Enhance Organizational Performance with Datacenter Virtualization


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The fast growth of global business establishments and the stiff competition prevalent in the business environment demands business continuity irrespective of the time differences across geographically distant locations.

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Enhance Organizational Performance with Datacenter Virtualization

  1. 1. Enhance Organizational Performance with Datacenter VirtualizationThe fast growth of global business establishments and the stiff competition prevalent in the businessenvironment demands business continuity irrespective of the time differences across geographically distantlocations. Such challenge pushes the organization to depend more on the fast paced IT environment makingway for investment into technologically enhanced infrastructure. Further the growth of organization alsoleads to more data storage and processing and the need for establishing data centers at various locations toovercome the issue of business continuity.However, the data centers equipped with world-class and high density IT infrastructure, networkingequipments had a small life span. The technological growth of data centers led to higher power consumption,heat generation and other physical challenges for the data center service providers. Further, the spread ofdata centers across regions to meet the fast paced requirements of data retrieval and access, led to the use ofreplicated applications and data duplication. In face of all the challenges faced, leading service providers haveworked out data center virtualization methods.Further, with IT outsourcing becoming an important aspect of cost-effective product life cycle, and the arisingdemands for customized applications across the product life cycle has brought in the requirement of highaccessibility levels of the critical business information across the global development teams. This also callsfor the need of strong information security measures to be deployed across the data centers.The modern day data centers are not just repositories of corporate data, but are strategic assets necessary tomaintain the growth of digital data, infrastructure performance, application availability, and scalability. Datacenter virtualization will only help pave way for increasing the mobility and changing the application deliverymethods to the users. By virtualizing the data center environment, organizations tend to mitigate issues suchas low resource utilization and other traditional client-server environmental problems. Virtualization with itsflexibility, adaptability and reduced technology requirements is a breakthrough for the networkedenvironment.Datacenter virtualization offered by the leading IT giants can be enumerated as a 5-phase life cycle processthat starts with Assessment and analysis of the existing infrastructure and applications Bringing about architectural and operational design changes as per environmental requirements. Implementation and integrating of virtual infrastructure
  2. 2. Facility Management and TransformationFurther, as organizations with organizations being concerned with their carbon footprints on theenvironment, IT giants have worked out eco-friendly data center virtualization models. These would helporganizations save on power with 80-90% less energy consumption. Data center virtualization without anyupfront investments, helps to reduce the number of hardware installed bringing the cost down in sizableforms.Besides allowing IT managers trim budgets, data center virtualization helps organizations to increaseperformance by: increasing reliability and ensuring business continuity Speedy deployments and upgrades, reduces IT overheadIn other words, these solutions accelerate service delivery, improve profitability, provide system integrationand reduce risk for new business developments while providing opportunities to scale up with technologicalinnovations.Related Links: green datacenter, network outsourcing, managed print services