Social Media 101 The Business Case 4 Social Media Randy Schrum 10 26 2010


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Why Social Media is a must for your business

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Social Media 101 The Business Case 4 Social Media Randy Schrum 10 26 2010

  1. 1. Welcome We will begin shortly…
  2. 2. Social Media has changed our world. Educate, Engage, Expand! SM101: THE BUSINESS CASE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Social Media Training Inc. – Confidential & Proprietary
  3. 3. Moderator: Rick Diamond, President Social Media Training, Inc.
  4. 4. Social Media Training, Inc. is dedicated to delivering training for every level of user. We have tapped the best social media professionals to teach our courses. And whether you’re just filling out your first profile on LinkedIn or need to run a full brand campaign on Facebook, we deliver immediate results. Guaranteed.
  5. 5. Social Media Training, Inc. provides courses to enhance your knowledge & help you get better results faster
  6. 6. EDUCATE: Curriculum • SM101 The Business Case for Social Media • SM201 Social Media Intensive • SM301 Social Media-Expert level • SM400 & 500 • One-on-One Training • Onsite Training for Groups, Leadership Teams
  7. 7. Head of Faculty: Randy Schrum Today’s Presenter • CEO of My Corporate Media: Global social media planning and execution firm • In Top 50 of 80 million on LinkedIn • Over 91,000 followers on Twitter • Thousands of fans & friends on Facebook • SMM expert with proprietary solutions
  8. 8. Social Media Defined Social Media is a type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media, which delivers content but doesn't allow readers/viewers/listeners to participate in the creation or development of the content. "Social media essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online."
  9. 9. Why Is Social Media Important?
  10. 10. 550 Million Active Facebook Users Heading to 1 BILLION Source: Tech HeraldPhoto Credit: Oversocialized
  11. 11. 200+ Million The number of blogs on the Internet. Source: Jess3
  12. 12. 86 Million Tweets per Day Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa Source: Mashable
  13. 13. 2 Billion Videos Are Streamed Each Day On YouTubePhoto Credit: jonsson Source: Techcrunch
  14. 14. 9 out of 10 Buyers say that when they are ready to buy, they will find you people conduct more than 6 searches a day Will they find you OR Will they find your competition first? 93% of B2B Buyers use Search Engines to begin the buying process Twitter averages 50 Million status updates per day 41% of business owners say that Twitter delivers great value to their business 60 Million Status Updates happen on Facebook Daily 40% of Facebook users become Fans or Followers of Brands and Services sources:
  15. 15. Why Care About Social Media? • It allows us to identify new qualified prospects • It allows us to create inbound lead generation, where the prospect “Finds You” • It allows us to bypass the Gatekeeper Sales, Leads, Brand Awareness, Market Research, Customer Relations, & Credibility
  16. 16. Social Media Basics: Platforms Social Sharing & Voting • Digg • Tweetme • Reddit • Delicious • Flickr • Daily Booth • Twit Pic Social Engagement • Communities • Blog Commenting • Mobile Text & Apps • Email • Instant Messenger • Forums & Message Boards • Games Social Content & Publishing • Websites • Blogs – Wordpress, Blogger • Video Sites - YouTube • Podcasting Sites – iTunes • Article Sites – • Press Releases Common Social & Professional Networks • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter • Ecademy- In Europe • MySpace- Dying off Social Tracking • Foursquare • Trip It • Gowalla • Facebook
  17. 17. Social Media: Best Practices • Transparency • Be authentic • Frequency, Consistent • Clear voice • Remarkable, valuable content
  18. 18. Social Media Don’ts • Don’t over commit • Spam • Sell all the time • Don’t be afraid of negative comments • Don’t leave negative comments sitting out there. Respond immediately • Don’t violate terms of service
  19. 19. Starter Tips • #1 LinkedIn for Professionals - must join • #2 Picture is worth a thousand _ _ _ _ _ • #3 Complete your profile on LinkedIn • #4 Secure your “Brand Identity” or personal name on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube before someone else does. Then learn them later, just secure your brand identity now until your ready.
  20. 20. Ok so we all have heard of Dell, Southwest, Zappos and Blendtec, making money using Social Media, so … What about average companies & businesses?
  21. 21. Generating Revenue, Increasing Customer Share, and filling your pipeline with inbound lead generation
  22. 22. Reducing Cost Increasing Results
  23. 23. What gets measured, gets results!! Establishing a Clear ROI Path • Status Update Inquiries • Direct Message Engagement • Inquiries from Content Creation • Blog/Website Traffic Increase • Overall Online Inquiries Increase • Community Growth • URL Tracking of Articles, Content, Status Updates: Best Practices. • Pipeline Increase • FINALLY SALES Along with your personal or company ratios on closing, number of qualified prospects you need in the pipeline, etc.
  24. 24. 3 High Level Strategies: Strategy #1 1. Growing Your Connections, Why?: Upload your current database (CSV files*) along with all your business cards you have ever collected. Use some affordable paid services such as to grow your contact base. *The CSV file is important as some social platforms only allow a certain number of invites per submittal, such as LinkedIn. This will allow you to separate your contacts by each 500 mark and submit them separately to insure they are all invited.
  25. 25. Strategy #2 2. Generating Leads with Status Updates: • Take your top 5 business qualifying/ sales questions you ask to “cold” prospects and re-phrase them to fit within 100 characters allowing room for a URL. • Use a web page where: • People can learn more and contact you • And you can drive traffic to by using your status update. • You can take the URL link and shrink it at in order to stay within 120 characters, leaving room for 20 more characters…why? Rick will share more on this later.
  26. 26. Strategy #3 3. Growing a Targeted Following on Twitter: I have an entire video series on growing a targeted twitter following. You can access my twitter strategies video ebook at I sell my book on my personal site for $67 but today it’s free just for being here! NO Catches- just go download it.
  27. 27. Getting Found on LinkedIn: LinkedIn does not know the difference between Randy & Randall OR Rick & Dick. So let me show you how to fix that… Bonus Strategy!
  28. 28. Question and Answer Session • We’ll cover Social Media 101 Q & A • Please submit your questions via the webinar platform and we will address as many as we can today. • Other questions can be posted and answered on our LinkedIn Group: – Social Media Training Group
  29. 29. Social Media 201: Jump Start Your Social Media Strategy. You will walk away with these tools GUARANTEED.  Learn which Social Media Accounts are Must-Haves and Why  Simple & Effective Profile Completion that Engages Your Prospect  Account Optimization that gets you found by your market  Focused Target Market Engagement that generates results  How to Stay Properly Informed Through All the Noise  Collateral Handout with action steps and success strategies  Exclusive Access to private member group on LinkedIn for Social Media Training Inc. with Question/ Answers and updated 201 Curriculum
  30. 30. $297 Value for the 201 Training PLUS Exclusive Access to the Private Members Group Access to the Leadership Library a $397 Annual Fee, FREE $97 One Time
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Social Media 301: 75 Minutes of Advanced Strategy.  Rank Higher & Dominate Market Ownership: Social Media Account Optimization  Developing and executing your social media strategy and plan  Highly Filtered Strategies engaging your Target Market  Status Update Mastery of both message content & URL tracking for perfection  Targeted Growth Strategies Social Media Communities & Followers  Automation Strategies funnel pipeline growth strategies with your target market  Collateral Handout with action steps and success strategies  Exclusive Access to a private member group of Social Media Training Inc. on LinkedIn. with Question/ Answers and updated 301 Curriculum You will walk away with these tools GUARANTEED.
  33. 33. /registerpackage Everything $217 301 Training for $197, a $397 Value Plus 201 Training for $97, a $297 Value Plus Access to the Private Member Group & Exclusive Leadership Library A Total Value of $1,091
  34. 34. Question and Answer Session • We’ll cover Social Media 101 Q & A • Please submit your questions via the webinar platform and we will address as many as we can today. • Other questions can be posted and answered on our LinkedIn Group: – Social Media Training Group
  35. 35. SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING, INC. 100 CHESTERFIELD BUSINESS PARKWAY SUITE 2000 CHESTERFIELD, MO 63005 Social Media has changed our world. Educate, Engage, Expand! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your attendance and participation!