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Courtney's Presentation About Captain Cook
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Courtney's Presentation About Captain Cook

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Courtney's Presentation About Captain Cook

Courtney's Presentation About Captain Cook

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  • 1. Captain James Cook
    By Courtney
  • 2. James Cook was a British explorer from England. He was the second white man to travel to Australia.
    Who was James Cook
  • 3. Within a week of his birth James Cook was baptised in the parish church of St Cuthbert, Marton, on 3rd November 1728.
    Early 19th century artists’ reconstructions of the birthplace cottage show it as a stone-built single-storey thatched building, typically the small labourers’ cottages of the 18th century.
    Early years
  • 4. In September 1769, they reached New Zealand, being the second Europeans to visit there, following its earlier discovery by Abel Tasman 127 years earlier. Cook andVoyagehis crew spent the following six months charting the New Zealand coast, before resuming their voyage westward across open sea. In April 1770, they became the first Europeans to reach the east coast of Australia, making landfall on the shore of what is now known as Botany Bay.
    Cook’s First Voyage
  • 5. Map of were he sailed
  • 6. James Cook explored to Tahiti to see the Venus pass between the earth and the sun also to measure it while it passed.
    Why did James Cook Explored
  • 7. Cook named Australia and New Zealand. Cook sailed to many places on his first journey including Brazil, England, Plymouth, around Cape Horn and Tahiti.
    Interesting facts
  • 8. When James Cook was on his first voyage he named places in Australia and New Zealand
    Turn around poem about James Cook
  • 9. James Cook
    Thank you for watching