Alliance Partner BriefThe RSA and HCL Business AllianceA Holistic Approach to Addressing Enterprise Security Needs        ...
range from access control and user authentication to             develop a vision for future growth both at the organizati...
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HCLT Brochure: The RSA and HCL Business Alliance


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Organizations today face a growing list of critical, complex security concerns that cannot be addressed by implementing one product or designating one person to manage. Companies need multi-faceted solutions that can be tailored to their security needs. HCL, leveraging their partnership with RSA, has developed frameworks that deliver comprehensive solution to meet the varied security requirements of their large global customer base.

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HCLT Brochure: The RSA and HCL Business Alliance

  1. 1. Alliance Partner BriefThe RSA and HCL Business AllianceA Holistic Approach to Addressing Enterprise Security Needs Building the Framework HCL’s nine year partnership with RSA has helped the The Big Picture company build a strong RSA product knowledge base, equipping them with the skills, personnel and expertise Organizations today face a growing list of needed to create, implement and manage security critical, complex security concerns that solutions. HCL leverages the RSA® Data Loss Prevention cannot be addressed by implementing one suite, RSA enVision® log management , RSA SecurID® product or designating one person to authentication, IPV and RSA® Archer™ eGRC product lines to manage. Instead, companies look to have create frameworks that aim to meet the needs of their large, multi-faceted solutions that can be custom- global customer base. fit to their security needs. These tailored solutions need to be coupled with teams of Benefits to end users include: people to implement, manage and escalate – Leveraging established best practices from two industry security risks. As a result, many leading companies to ensure product features are fully organizations have turned to security utilized, delivering the highest level of security vendors to protect and manage these risks – Interacting with responsive, knowledgeable and RSA as opposed to in-house development and certified personnel who work to develop and manage oversight. HCL, leveraging their partnership complex solutions for their client base with RSA, The Security Division of EMC has positioned themselves as leaders within the – Utilizing a scalable and process centric approach in order security industry, creating frameworks that to gain the highest level of efficiency and handle deliver comprehensive solutions to meet this business critical needs growing list of security needs. – Deploying RSA products and services quickly and in a cost effective manner HCL and RSA at Work HCL tackles security and risk management needs at both the organization and industry level. Their partnership with RSA allows HCL to offer their clients solutions that are targeted to their specific needs, while leveraging industry expertise. The company produces end-to-end solutions that
  2. 2. range from access control and user authentication to develop a vision for future growth both at the organizationsecurity information and event monitoring and data loss and industry level.prevention to governance, risk and compliance. About HCLAuthentication HCL is a leading global technology and IT company that isHCL utilizes RSA SecurID® authentication and RSA® Access made up of two entities, HCL Technologies and HCLManager to build identity management solutions for Infosystems, both listed in India. The company has aorganizations that span across a variety of security presence in 26 countries with more than 71,000requirements. Their knowledge of the RSA Authentication professionals worldwide. Their product offering includestools allow HCL to help organizations manage access and product engineering, custom and package applications,secure systems in both physical and virtual arenas through a CPO, IT infrastructure services, IT hardware, systemsreliable, cost effective platform. integration and distribution of information and communications technology. HCL is regarded as a pioneerSecurity Information and Event Management in the industry for bringing in innovative solution andBy leveraging the RSA enVision® product suite, HCL has service frameworks and is a coveted thought leader.developed a two prong approach to tackle securitymonitoring as well as infrastructure and resource concerns About RSAcentering around security information and event RSA, The Security Division of EMC, is the premier provider ofmanagement (SIEM). HCL offers their clients the option to security, risk and compliance management solutions forimplement a captive security operation center (SOC), which business acceleration. RSA helps the world’s leadinggives end users total control of the system once organizations succeed by solving their most complex andimplemented. Organizations can also opt to utilize HCL’s sensitive security challenges. These challenges includehybrid model where an RSA SIEM tool is present at both the managing organizational risk, safeguarding mobile accesscustomer’s and HCL’s data centers and the management of and collaboration, proving compliance and securing virtualthe system is shared between the two entities. This model and cloud environments.reduces infrastructure and resource costs while leveragingthe vast expertise that HCL personnel have in identifyinginformation collected in network logs to quickly escalatehigh risk activities and help mitigate potential attacks. “In the dynamic and ever changing Information Security landscape for business across the globe, HCL and RSA togetherData Loss Prevention present a perfect blend between solution and service leaders.HCL provides a comprehensive approach to preventing the Together both these organizations are offering holistic solutionloss of sensitive data through a combination of HCL best framework to enterprises across business verticals. The 360practices and RSA® Data Loss Protection technologies. This degree partnership between these two leaders, have hugepowerful combination gives HCL the platform to help clients business potential to offer to the market and I am sure thissupervise and secure sensitive data from unauthorized would grow to a new dimension in the coming days.”disclosure or inappropriate use both internally andexternally. These solutions also look to minimize the overall Prasun Roy Barmanimpact of risks associated with current business processes. Global Practice Director, Information Security Practice Infrastructure Services Division, HCL TechnologiesGovernance Risk and ComplianceHCL’s GRC Advisory and Technology services work withorganizations to better recognize, understand and managerisk and compliance activities. Their team of experts utilizesthe RSA® Archer™ eGRC platform to deliver a unified,customizable framework to meet the needs of enterprisesever changing risk and compliance landscape. HCL believes www.rsa.comstrongly in the importance of a robust GRC framework andtherefore has a dedicated GRC Center of Excellence ©2010 EMC Corporation. All Rights Reserved.committed to developing, implementing and supporting EMC, RSA and the RSA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of EMC Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other productscutting edge GRC solutions for their customer base. This and services mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.holistic approach allows organizations to form strategic HCL APB 1110relationships with both HCL and RSA, which are leveraged to