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HCL’s Social Intelligence offerings for the travel industry can help your organization gain a 360-degree view of your customer, by streamlining unstructured digital content into structured information representing the voice of your customer. Our services spectrum includes consulting, implementation, maintenance and support through a pool of specialized consultants skilled in sentiment analysis and rating. Our end-to-end offerings comprise:

Advanced social analytical tools to gather and categorize digital content
Streamlined processes and methodologies to analyze and understand customer sentiments
Framework for delivering managed services through a global delivery model

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HCLT Brochure: Social Intelligence

  1. 1. Is your Airline able toThe Social Era manage in this world of information?The social Web is opening doors for people to have the travel industry – nobody felt it wasnt important.candid and honest conversations on how they feel Everyone who responded felt the increasingabout anything and everything. The impact of this popularity of online communities would affect theirnew dynamics is changing business models, future business strategies – and 81% felt it wouldprocesses, mindsets and most of all, how make a lot or quite a lot of impact.businesses relate to their customers. Theoutcomes promise to create shifts and new How are Airlines using Socialmarkets. In the new world emerging consumers,employees and customers are changing the way Media?they value information about themselves and theirpersonal and professional networks. Today Social Airlines today are recognizing the use of socialMedia travels faster than anything. media as a platform to showcase themselves with equal if not more importance then their companyA Survey conducted by a research body was taken website. They are not only looking at influencingby 86 key decision makers from leading travel customer preference but also changing thecompanies to ascertain their views on the travel perception of the carrier in front of the customer.industry and specifically how they use and plan to While the aforesaid has been given importance byuse Social Media. 58% of respondents felt the airline companies, social intelligence, the strategicgrowth of online communities was very important to step needs to be utilized to its full potential.
  2. 2. How will implementing aSocial Intelligence strategyhelp?Understand? customer requirements and expectationsEnhance customer advocacy by analyzing?customer sentiments? understanding of customers’ buyingBetterbehaviorEstablish proactive connect with the right?customer segmentAlternate channel for customer interaction?? marketing / resources in areas ofFocuscustomer interest DifferentiatorsHCLs social intelligence solution framework HCLs solution framework is aimed at empoweringenables Advanced Customer Experience throughSocial Analytics. the airline with better understanding of their customerHCLs Solution Highlights ? class alliance & partnership with social Best in analytics productsHCL offers a unique solution framework which Dedicated Center of excellence with a pool of ?entails the following components highly skilled resources providing 24 by 7 support? Media Analytical tools which gatherSocial End-to-end social media content analytics as a ?categorize & align customer sentiments posted serviceon various social media channels. Complete flexible & scalable model to meet ?A dedicated social analytics practice? unique customer needs? to configure, capture, collaborate &Process ? added consulting & implementation Valueanalyze the events on social media services? managed services to execute theProvideframework in a global delivery model? dashboards / reports for strategizingProvideand decision making Hello, Im from HCL! We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms and start revolutions. We use digital engineering to build superhuman capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 85,000 of us bright sparks are busy developing solutions for 500 customers in 31 countries accross the world. How can I help you? www.hcltech.com