Importance of product engineering


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IT networks are constantly witnessing threats both from inside and outside an enterprise. Traditional perimeter defenses, might miss internal attacks for instance password disclosure and frauds resulting from staff collusion as well as online threats.

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Importance of product engineering

  1. 1. Importance of Product EngineeringSimply put, product engineering can be defined as the procedure of developing and designing an assembly, adevice or a system so that it can be produced as a sales item via a production manufacturing process. Itgenerally comprises of practices that involves issues such as produce ability, cost, performance, quality,serviceability, reliability and other user features.These product features are sought out in a way that the final product is attractive to the target consumers. Itcomprises of development, design and transitioning to manufacturing of the complete product. The termfurther comprises the development of the product concept and also the development and design of theproducts software, electronics and mechanical components.Key Areas of ResponsibilityFor the ones seeking a career in product engineering, it is crucial to have a clear idea about the keyaccountability areas. They are as follows:· Product engineers come up with a complete roadmap and generate the fulfillment during the ramp-upand volume production· The process recognizes and realizes measures for yield enhancement, product cost minimization andtest optimization· Helps in defining a qualification plan and conduct electrical characterization analysis· Product engineering is the technical interface between the component development team and theproduct side. This is especially; true post the development phase and qualifications when a high volumeproduction is functioning.· Product engineering is about enhancing the product quality and safeguard the product reliability. This isdone by balancing the cost of test and test coverage that can influence the production falloff.· The process helps in assisting failure analysis requests from consumersProduct Engineering Knowledge and SkillsProduct engineering needs a set of skills. An efficient product engineering needs to have a firm grasp on thefollowing fields:· Statistical procedures and tools· Project management skills· Manufacturing procedures· Physical analysis procedures· Product reliability and qualification techniques· Automatic test devices and tools· Computer supported design and simulation programs· Competent analytics work methodologies· Problem resolving skills
  2. 2. Today eminent companies specializing in product lifecycle management, owns their product engineering labsoffering a support base for organization’s that lack a product engineering team of their own. This is also forthe enterprises that require support for a single or an entire product line.With the help of its offshore product engineering lab, these solution providers offer consumers with acomplete lifecycle R&D and support services along with dedicated engineering teams.Related Links: nearshore development services, android software development, mobile applicationdevelopers