Cloud meets contact center 022013


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Cloud meets contact center 022013

  1. 1. Session Title • Session 510Cloud Meets Contact Center: From Zero to Hero in 14 Days! By Heather J. Donnelly, PMP, HDI & ITIL v2F/v3F Certified HDI Certified Instructor
  2. 2. Meet The Presenter • Heather Donnelly, PMP, brings nearly 30 years of experience specializing in Program/Project Management, as well as Help Desk, Support Center, Contact Center, Call Center and Desktop Support management and operations • A PMI-PMP Certified Project Manager, Shipley Proposal Consultant and Help Desk Subject Matter Expert, Heathers experience spans Government, Healthcare and Commercial work. Holds HDI and STI Certifications as a Director, Manager, Team Lead, Analyst and Knowledge Manager as well as ITIL Foundations Certifications in both Version 2 and Version 3 • Certified Instructor for HDI
  3. 3. What attendees will learn• The benefits of the cloud contact center model• Proven strategies for deploying a cloud contact center in 14 days or less• What kind of ROI to expect from a cloud contact center• How to unite agents in multiple locations into one virtual call center• Case study – EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline
  4. 4. How Did I Do It?• Task at hand and what led me to my decisions (step by step)• Researching vendors/price quote/feasibility• Implementation plan• Potential roadblocks and overcoming them (greetings recording, etc.)• Go Live & Operations Mode• Success!
  5. 5. Poll QuestionWhat type of Contact Center are you usingtoday?A. Premises Based Solution from major vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, Interactive, etc.B. Premises Based Solution for other vendorsC. Hosted Contact Center VendorD. None
  6. 6. Poll Answer
  7. 7. Cloud vs. On-Premises • On Premise installations fail to meet expectations and/or budgets 55% of the time. • Implementation and customization expenses are frequently greater than hardware and software price combined • Lifetime operating and maintenance expenses exceed technology costs over time • Difficult to maintain, modify, and upgrade without throwing more money at your solution • Must plan scheduled downtimes in advance for maintenance, etc. • Not easily scalable
  8. 8. Contact Center ROI• Items to consider in your calculations – Revenue/Cost per Call or Contact – Skills Based Routing – Improves FCR – CTI/Screen Pop – Reduces Handle Time – Chat/Email – Measure, Track, Respond – IVR – Right Work to Right Resource – Web Callback – Reduce costs, Improve Accuracy – Lost Revenue/Increased Customer Sat – Abandoned Calls and Contacts – Call Recording – Quality Assurance – SLAs – Performance vs. Competition – Remote Workforce – Benefits of Home Agents/Retention – Ability to: Optimize Staff, Quality Monitoring, Improve Training, Track Agent Performance and Availability, Cradle to Grave Reporting, Just in Time Metrics – Customize on the fly
  9. 9. Key Benefits of the Cloud
  10. 10. Critical Success Factors When Moving to Cloud Contact Center Solutions
  11. 11. Evaluating Cloud Contact Center Solution Providers• Consider those ‘Challenges’ – Scalability – Customizability – Security – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  12. 12. Contact Centers: Complicated, Costly & Inflexible
  13. 13. Contact Centers: Complicated, Costly & Inflexible
  14. 14. Contact Centers: Complicated, Costly & Inflexible
  15. 15. Managing the Transition
  16. 16. Migration to/from the Cloud
  17. 17. Cloud Based Contact CenterAlternative to Premises Based
  18. 18. Contact Center Software in the Cloud
  19. 19. Cloud Brings You Agility
  20. 20. Cloud = Higher Customer Satisfaction Your Customers • Leading Your Business Technology • Productive Agents • Business Flexibility • More Sophisticated Service • More Customer Touch Points • More Responsive
  21. 21. A Better Way• Simpler Cloud Contact Center – No IT Involvement Customer Contact via – No specialized hardware or email, chat, web callback, desktop sharing software Agent/Supervisor• Faster to Implement Workstations Cloud Data – Days vs. Weeks/Months Center• Cheaper Internet or Private – TCO about 25% to 66% less then on IP Network premises solutions Internet• Nimbler – Agents may be provisioned in minutes – anywhere Public Telephone Network VoIP, Standard Phone or Computer• Powerful Public Telephone – Rapid time-to-value Network – Easy to use and administer – Higher customer satisfaction – 100% Uptime!
  22. 22. Benefits of the Cloud Model
  23. 23. Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud– Situations that require companies to consider making the switch • Business even causes a trigger • Current technology does not have flexibility– Companies have infrastructure to run business; something changes in business; card stack crashes down; some event that causes you need to seek new opportunity; product reliability • Known cost structure
  24. 24. Key Factors to Success• Really define your needs – Organizational (not replicating what you are doing today; how are needs evolving over time?) – Do your homework up front – what is driving you to seeking another solution? – Make certain that you involve I/T or Business Unit (if driven by I/T) so you have all stakeholders invested in solution – Needs are documented and considered early on (you don’t want I/T to find out too late and throw a monkey wrench into it; bring them in early to the project • Not with platform itself but it becomes infighting within business units themselves • Fail to recognize the importance of I/T in the evaluation equation • Make certain that provider you choose has I/T skills to supplement
  25. 25. Cloud and Integration• How well do cloud solutions work with existing applications (CRM, Analytics, Call Recording, Workforce Management, etc.) – Look for someone that has depth of bench internally – Can support a client of your size and your applications; if custom interfaces have to be designed (custom systems/home grown) what it will cost and how that will affect decision – Does provider have actual experience with integrations? References? Systems outside of their hosted/cloud solutions they provide
  26. 26. Commitment Tine• If I go with a cloud based solution, how long am I committed for? – Typically for one year; in most cases, monthly agreements are available; good for outsourced call center/seasonal operations with high fluctuation of agents
  27. 27. Home Based Agents• How do cloud based systems facilitate the use of home based agents? – Agent location doesn’t matter • Only need high speed internet connection – Easy integration – Flexibility – Virtual desktop (agent will always have latest upgrades) – Scalability (on-boarded/trained quickly) – Training can be done online; chat, email, tier tutoring
  28. 28. Biggest Drivers to Move• What are biggest drivers for moving customer interactions to a cloud based service? – Biggest reason is that there is one piece of infrastructure that is ‘aging out’ where mfg. is not providing support; practical motivation for moving to cloud platform – Benefits of cloud platform are very obvious; proven over studies and actual use; scalability; pricing, cost efficiency; proven over time; – Will this integrate with _______? What if it doesn’t work with the IVR we just put in? The CRM? Complex integrations w/o rollbacks (from vendor)
  29. 29. Size Threshold Decision• Is there a size threshold that should make your decision? – Seen it based around # of agent positions rather than call volume – 25-50-75 agent positions; historically you wouldn’t want your 1000 agent call center in the cloud – What are your cloud options? What does it mean to their organization? Does that mean that everyone ends up in the cloud? NO – There is a private cloud option; trending 100-200-300 agent call center is growing towards the cloud
  30. 30. Outbound Notifications• How will multimedia outbound notifications be accommodated with a cloud solution? – Proactive outbound notifications (boosts customer satisfaction) • Let me know when my plane will be delayed • Let me know when my package will be delivered • But only let me know when I want to know and how I want to know – Pay by transaction rather than by the minute – How do you handle an outbound transaction that turns into an inbound transaction w/o loss of service or information (effectiveness)
  31. 31. Chat• How will ‘click for assistance’ Chat for customer service turn it into a chat session or a live phone call (another tool in your bag of tricks) to help customers• Many cloud solutions have chat capability
  32. 32. Poll Question
  33. 33. Answers
  34. 34. Agent Monitoring
  35. 35. CRM/Ticketing Screen Layout
  36. 36. Adding Fields on the Fly
  37. 37. Historical Reports
  38. 38. How to Turn Up a Cloud BasedContact Center in 14 Days or Less Here’s How I Did it!
  39. 39. Timeline – April 1-30• Phone call from client in late March• Exploring options/learning about contract• What technology are we going to use?• Who owns the 800#? How long to port over?• Research cloud based contact center vendors• Who has a CRM/Ticketing system?• How many agents and where?• Obtain/Test Headsets• Work flow/menus• 11th hour crisis with voice recording• Agent Training (Customer Service Skills)• Agent Training (Safe Drinking Water Hotline & App)• Subject Matter Expert Escalation Process• Reports: monthly, quarterly, annually
  40. 40. Safe Drinking Water Hotline• 1-800-426-4791
  41. 41. Step by Step Plan
  42. 42. Step by Step Plan
  43. 43. Tools of My Trade HP Pavilion g7 Laptop Easy VoiceSamsung Droid Recorder APP for Charge Android – FREE!
  44. 44. Safe Drinking Water HotlinePlantronics Savi W730 Wireless Headset EyeBeam Softphone
  45. 45. English to Spanish Voice Translation Translated text appears here and is spoken by male or female (you choose voice) Type English Text Here and Hi-light text to select it Press Translate Button
  46. 46. Menu Workflow
  47. 47. Burning the Midnight Oil
  48. 48. Success!• Time to Celebrate at 4:01 PM on Monday, April 30th!• 800 Number successfully ported to cloud based solution• Several hours of live testing were performed using all menu functions• We were ready to go for 10:00 AM May 1st!
  49. 49. Thank You For Attending• What Questions Do you Have?• Please complete your meeting evaluation form