HCLT Brochure: Servers and Storage


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http://www.hcltech.com/servers-and-storage/overview ~ More on Servers & Storage

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HCLT Brochure: Servers and Storage

  1. 1. HCL’s Point of View on Servers & Storage Business Stack Price Value Any time Secured Data Consumer Sensitivity Anywhere Access Storage User Experience Infrastructure Enterprise Seamless Security On Demand Infrastructure Data Center Convergence Server Interoperable Cloud Storage De Duplication Virtualization Storage Ecosystem Switch Re High Performance Unified Storage & Emerging Market Engineering Flash Storage Server Addressal Product Product User Interface Functionality Platform ManagementHCL’s Response: Engineering to Ecosystem (E2E) Stack Servers & Storage Storage VM Integration Solutions OEM Device On Solutions Demand (Agora) Sub Storage Virtualization & Storage Systems Storage Software Verticals Interconnect cloud Embedded Protocol Stack Product Embedded GUI Software Implementation Diagnostics System Engineering Mechanical Servers & Storage Design Analysis Design Design Electrical Design Services BIOS & BSP Board Design ASIC / FPGA Electronics RTOS Porting Development Services Services Packaging System Independent V&V Product Frugal & Value PDM / PLM Engineering Services Management Engineering PLC New Technology Regulatory Design Assurance Technical MES Services Adoption Services & Certification Publication Implementation Testing Prototyping & Low Volume Risk Management Automation Tooling Manufacturing Engineering Processes ISF VAVE PDP
  2. 2. Server Product Lifecycle Expertise Development Release Concept Support and Design and Testing To Generation Maintenance Implementation Customer System Hardware Test Integration * High Volume L3 Reliability Test Manufacturing Support Design H/W Design * Low Volume Verification Test Manufacturing Manufacturing Support Hardware Compliance Board Design Performance Test ASIC Interoperability Test OS testing Firmware Firmware Development Testing Software F/W Design Device Drivers Test OS Support Simulation Thermal Analysis Mechanical Simulation Structural Analysis InterconnectServer Expertise ƒ Cluster management Management software Software/Diagnostics/Security ƒ High availability solutions ƒ RAS features Custom Tools/ Utilities ƒ Test suites and frameworks Clustered Servers Trusted Libraries ƒ Blades – firmware & testing ƒ Virtualization – Xen, OS Device Drivers Vmware Consolidation Firmware Drivers ƒ Enterprise, Midrange and Entry level servers ƒ Solaris, BSD, HP-UX, BIOS Linux ƒ Full spectrum of product engineering ƒ Intel, AMD, PA- Hardware Enabling Stand-alone Server RISC,SUN Sparc, PPC ƒ Expertise in addressing the issues involved in handling of Multiple 10GbE based Server System & its I/O capabilities. ƒ Exposure to the server technologies involving the advanced packet processing at multiple 10G and 40G ( i.e. 4x10G) I/O bandwidth. ƒ Experience in next generation I/O bus upgrade ( for e.g. PCIe Gen3), higher Speed Memory ( i.e DDR3), on-chip system interconnect bus as well as design and integration of various types of High Speed Serializer De-Serializer technology. ƒ Exposure to the Computer-on-Module and Single SoC controller design for convergence of NIC / HBA / Virtualization models. ƒ Competence in handling the multi-core processor design for addressing the design constraint issue of power and performance
  3. 3. BladeLab set-up: Hi-end lab with all infrastructure has been System Test : Regression and complete functional, performanceset-up at ODC. Bring-up and Testing work of blade and stress testing in various areasservers are being carried out from this facility. like BIOS, Storage and I/O interconnects, Management interfaces, RAS testing and compliance testing. Systems Driver Integration: Driver integration, validation and release for different OS and FW driver releases. Systems Integration: Involved extensively in bring-up and integration from Power-on, Hardware bring-up. OS bring-up and Stability testing. Firmware development: Involved in the development of Blade Compliance and Interoperability Testing: IPMI, Management Module & BMC application development. Working with Blades.org for set-up of C&I lab Sponsoring Member of www.blade.orgHCL’s Storage Practice Management: SMI-S, IMA, FC MIB, CIM, WBEM, Management VSS/VDS Device level, Network level, Enterprise level Storage Systems : Mirroring/ Replication, Snap Copy, Server-free backup Systems & Solutions :Remote Copy, Backup / Restore, Quick Solutions recovery solutions NAS NFS, CIFS, Samba, NDMP End-to-End Product Strategy, Engineering, Ownership and Switches, Virtualization appliances, Multi-protocol Interconnect Support routers Fibre Channel (FC-AL, FC-PH, FC-GS, FC-SW,FCP), Protocols iSCSI, SCSI, SCSI Architecture Model (SAM), OSD, SATA, USB Device Drivers, File systems, Clustering Virtualization: RAID, Volume Management Host Management: SMI-S, IMA, FC MIB, CIM, WBEM, VSS/VDS Switch Fabric ASIC, Storage SOC, SAS Expanders, ASIC FC-SAS Bridge, FC-SATA Bridge Value proposition Ɣ Single source of expertise in Hardware, Firmware, Software, Applications, with dedicated groups in each of the areas Ɣ Allied services teams - QA, Product Documentation, Technical support, Help Desk Services, Professional services Ɣ Lower R&D cost in developing next generation products Ɣ Re-usable components Ɣ Expertise – Host side stacks, Network entities, Storage devices
  4. 4. Leadership in Storage Engineering Customer Engagement Across the Value Chain with 4 out of the Top 6 customers in Platform Engineering ,Storage Target, Interconnect and Hardware, Firmware, Software Engineering Host side application Centers of Excellence for Accelerated delivery across VLSI Design, Product Quality Assurance & Testing Hardware, Firmware, System Software/Virtualization and Application development Product Sustenance Active involvement in the development of Storage standards and our prior experience in delivery of various tools to these standards organizations ( SNIA, DMTF and T.11 Forum) Professional Services Documentation, Customer Support Services Joint Go- To- Market Product Concept to CUSTOMERS PARTNERS services Manufacturing services Dedicated Domain Servers & Specialist Across Storage Labs the Product Hardware Technology Development Partners and and Testing Incubation Labs Centers for IPsEnterprise, SMB, Customer Storage Mega RAID: Driver Development, SMI-S Storage Management Provider, Board Design Software Server Design, Server Validation & Testing, Blade Subsystem Design System Design and Engineering: HBAs – FC, iSCSI, SATA NAS S/W Development; iSCSI support ASIC Design andVerification: SAS Controller, PCI-X, Storage SOC, FC-SAS Bridge SAS Expander FC-SATA BridgeFirmware Development for Storage ASIC Enclosure Mechanical Design and Engineering Storage Switch and Routers: Firmware RAID Software Storage Validation & Testing Development & Sustenance Hello, Im from HCLs Engineering and R&D Services. We enable technology led organizations to go to market with innovative products and solutions. We partner with our customers in building world class products and creating associated solution delivery ecosystems to help bring market leadership. We develop engineering products, solutions and platforms across Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Software, Online, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Networking & Telecom, Office Automation, Semiconductor and Servers & Storage for our customers. www.hcltech.com