVER CHAPTER SPONSORS www.servicenow.com ServiceNow is the enterprise IT cloud company. We focus on transforming enterprise IT by automating and standardizing business processes and consolidating IT across the global enterprise. Organizations deploy our service to create a single system of record for enterprise IT, lower operational costs and enhance efficiency. Additionally, our customers use our extensible platform to build custom applications for automating activities unique to their business requirements. Joan O'Hare 703-713-9296 www.timewarnercable.com At Time Warner Cable Inc. we’re all about connecting people and businesses with information, entertainment and each other. That’s why we bring you the latest innovations for your home – from high-definition television to Enhanced TV features to high-speed data and Digital Phone services. We also believe in the power of community, which we show through our signature education programs, countless hours of volunteerism and by contributing cash and in-kind support to benefit the communities where we operate. BRONZE CHAPTER SPONSORS www.rightstar.com RightStar Systems is a leading provider of ITIL-based service management solutions for upper-middle market firms and government agencies. As an Elite BMC Software Solution Partner, RightStar develops its own add-on modules and provides consulting, design, and implementation services for BMC Service Support, Service Assurance, and Service Automation products. RightStar also conducts onsite process assessments and provides strategic recommendations for delivering services to the business more efficiently. EVENT SPONSORS Matthew Selheimer Matthew@Itinvolve.com 832-460-6555 www.itinvolve.com ITinvolve provides IT organizations with the analysis and collaboration necessary to understand the impact of changes and move faster in response to business needs. Our breakthrough approach enables IT to easily capture and share their collective knowledge in order to provide unprecedented visibility into IT environments, reduce risk from changes, speed application releases, and resolve issues. ITinvolve lowers the total cost of delivering great service and works with existing IT management solutions. Built on the secure and scalable Force.com platform, ITinvolve runs in the cloud and requires no hardware or software installation.
  72. 72. EVENT SPONSORS . www.salesforce.com/remedyforce Today’s IT departments must drive business growth and innovation, while coping with less resources and increasing complexity. To do this, they require an IT Service Management solution that provides best practices while minimizing costs. Because Remedyforce runs in the cloud, there’s no need to buy servers or manage complicated software. Instead, IT organizations are able to concentrate on bettering their processes and bringing value to the business. Leveraging over twenty years of leading the IT Service Management market, BMC built our Remedyforce SaaS help desk from the ground up on the force.com platform, creating an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage comprehensive solution. The inclusion of social and collaboration tools allows customers to reach and empower users wherever they are, and Remedyforce provides best practices out of the box to make IT organizations more efficient and productive. Caitlin Hughes Caitlin.Hughes@Aspg.com 239-649-1548 / www.aspg.com ReACT, by ASPG, is a password reset and synchronization tool that supports your enterprise operating systems and applications including AD, RACF, Top Secret, Novell, UNIX, Linux, Oracle, SQL, Google APPS, Live@Edu/Office365, SAP, AdvantX and more! ActiveX scripting allows ReACT to tie into custom applications. Users can reset their passwords in four easy steps – onsite, remotely and even via smartphone using ReACT. ReACT also includes a dashboard to monitor live user activity. Laura Walker www.stratcominc.com 701-306-7774 / www.stratacominc.com StrataCom is an IT Service Management professional services and consulting firm providing graceful solutions to enterprise-level clients since 1997. Our mastery of this technology greatly benefits our clients who look to us to successfully move their visions from concept to reality. StrataCom employs a full-time staff of consultants specializing in IT Service Management. We are not generalists, but specialists in the software we work with. Our team has combed the country for the very best consultants who hold both ITL and tool specific certifications. Areas of expertise: HP ITSM Suite (including Asset Manager, Discovery, CMDB), Cherwell, ServiceNow, and BMC Remedy. Services include: Tool Implementation, Customization/Enhancements, Upgrade, Project Management, Integrations, Roadmap Planning, ITIL Process Consulting, Reporting and Metrics, Managed Services, Training, Support, and Staff Augmentation.
  73. 73. EVENT SPONSORS John Clipp John@Technolava.com 301-473-8550 / www.TechnoLava.com TechnoLava LLC is focused on IT Service Management Solutions and Services. We provide ITIL consulting, training, assessment and implementation services and Best-of-Breed tools, such as easyCMDB, that enable organizations to proactively manage and secure their IT infrastructure. Our ITSM Maturity and ISO/IEC 20000 Readiness Assessment services utilize the ISO/IEC 15504 – TIPA Assessment Methodology and will develop a roadmap to ensure process improvement across the organization. Our Continual Service Improvement approach follows a path of Measurement, Assessment, Training and Improvement Consulting Services. TechnoLava uses these services during our Service Desk Optimization engagement to help your organization improve your Incident and Problem Management processes. We have also partnered with KEPNERand FOURIE to provide consulting and training to imbed Root Cause Analysis best practices into your Major Incident and Problem Management processes. Zach Fowler www.artisys.com Artisys is a veteran-owned business, founded in 1992. As an experienced full-service IT solution based company, Artisys provides cutting edge IT solutions and software development support services to both Government and Commercial (including Fortune 500 corporations) customers. Artisys operates as a prime contract holder and a subcontractor, and we have performed on more than 150 IT projects within the United States and abroad. We provide IT professionals and technical services in a broad range of disciplines. Our business model includes consulting services, turnkey solutions and staff augmentation. As a company built of IT professionals, we keep abreast of evolving technologies that will enhance the development of mission-critical business systems. Artisys has an experienced executive and management team as well as highly-skilled technical professionals. We have experience within the following Federal agencies: Department of Defense to include DISA, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps; Homeland Security, Department of Treasury; Department of Justice and others. Raymond Bell, Founder & Administrator, raybelljr@gmail.com HDI Capital Area is proud to introduce a non-profit dedicated to providing opportunities for young adults. The H.O.P.E. Project is an information technology ("I.T.") training program dedicated to providing technical training and development for young adults. Our I.T. training program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as Helpdesk and Application Support Professionals. The H.O.P.E. Project mission is to empower young adults to reach their potential by providing a comprehensive information technology training program, designed for students ages 17-35. The H.O.P.E. Project offers these services in a diverse and caring environment. We are helping many, one by one through dynamic programming, responsive to the needs of our communities. The H.O.P.E. Project is committed to helping young adults in our communities regain hope by offering important career and I.T. training. Join us in supporting The H.O.P.E Project, by volunteering your time to present to the students, conduct training, provide tours of your Service Desk and donate equipment. H.O.P.E students and graduates are in demand by area firms, so let Raymond know if you have positions to fill. Please contact Raymond Bell at raybelljr@gmail.com
  74. 74. Tiffany Vaughn HDI Mid-Atlantic Account Manager 704.795.9850 tvaughn@thinkhdi.com www.thinkhdi.com HDI is the world’s largest IT service and technical support membership association and the industry’s premier certification and training body. Guided by an international panel of industry experts and practitioners, HDI is the leading resource for help desk/support center emerging trends and best practices. Conferences include two of the industry’s largest and most prestigious annual events: HDI 2014 Annual Conference & Expo and FUSION 13. HDI’s premier conference and expo, HDI 2013 features keynotes from industry leaders, compelling programming tracks, content-rich breakout sessions, and a massive Expo Hall packed with innovative solution providers and exciting offerings. Presented jointly by industry powerhouses itSMF USA and HDI, FUSION 13 provides attendees with an educational experience facilitated by the most respected minds in service management, offering the absolute peak of service management education. Learn industry best practices and standards with HDI's training and certification programs. All HDI certification courses include a certification exam. Visit http://www.thinkhdi.com/certification/ courseCalendar.aspx or contact Tiffany Vaughn tvaughn@thinkhdi.com Nov 04, 2013 - Nov 05, 2013 Washington, DC HDI Desktop Support Technician Price: $1495 Member price: $1395 Nov 04, 2013 - Nov 05, 2013 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location: AFT, 555 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC Nov 06, 2013 - Nov 08, 2013 Washington, DC HDI Desktop Support Manager Price: $1995 Member price: $1895 Nov 06, 2013 - Nov 08, 2013 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location: AFT, 555 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC Dec 09, 2013 - Dec 10, 2013 Washington, DC HDI Support Center Analyst Before Oct 29, 2013: Price: $1395 Member price: $1295 / On or after Oct 29, 2013: Price: $1495 Member price: $1395 Dec 09, 2013 - Dec 10, 2013 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location: AFT, 555 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC Dec 11, 2013 - Dec 13, 2013 Washington, DC HDI Support Center Manager Before Oct 31, 2013: Price: $1895 Member price: $1795 / On or after Oct 31, 2013: Price: $1995 Member price: $1895
  75. 75. HDI Capital Area Local Chapter is a non-profit chapter of HDI www.ThinkHDI.com, the premier worldwide membership association for the IT Service and Technical Support industry, serving the Washington DC metro area, including Northern Virginia and nearby Maryland. Our mission is to provide quality programs designed to inspire and motivate personal and professional growth. Our regularly scheduled meetings foster an atmosphere to share camaraderie, inspiration and knowledge with colleagues in the industry featuring subject matter experts, group discussions, networking opportunities and HDI Training and Certification events. We have a strong membership and network. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact We welcome you to visit our website at www.hdicapitalarea.com or if you have questions, contact president@hdicapitalarea.com Upcoming Events Wednesday, October 16th - Professional Development & Vendor Fair Event Monday, October 28th - Deadline to nominate your Star Help Analyst and /or Desktop Support Technician of the Year. Participate in our Awards Program (no cost– only your time) and receive free registrations to the December 6th luncheon. Contact Sandy Seroskie at awards@hdicapitalarea.com Wednesday, November 20th - How to be a Networking Super Hero Workshop featuring Phil Gerbyshak Friday, December 6th - Annual Awards Luncheon and Team Celebration at Maggiano’s in Tysons Corner featuring a keynote from Doug Nielsen! To register, visit www.hdicapitalarea.com
  76. 76. VENDOR BASES The MIL Corporation LANDesk Software Beyond 20 EasyVista Robert Half Technology Bomgar IssueTrak Cherwell Software ServiceNow Time WarnerCable RightStar Systems ITinvolve Remedyforce ReAct Stratacom Technolava Artisys Please bring this sheet to the HDI Capital Area table with each vendor’s initials by 2:15 pm to be eligible for the prize drawing. Prizes include an iPad, Galaxy Tablet, Gift Cards, etc. **YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN**