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Hdi capital area meeting 071713

  1. 1. Updates from  HDI Capital Area  HDI Capital Area July 2013 10/17/2013 ©2013 HDI. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. HDI Capital Area www.hdicapitalarea.com hdi it l • Upcoming Meetings Upcoming Meetings – August 21st – A NASA Case Study on Setting up a  Large Enterprise Service Desk, Washington DC Large Enterprise Service Desk Washington DC – September 23rd ‐The Power of Quality Tour with  Malcolm Fry  Date Change , Washington DC Malcolm Fry **Date Change**, Washington DC • Free for members/$65 for non‐members (a $695 value) – October 16th – Annual Professional Development  p Event & Vendor Fair
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  4. 4. HDI Capital Area Sponsors • • Diamond – The MIL Corporation Platinum – – – – • Beyond20 Bomgar EasyVista LANDesk Gold – R b H lf T h l Robert Half Technology – Issue Trak – Cherwell • Silver – P Pureshare h – Service Now – Time Warner Cable • Bronze – The ACI Group The ACI Group – RightStar • Web – ReACT – TechnoLava
  5. 5. Updates from  HDI Corporate HDI Corporate July 2013 10/17/2013 ©2013 HDI. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Exciting Things are Happening at HDI • Same great HDI, but a brand new membership  Sa e g eat , but a b a d e e be s p model! p • You spoke, we listened: – After considerable research, HDI has aligned and  expanded benefits, and renamed levels to better suit  the needs of our members the needs of our members • Current members, don’t fret! Keep your current  membership until it expires membership until it expires Learn more: www.ThinkHDI.com/HDIMembership, or call us at 800 248 5667 or call us at 800‐248‐5667
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  8. 8. vChapter Meeting • Join us on July 16 for the next meeting of the HDI  vChapter! Ch t ! • Meeting will take place after the HDI Webcast featuring  Greg Gregory s presentation: Revolutionize, Revitalize,  Greg Gregory’s presentation: Revolutionize Revitalize and Reenergize Your Teams and Your Services • All members are welcome to attend, and can be a part of  p this new virtual group in addition to your home local  chapter. www.ThinkHDI.com/Webcasts to register.
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  10. 10. HDI Awards: Call for Submissions! • Each year HDI awards the highest honors in Each year, HDI awards the highest honors in  the IT service and technical support industry • These awards recognize support professionals These awards recognize support professionals  at all levels and as individuals, teams, and  organizations • View the different awards options and submit  nominations online  i i li www.ThinkHDI.com/Awards
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  15. 15. What is CSI? • The HDI Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) The HDI Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)  Service is a web‐based customer satisfaction  surveying service created specifically for the  surveying service created specifically for the technical service and support industry. Try it Free! Try it Free! Sign up for a 3‐month trial at ThinkHDI.com/CSI
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  17. 17. New Phone Number • HDI has recently implemented a new phone HDI has recently implemented a new phone  system. • 800 number remains the same: 800 248 5667 800 number remains the same: 800‐248‐5667 • Direct line has changed: New number: (719) 955 8180 New number: (719) 955‐8180
  18. 18. Contact Us! Be sure to reach out to HDI through all channels: g • • • • • Facebook: ThinkHDI Twitter: @ThinkHDI T itt @Thi kHDI HDIConnect: www.HDIConnect.com LinkedIn: HDI YouTube: ThinkHDI • Support: Support@ThinkHDI com Support@ThinkHDI.com • Website: www.ThinkHDI.com
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  20. 20. USING ITIL'S KEY METRICS TO  IMPACT CORE BUSINESS DECISIONS HDI Capital Area Local Chapter July 17, 2013 July 17, 2013
  21. 21. INTRODUCTION Nikki Haase  – ITIL 3 S i M ITIL v3 Service Manager  – HDI Support Center Manager – nikki haase@rightstarsystems com nikki.haase@rightstarsystems.com RightStar – IT consultancy focused solely in Service Management IT consultancy focused solely in Service Management – ITIL/Best Practice consulting experience – ITSM & ITSME (Remedy and Service Desk Express)  implementation experience – BMC Elite Partner since 2007
  22. 22. ITIL HISTORY V1 – 1986 ‐ 1999  – Th The original ITIL function‐based practice  i i l ITIL f ti b d ti – 40+ books dealing with a variety of IT practices. – Development sponsored by CCTA (Central Computer and Development sponsored by CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) in the UK V2 – 1999 ‐ 2006  – Updated process‐based practice – The globally accepted best practice framework for ITSM: • Service Support  • Service Delivery 
  23. 23. ITIL V3 – ITIL V3 – MAY 2007 ITIL service lifecycle‐based practice  Incorporates V1 and V2 as well as tested current  d 2 ll d best practices for IT Service Management.  Updated for 2011 U d t d f 2011 Five core lifecycle titles: – – – – – Service Strategy  S i St t Service Design  Service Transition  Service Transition Service Operation  Continual Service Improvement p
  24. 24. IT AND “THE BUSINESS” Early  Adoption of  IT Enthusiasm  for IT Exclusion of  IT
  25. 25. IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT TODAY IT management is under increased pressure to cut  spending.  spending Cutting too deeply can have a negative impact on  the organization s ability to function effectively.  the organization's ability to function effectively The right spending can lead to business value if IT  can: – Prioritize work efforts  – Clearly define services and service level commitments y – Streamline processes Arraj, Valerie. “2009: The Year Of Doing More With Less.” January 16, 2009. ITSMWatch.com <http://www.itsmwatch.com/itil/article.php/3796936>
  26. 26. GOALS FOR IT VALUE To design the g organization’s IT infrastructure To ensure integrity of systems that manage sensitive financial and legal data 7 To negotiate effectively ith effecti el with suppliers to minimize costs and maximize value of services received To become a partner in strategic business decisions, decisions not just a technician to implement operational requirements i t
  27. 27. CSI: CSFS AND KPIS Critical Success Factor (CSF) – Something that must happen if a Process Project Plan or IT Service Something that must happen if a Process, Project, Plan, or IT Service  is to succeed. KPIs are used to measure the achievement of each CSF.  For example a CSF of “protect IT Services when making Changes”  could be measured by KPIs such as “percentage reduction of  y p g unsuccessful Changes”, “percentage reduction in Changes causing  Incidents”, etc. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – A Metric that is used to help manage a Process, IT Service or Activity.  Many Metrics may be measured, but only the most important of  these are defined as KPIs and used to actively manage and report on  these are defined as KPIs and used to actively manage and report on the Process, IT Service or Activity. KPIs should be selected to ensure  that Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Cost Effectiveness are all  managed.  g 8
  28. 28. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS BY  PROCESS Security Management Change Management Ch Release Management Problem and Capacity Management Service Desk and Incident Management
  29. 29. SERVICE DESIGN: SECURITY  MANAGEMENT IT Security Management should be in line with  business security policies and should control all business security policies and should               all  aspects of service management activities. Confidentiality Integrity Availability
  30. 30. SECURITY MANAGEMENT CSF: Effective security management to ensure  confidentiality, integrity and availability of data confidentiality integrity and availability of data – HIPAA (healthcare), PCI (credit cards) – Customer confidence Customer confidence KPIs – Number of incidents caused Number of incidents caused  by security failures – Number of security audit  and testing failures – Number of security improvement  initiatives in place initiatives in place
  31. 31. SERVICE TRANSITION: CHANGE  MANAGEMENT The purpose of the Change Management  process is  to allow for successful IT changes that are beneficial  to allow for successful IT changes that are beneficial to the business while minimizing disruptions. 
  32. 32. CHANGE MANAGEMENT CSF: Well‐managed change processes that minimize  disruptions and, at the same time, provide system updates  disruptions and, at the same time, provide system updates that meet business requirements – Visibility into CMDB to identify impacted and related CIs – Example: In order to handle more sales transactions, a retailer wants  l d h dl l i il to replace their existing credit card handling systems. The change is  scheduled during a maintenance window outside of peak business  time periods well after the holiday shopping season.  time periods well after the holiday shopping season KPIs – – – – – Number of incidents caused by a change  Number of RFCs processed Number of changes bypassing CAB  Number of changes not tested before implementation Number of changes not tested before implementation Number of unauthorized changes detected
  33. 33. SERVICE TRANSITION: RELEASE AND  DEPLOYMENT The Release and Deployment Management  process works in  conjunction with implementation phase of Change  conjunction with implementation phase of Change Management. The purpose is to ensure, through reliance on  an accurate CMDB and thorough testing, the successful  release and deployment of new or enhanced services to the  l dd l t f h d i t th production environment. Providing training to the users is also  a part of the deployment process. 14
  34. 34. RELEASE AND DEPLOYMENT  MANAGEMENT CSF: The release of new business services and  features that open up new business opportunities features that open up new business opportunities  while balancing IT’s desire for system stability – Testing! KPIs – Number of releases implemented Number of releases implemented  without adequate testing – Number of urgent releases – Number of incidents caused  by releases – Number of failed releases Number of failed releases Sutton, Mike and Moore, Tym. “7 Ways to Improve Your Software Release Management.” July 30, 2008 CIO http://www.cio.com/article/440101/_Ways_to_Improve_Your_Software_Release_Management
  35. 35. SERVICE OPERATION AND DESIGN:  PROBLEM AND CAPACITY MANAGEMENT The first goal of Problem Management: To prevent problems  from happening in the first place! from happening in the first place! The Problem Management process includes: – – – – Identifying known errors Root cause analysis Developing work arounds when problems cannot be resolved quickly Providing documentation and communication of these activities,  g , especially to the Service Desk Capacity Management – Pro ides s pport for ser ice design and reporting to problem Provides support for service design and reporting to problem  management for capacity and performance related issues
  36. 36. PROBLEM AND CAPACITY  MANAGEMENT CSF: Proactive problem management to anticipate and avoid  disruptions in service. disruptions in service. – Trends in errors and faults – Example: IT notices that, over time, network traffic has increased.  There have been some failures of redundant or backup systems, but  There have been some failures of redundant or backup systems but customers have not yet been impacted. Business forecasts indicate  that customer transactions and activity will continue to increase.  KPIs KPI – – – – – – Number of repeat incidents Number of existing known errors Average time for diagnosis of problems Average time for resolution of known errors Number of incidents related to capacity/performance issues Number of incidents related to capacity/performance issues Number of SLA performance targets missed due to capacity
  37. 37. SERVICE OPERATION: SERVICE DESK Definition: A functional unit made up of a group of  individuals responsible for managing requests from  individuals responsible for managing requests from the business. The Service Desk should serve as a  single point of contact between IT and the  single point‐of‐contact between IT and the business. Incident Management is typically the  primary focus of the Service Desk.
  38. 38. SERVICE OPERATION: INCIDENT  MANAGEMENT Goal: To resolve disruptions to service as quickly as  possible in a prioritized fashion with minimal  possible in a prioritized fashion with minimal impact on the business. Incident Management should follow a documented  Incident Management should follow a documented process model for identifying, registering,  categorizing, diagnosing, escalating, resolving and  g g, g g, g, g closing incidents.
  39. 39. SERVICE DESK AND INCIDENT  MANAGEMENT CSFs: The ability to handle increasing call volume and to  restore service to customers more quickly restore service to customers more quickly – Business value measured in minutes KPIs – Mean time to restore service  – Percentage of incidents resolved  within service targets  – Number of incidents bypassing service desk – Number of incidents escalated – Average customer satisfaction rating Average customer satisfaction rating – Staff turnover rate – Average cost per call
  40. 40. OTHER IDEAS? IT Service Asset and Configuration Management – Id tif l Identify large number of incidents by CI category b f i id t b CI t • Select a different equipment vendor or model • Provide additional training Event and Problem Management g – Identify incident trends over time  • Determine root cause  • Eliminate underlying problems l d l bl 21
  41. 41. CONTINUAL SERVICE  IMPROVEMENT: DEMING CYCLE Focuses on the th process Act Check elements Plan Do involved in identifying and introducing se ce service management improvements. improvements 22
  42. 42. WHEN IT IS INTEGRATED WITH THE  BUSINESS…  "The new reality is that technology doesn't just  support the business technology powers the support the business – technology powers the  business and helps drive growth.”  ‐ Ann Livermore, Executive VP, Ann Livermore, Executive VP,  technology solutions group, HP