HCLT Brochure: Mobile Data Terminal - Maintenance of Way (MOW)


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Due to the continued absence of real-time connectivity to legacy applications while in the field, MOW and other remote project managers may not be able to accurately associate all the costs (time and materials) to a specific project. Information is recorded in the field manually using pen and paper with data entry into the legacy system after the reporting manager has returned to the station/ terminal with access to the IT system.

With HCL’s Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), the user can enter the data in real-time and the information is transmitted to the legacy system immediately. If the connection is down while in the field, the MDT queues/ stores the information until the connection has been successfully re-established, at which point the information within the MDT is updated to the legacy system. The information is entered once for system recording, reducing the time spent by managers in documenting project status updates. HCL’s solution aims at providing communication and connectivity with service personnel in the field. It also enables tracking job status and enhancing response time to engineering, customer service, and maintenance legacy systems in real-time.

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HCLT Brochure: Mobile Data Terminal - Maintenance of Way (MOW)

  1. 1. Industry Scenario Railroads often face the following challenges in effective deployment and utilization of resources for MOW:Freight railroads are one of the most capital intensive ? Information is manually recorded in the field using pen andindustries, where a major share of revenue is spent on capital paperexpenditure and maintenance expenses related to ? of real-time connectivity to the legacy Absenceinfrastructure and equipment acquisition. applications ? Lack of reference manuals/ guidelines at fingertipsWithin North America, nearly 100% of freight rail tracks are? ?control (real-time reporting) of field expenses on Lack ofowned, built and maintained by the railroads, not by the remote projectsgovernment? out of every revenue dollar is invested right back40 cents HCL’s Mobility Solution for Railroadsinto the rail network. In North America alone, from 1980 to2010, freight railroads reinvested approximately $480 HCL’s Mobility solution for railroads helps the rail industrybillion of their own funds on locomotives, freight cars, achieve better return on investments on their maintenancetracks, bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure. expenditures through real-time visibility, increasedGermany’s annual investments in rail infrastructure have? productivity and better resource utilization.increased from less than $5 billion in 2008 to $5.6 billion in2011 - substantially more than the United States on a per HCL’s solution would allow the user to access a particularcapita level project by entering the project ID or project number into the screen. The system would present relevant information on theAll activities related to the repair and maintenance of fixed project like:linear assets of the railway, including track and roadway,buildings, bridges, signals, crossing gates, communication Mile Post (MP) markers for the project’s location ?and power facilities, terminals and fuel stations are known as identification“Maintenance of Way” (MOW). Globally, the installed base of Project details (work description of the project) ?rail track has now reached approximately 1.6 million ? project dates (start, end) Relevantkilometers i.e., 40 times the circumference of the Earth. ? required with specific resource delivery dates Materials on-site ? to work on the project (B&B gangs, equipment) The crew
  2. 2. HCL’s mobility solution helps the field staff connect in real-time with core systems to access and assess information from remotefield locations. MOW project managers would be able to accurately capture/ associate all the costs (time and materials) to aspecific project. Maintenance of Way (MOW) Project list Project planning Project survey Estimation Maintenance Process Completion ERP PDA Project assignmentPotential Benefits: Key Differentiators:Overall improvement in resource utilization? ? detailed and complete control on MOW service Effective,? visibility in service assignments and statusComplete process? field staff productivity by 20%Improved Real-time information updates on assignment and ?? to timelines committed to internal customersAdherence deviations (Exception Reporting) to the system Drill down to individual operational locations and ? resources in field ? planning module that enables effective planning Powerful prior to execution ? offered in terms of customizing the solution to Flexibility the hardware and software preferred by the client For more information please contact – ttl@hcl.com Hello, I’m from HCL. We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms and start revolutions. We use digital engineering to build superhuman capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 85,000 of us bright sparks are busy developing solutions for 500 customers in 31 countries across the world. How can I help you? www.hcltech.com