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CPS Corporate


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CPS Corporate Brochure

CPS Corporate Brochure

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  • 1. dominating the future
  • 2. two world leaders joined forces to create a new horizon in business intelligence tools and boost your business performance management
  • 3. our goal is to help you project your business and create a sustainable competitive edge beyond tomorrow
  • 4. through imagination, innovation and unequal experience to boost your results and make you flourish in the world of the future
  • 5. one of the largest global networks: 400+ specialized BI professionals experts in Hyperion, Cognos, Microsoft, Informatica, Microstrategy & Business Objects
  • 6. we offer broad service capabilities Knowledge Transfer & Custom Training Implementations, Upgrades, Migrations & Conversions System Migration & Implementation Production Support Center of Excellence Staff Augmentation Outsourcing & Support Center Project Management & Milestone Resolution Application Development & Technical Experts
  • 7. with offices in 9 countries and operations in 4 continents The World of C P S
  • 8. over 300 recognized global clients and delighted references
  • 9. beyond business intelligence Business Performance Management (BPM)
  • 10. because in today’s market, innovation is critical to remain ahead of competition
  • 11. from web 2.0 to enterprise 2.0 to management 2.0
  • 12. we believe in moving from customer relationship management (CRM) to consumer experience management CEM
  • 13. evolving from business intelligence (BI) to business performance management (BPM)
  • 14. to make your road less traveled
  • 15. C P S dominating the future
  • 16. you
  • 17.  
  • 18. wherever your needs are or whatever requirement you may have, we will place the best solutions and teams together
  • 19. to keep your business right on target and to boost your management performance
  • 20. our manifesto ‘ Z’ Shaped Thinkers challenge assumptions reframe the problem explore many perspectives synthesize information in order to: envision unseen opportunities
  • 21. we understand the unique needs of your organization
  • 22. we provide world class business performance consulting, assets and project management
  • 23. we support your client interaction and experience through help desks, support centers and CRM systems
  • 24. facilitating your management in global environments and achieving benchmarks in your vertical by delivering sound solutions
  • 25. to effectively reduce stress and workload associated with complex integrated information systems
  • 26. the dedicated or syndicated teams of C P S dominating the future will give a new dimension to your management capabilities
  • 27. to make your life easier and gratifying, so you may concentrate your efforts in improving your business and boost your professional value
  • 28. your company deserves a solid and proven support where you may rest assured on the experience of a leader
  • 29. the right contact can create a world of differences: C P S dominating the future 800-258-6610 [email_address] m