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HCLT Brochure: Security Transformation  System Integration Services
HCLT Brochure: Security Transformation  System Integration Services
HCLT Brochure: Security Transformation  System Integration Services
HCLT Brochure: Security Transformation  System Integration Services
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HCLT Brochure: Security Transformation System Integration Services


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As enterprises continue to unleash the power of the latest technology and technology trends such as ubiquitous data access, technology as a service, next-generation work force, social media and IT consumerization, they are opening up their networks to new vulnerabilities and attacks; with maximum threats coming from the Web. Dealing with these newly-founded threats demands a paradigm shift in the security strategy; enterprises need to evolve their security defenses and radically change the way IT is managed and secured. Enterprises’ highly constrained security budgets can be constraint though. Leveraging HCL’s Security Transformation and System Integration Services, organizations can achieve high level of security and strike the perfect balance between security expertise and service innovation for the business' benefit. HCL helps the organizations in the transformation process to plan, design and implement a proactive, enterprise-wide security strategy that aligns with their overall business objectives. HCL Security Consultants has successfully turned customer’s business and technical requirements into a best product solution for a large number of cases for different security technologies.

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  • 1. Security Transformation and System Integration ServicesHCL Information Security Practice
  • 2. Why Security Transformation andSystem Integration Services ?Today organizations are facing multiple challenges like increasing competition, regulatory measures, globalization, making their survivalmore difficult. Before evolution of Internet, antivirus used to be the only defense mechanism that used to be considered as most criticaland floppy disks used to be most dangerous. As Internet made the technology available at the finger tips, antivirus is no more sufficient.Now day’s attackers may not be interested in infecting machine & impacting its performance but may be more interested in stealing theinformation which can be million dollar worth. Systems can be compromised in multiple ways:§ USB stick causing some infection An§Some removable media such as CD/DVD which has some malicious content§Through the means of file shares§Gaining remote control by exploiting some weakness/vulnerability in the system§Sniffing traffic flowing to/from specific server§Compromising some clients which are considered as trusted sources having full access to the server under consideration§Social engineering techniques - getting information directly or indirectly through administrative usersThus now days the security solution has to ensure that it is covering all the areas stated above. No single layer of security is enough tosurvive various types of attack. So, you need to add as much layers of security as available and as easily possible & most importantlyaligned to organization’s security risk.Our ApproachHCL helps the organizations in the transformation process to plan, design and implement a proactive, enterprise-wide security strategythat aligns with their overall business objectives. HCL Security Consultants has successfully turned customer’s business and technicalrequirements into a best product solution for a large number of cases for different security technologies. HCL follows the basic principle ofsecurity while designing the solution architecture, ensuring it to be simple enough to be managed effectively and difficult enough to bebroken. With the perfect blend of knowledge and experience, HCL’s Transformation and System Integration team ensures that thecustomer gets the expected functionality in the best possible manner.HCL has a dedicated team of System Integrators & Project Management professionals who have a combined experience of more than500+ man years in supervising the entire project throughout its lifecycle. HCL adopts a phased approach covering the entire security life-cycle, which begins with Design & Engineering and ends with Acceptance Testing & Sign-off, thus creating successful track history ofdelivering all kinds of projects within time frames. Solution Design Project Product Evaluation Sustenance Service & Integration Management & Testing ŸDevice Management ŸSolution design & ŸProject planning ŸBusiness requirement ŸPeriodic maintenance implementation ŸProject management assessment ŸUpgrade & update ŸSolution Integration with ŸThird party vendor ŸTechnology evaluation ŸConfiguration other components coordination ŸVendor evaluation management ŸTechnical refresh ŸOEM coordination ŸProduct mapping ŸProblem management ŸMigration service ŸM&A planning and ŸSolution specification ŸChange management ŸCaptive setup design execution mapping ŸVendor management Ÿ design and DC ŸProject governance ŸProduct UAT ŸOn-site facility implementation and management management Security Professional Services Portfolio
  • 3. Gartner has recognized HCL for its strong partner eco-system. Our partner eco-system consists of leading vendors and OEM’s ofInformation Security solutions & products and we have a long history of working with each one of them, understanding their technologyroadmap in pace with the latest industry trends. We also understand our customer’s challenges and design solutions with our eco-systempartners to offer strategic, operational or financial benefit to our customers. Partner Ecosystem Industry Product Roadmaps Developments Technology Technology Trends Customer Experiences Learnings HCL Center of Excellence Proof of Concept Lab Technology Evaluation Product Evaluation Customer Benefits Customer Requirements Strategic Operational FinancialHCL Transformation & SI Services Deliverables& Value CommitmentsThe key differentiator in the engagement approach is HCL works with the customer as their partner in their business aligned InformationSecurity program and not just as the reseller or an external service provider. ? architecture & Secure Multi-Tier firewall ? Quick and effective address of ? framework design business needs Network/host IDS/IPS ? Partial List of Security Technology ? and setup solution Design Involvement of industry ? ? filtering for mail & Content controls to meet any experts and SMEs web System Integration Services compliance requirement ? delivery of project Timely (PCI, ISO 27001, DPA etc.) Data Leakage Prevention ? commitments every time Value Commitments Solution at end point or Technology evaluation and ? Network Value delivery ensuring ? selection highest effectiveness for the Encryption of Data at Rest - ? ? re-architecture to Solution customers hard disk & storage address merger, de-merger encryption Assurance of higher ROSI ? Technical refresh program for ? Anti-Phishing/Malware ? Safe guarding business ? existing setup to replace EOL requirements and interests of and out of support ? Access VPN solution Remote customers components - Client based/Clientless ? scalable and Reliable, ? technology Ongoing Policy Compliance & ? resilient solution framework management and Enforcement - NAC to meet any industry maintenance End Point Security Solutions ? requirement ? up and migration to Setting ? Authentication Strong ? neutral approach Vendor an integrated management framework (SOC) ? & Incident Security Management & Correlation Centralized Log Management ?
  • 4. Case in DiscussionThe Case Study discusses the HCL’s capabilities for transforming/migrating the present state of architecture to a world class and agileService Oriented Architecture of one of our international client in the Insurance industry having its Presence in more than 100 officesin 35 countries.Business Challenges Scope of Operations Results / Benefits§In-appropriate security §Data centre services §Fully unitized based pricing management including gaps § user computing and devices End model in event auditing and §Server-based application hosting & §Delivered SLAs for Infra from operational security Client applications (on end user Day 1 with no SLO Period management devices and thin-client) §Delivered Transition & BAU§ proper root cause No §Wide Area Network, remote access (Business as usual) in parallel analysis to prevent the solutions, connectivity to 3rd §Transition completed in 6 reoccurrence of the issues parties including management of months§Lack of flexibility and existing Data (WAN) §More than 70% work done from emergency support from the contracts/services offshore current vendor §Financial and Service Management § to End Security Services End§Risk of unauthorized access for 3rd party support contracts Redesign & Deployment of and sharing of credentials including the M2 printer contract security components within removes accountability in §Business continuity and disaster timeframe of 3 months the event of an incident recovery planning & testing§Little understanding of the §Software licence management and compliance required to Hardware procurement/disposal manage the environment in line with standards and policies§Increased complexity of migration/ transformation due to the acquisitions made by the client For more details on HCL Security Transformation and System Integration Services and to have our representative on call, please write to