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Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
Justine- pedophile laws
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Justine- pedophile laws


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. Online Pedophiles Internationally
    • The Innocent Images International Task Force became operational on October 6, 2004 and includes law enforcement officers from the following countries: United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Croatia, Latvia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Fiji, Cyprus, Iceland, Denmark, Panama, and Europol.
    • “ To date, more than 47 international officers have traveled to the US and have worked with special agents of the FBI at the Innocent Images Unit. The task force allows for the transfer of information from and to the FBI and between task-force members and their countries. Task Force officers stay in the United States for several months and remain an integral part of the task force once they return to their home countries. The FBI’s Innocent Images International Task Force successfully brings together law enforcement from around the world to address the global crime problem of online child exploitation.”
  • 2. Internationally
    • In August of 2002, the U.S. Customs Service announced the arrests of 20 suspects in the United States and six European nations in Operation Hamlet, an international investigation of pedophiles who sexually molested children and distributed pornography over the Internet. Customs announced that 45 children, including 37 in the United States, have been rescued from the abuse, committed by their own parents in some cases.
    • “ The Danish National Police (DNP) began the initial investigation of the case after a tip from the nongovernmental organization Save the Children in November 2001. They arrested a Danish man, charging him with abusing his own daughter and posting the pictures on the Internet, according to Bonner’s briefing.”
    • “ The DNP uncovered evidence of an international ring of pedophiles on the suspect’s computer, and sought international assistance in the case. The U.S. Customs CyberSmuggling Center, INTERPOL, and a variety of other law enforcement and advocacy groups joined the investigation.”
    • Customs has made 10 arrests in the case in the US, beginning in January 2002, and officials said more arrests are expected. Suspects have also been arrested in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
  • 3. Internationally
    • In the US culture, young kids are used to learning how to use the net earlier than in other countries… many countries are beginning to implement laws that have already been enacted in the US.
    • Canada is the world’s second largest home to online child pornography and the second-largest online seller of child pornography material, such as images, videos or memberships.
    • According to the Canadian Centre for Child protection, about half of all child pornography images feature children under the age of eight and nearly a third of those images feature serious sexual assaults.
  • 4. Internationally
    • “ In this online community, pedophiles view themselves as the vanguard of a nascent movement seeking legalization of child pornography and the loosening of age-of-consent laws. They portray themselves as battling for children's rights to engage in sex with adults, a fight they liken to the civil rights movement. And while their effort has brought little success, they celebrated online in May when a small group of men in the Netherlands formed a pedophile political party, and they rejoiced again last month when a Dutch court upheld the party's right to exist.”
    • Also, internationally, pedophiles often maintain that the discussion sites are little more than support groups. They condemn violent child rapists and grieve that they are often equated with such criminals. Many see themselves as spiritually connected to children and say that sexual contact is irrelevant. Yet the pedophiles consistently return to discussions justifying sex with minors and child pornography.
  • 5. Federally
    • The federal government has let the online pedophile community know they are serious in their commitment to bring all involved in using the internet for purposes of exchanging and distributing child pornography to justice.
    • “ In fact, the FBI ranks online pornography and sex exploitation as its number one focus with respect to crimes against children.”
    • There have been many Congressional hearings on the topic, as well as efforts to write comprehensive legislation to address the issue.
    • Most of those efforts have focused on examining particular instances of harm to children. There have been few attempts to examine the pedophiles themselves, based on their own words to one another, to gain a better recognition of the nature of potential problems.
  • 6. Federally
    • Many online pedophiles share child pornography through Limewire and other file sharing networks. Once you subscribe and agree to share with others, law enforcement officers can also join and look into your online library without a warrant. Normally law enforcement has to get a warrant in order to get into your computer and before they can get a warrant, they have to prove you have something you shouldn't on your computer. For Limewire, they can go on a fishing expedition and try to find child pornography on people's computers.
    • Pedophiles are getting caught and are going to prison forever because they open their computers up to the public.
  • 7. The Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI)
    • 1995 - The IINI is managed by the Innocent Images Unit within the FBI’s Cyber Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC.
    • Today the FBI’s Innocent Images National Initiative focuses on:
    • Online organizations, enterprises, and communities that exploit children for profit or personal gain.
    • Major distributors of child pornography, such as those who appear to have transmitted a large volume of child pornography via an online computer on several occasions to several other people.
    • Producers of child pornography.
    • Individuals who travel, or indicate a willingness to travel, for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity with a minor.
    • Possessors of child pornography.
    • Identify and rescue willing and unwilling child victims.
  • 8. IINI
    • Innocent Images has expanded to include investigations involving all areas of the Internet and online services including:
    • Internet websites that post child pornography
    • Internet News Groups
    • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Channels
    • File Servers (“FServes”)
    • Online Groups and Organizations (eGroups)
    • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing programs
    • Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) and other online forums
  • 9. IINI Undercover
    • Operations are being carried out in many FBI field offices by task forces that combine the resources of the FBI with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.
    • Investigation revealed that computer-sex offenders utilized the chat rooms to contact children. (since children do not know whether they are chatting with a 13-year-old or a 45-year-old)
    • “ Chat rooms offer the advantage of immediate communication around the world and provide the pedophile with an anonymous means of identifying and recruiting children into sexually illicit relationships.”
    • When characterizing high tech pedophiles that have been arrested, Special Agent and Chief Spokesman Pete Gulotta of the FBI's "Innocent Images" Unit, says "they're almost all white males between the ages of 25 and 45" "We've had military officers with high clearances, pediatricians, lawyers, school principals, and tech executives"
  • 10. IINI Conclusion
    • The FBI has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the Innocent Images National Initiative remains possible and productive through the use of new technology and sophisticated investigative techniques, coordination of the national investigative strategy, and a national connection initiative with a significant number of commercial and independent online service providers.
    • “ The Innocent Images National Initiative has been highly successful. It has proven to be a logical, efficient, and effective method to identify and investigate individuals who are using the Internet for the sole purpose of sexually exploiting children.”
    • “ Although crimes against children have gradually increased and will continue to increase over time, the FBI hopes that this national initiative will help to bring many of the online pedophiles who are still wandering about cyberspace to justice.”
  • 11. Protection of Children From Sexual Predators Act
    • The act was enacted in 1998 by members of the Senate and House of Representatives of America in Congress.
    • This act contains many provisions:
    • Title I, Protection of Children From Predators, Sections 101-106 discusses the ways in which sexual predators attempt to gain information about, and ways in which to transport minors for the purposes of engaging in criminal sexual activity.
    • Title II discusses protections of children against child pornography.
    • Title IV concerns itself with the prohibition of obscene materials to minors.
    • Title V discusses the increased penalties for persons who utilize computers for the purpose of exploiting children.
    • Penalties can range from life in prison to even death, based on the severity of the offense.
  • 12. The Child Online Protection Act
    • Passed by Congress in October 1998, was created to narrow uncertainty of the Communication Decency Act.
    • “ COPA aims to keep "harmful" and "obscene" online material away from children 13 and under, and to penalize those parties who deliver such material. Penalties could fall under both civil and criminal sanctions and include imprisonment of six months and fines of up to $50,000.”
    • COPA has never been enforced because of a legal battle that began just days after it was signed into law. Privacy advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed suit, claiming the law violates free speech.
  • 13. In Nevada
    • Nevada sex offender registry (can look up anyone in your area) you have the right to know what/where sex offenders are in your city/state
    • “ Under current Nevada law (i.e., up until June 30, 2008), all sex offender must register under Nevada's Sex Offenders Registry for as long as they live, work, or go to school in Nevada; in other words, registration is (by default) for life under the current law.”
    • However, starting on July 01, 2008, the law in Nevada (namely, NRS 179D.490) changed, reducing the time that certain sex offenders must register (as well as non-sex offenders who have to register because they were convicted of committing a crime against a child). The time that an offender must register under the new law will depend on whether he is a Tier 1, Tier II, or Tier II offender. If he is a Tier I offender, he must register for only 15 years maximum (as opposed to life); if a Tier II offender, he must register for 25 years; however, if he is a Tier III offender, he must continue to register for life (as long as he lives, works, or goes to school in Nevada).
  • 14. Locally
  • 15. msnbc Dateline investigation
  • 16. References
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