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http://www.hcltech.com/semiconductors/overview ~ Semiconductor

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HCLT Brochure: Semiconductors

  1. 1. Transformational Values...HCL, a Global Leader in Engineering R&D Services (ERS), is the preferred product engineering partner to manyFortune 500 companies. With focus and competency in five horizontals and nine verticals, HCL brings to the table end-to- enddevelopment and support services. HCL ERS is a pioneer in offering “Concept-to-Manufacturing” creating a significantbusiness impact for our customers.Different stakeholders in the Semiconductor industry have different expectations. The ecosystem around the products andservices is changing dynamically. The business stack depicts the HCL view on the ecosystem.HCL’s Point of view on Semiconductor Business Stack Pay per Utilization & Transactions Throughput User Experience FABs Reduce Cost Technology Adoption Reduce Dimension of Ownership Standards Compliance Global Delivery Addressing Adjacent Markets Ecosystem Predictive Yield Green Maintenance Management Process & EFEM Chambers Diagnostics Process Control Product Calibration FA
  2. 2. Engineering to Eco SystemEngineering to Ecosystem stack showcases our expansion to add ecosystem development services to product engineeringservices. The key here is the Solution Delivery Platform which has resulted in providing a differentiated user experience.Pure play products are no longer a source of competitive advantage. It’s the experience that delivers. SECSimLink SECSGEMLink Log Viewer Anugna SEMI Solutions Wafer Image SEMI Simulator RAS.SAR Gallery OEM manageCarbon Empresent Agora Solutions tor Manufacturing S duc olu con tio mi ns Se Sub Wafer Front End Back End Assembly & Test Verticals Fabrication Equipments Equipments s or Se at rv er Engineering Se i uct rvi od l Epitaxy Lithography Etching Deposition Ion Implant CMP Inspection ce ce ce Pr s Product Engineering Services Ac Ac h Process dt ce n ea P Wire tio Dicing Die Bonding Encapsulation Cleaning ATE Metrology ler Bonding r LC lB Solu a t or ca De ti pth Ver s Engineering System Process & Embedded Machine Mechanical Low Volume Engineering Process Control Software Control Design Manuf. Processes System Equipment BIOS & BSP Board Design ASIC/ FPGA Simulator – Design Refurbish Software Development Services Services H/W Services Services Engineering Industrial Electrical Re- Electronics Value Analysis Design Design Engineering Packaging Engineering Factory Standards Independent Reliability & Product Automation Implementation V&V Services Risk Analysis Development PLC Prototyping & Regulatory Technical Migration/ Porting Field Services Services Tooling Compliance Publication Sustenance Documentation PDM/ PLM Protocols Test Automation Engineering Update Integration Engineering ArKMedes QMS PM Smart ProcessesMemberships… Representative Product Engineering Engagements… Wafer Inspection and Metrology Equipment Manufacturer HCL provides end-to-end product engineering services for their equipment. HCL’s expertise with the equipment also enables to provide support to end customers.• ISA - India Semiconductor Association Manufacturer of ION implantation equipment and cleaning and curing systems HCL is preferred partner in product engineering services to client’s various product divisions spanning mature products as well as new products. Manufacturer of Automated testing Equipments HCL is involved in complete maintenance and support of Tester control and application software, end-to–end product development for components, instrumentation, embedded engineering and hardware design. Manufacturer of Packaging Equipments Full lifecycle equipment engineering for back-end systems and design to manufacturing support for customers test products.
  3. 3. HCL Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry Smart Monitoring System (SMS) is a web based monitoring and data analysis framework for power plants and cell/module manufacturers. SMS provides customizable dashboards, issue management, automated alerts, statistical inference, parts obsolescence management, REC reporting, and ROI analysis. A platform independent solution for monitoring equipment behavior and providing communication capabilities for semiconductor equipment. Modular design delivers improved performance. Intelligent logging enables tracking and analysis. 10 m EMI/ EMC Chamber It provides GUI for managing the data dictionary . SECSimLink is the next generation host simulator software. Unique features include dynamic SML editing, scrap book, reusable HSMS library, custom sequencer, stress tester, enhanced GUI for message construction. The differentiator is the .Net scripting and .Net debugging environment resulting in productivity and performance gains (facilitate faster scripting for host automation scenarios, easy debugging, independence from proprietary scripting languages) Environment test Lab Anugna is a platform independent license management solution. It supports licensing based on features, transactions, time and usage. Provides offline licensing, license monitoring and usage reports. Provides licensing to shared resources over the cloud. RASSAR is an intelligent trouble shooting and problem anticipating framework. Statistical engine and auto-recovery modules help improve the equipment reliability and up-time. It helps optimize the preventive maintenance schedule. Class 10K clean roomInfrastructure…HCL enables end-to-end product engineering services with world class infrastructure. In a bid to deliver more value toour customers, HCL has set up an environment test facility with the guidance of industry experts for product testing andcertification, HCL’s in-house EMI/EMC testing infrastructure is one among the test facilities.HCL also makes conscious investments in setting up engineering laboratories, tool room and Class 10K clean room forcustomer supplied equipment. Such equipments are used for offering sustenance, re-engineering, product support and featureenhancements for our clients as well as end-clients.
  4. 4. Hello, Im from HCLs Engineering and R&D Services. We enable technology led organizations to go to market with innovative productsand solutions. We partner with our customers in building world class products and creating associated solution delivery ecosystems tohelp bring market leadership. We develop engineering products, solutions and platforms across Aerospace and Defense, Automotive,Consumer Electronics, Software, Online, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Networking & Telecom, Office Automation,Semiconductor and Servers & Storage for our customers.www.hcltech.com