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EPM Live PortfolioEngine

  1. 1. Enterprise Project, Portfolio &Work Management for Everyone
  2. 2. Agenda Company Solutions Demonstration Deployment Options Q&A
  3. 3. Global Leader in Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work Management Solutions Experience: Project Management consulting since 1999 Standards: Best practices embedded Fast: Pre-built solutions so you can get started today Low Risk: Start online today and deploy onsite at anytime Proven: Built using 100% Microsoft based software
  4. 4. Over 5000 Customers
  5. 5. Solutions
  6. 6. Common Scenario MS Project Portfolio-level visibility? Reporting status across projects?Spreadsheet Resource demand/supply visibility? Paper Standards & Best Practices? Improvement? Quick, efficient and relevant reports? Up to date information ? SharePoint E-Mail Site
  7. 7. The Process• Capture ideas • Prioritize Portfolio Demand Management• Align to strategy • Analyze Financial• Estimate Costs Estimates• Estimate Resource • Analyze Resource Demand Demand• Assess Risk • Model & select portfolio• Forecast Benefits Capture Select• Track progress • Plan project activities• Track time and spend • Identify project team• Report status Execute Plan • Assign tasks &• Track issues, risks, deliverables changes • Identify project risks• Collaborate Project Execution • Analyze resource assignments
  8. 8. The Tools Capture Select Execute Plan
  9. 9. The Tools Configurable forms with workflow-driven data inputCapture
  10. 10. The ToolsCapture Assess alignment to strategy and risk
  11. 11. The Tools Build detailed project budgetsCapture
  12. 12. The Tools Build top-down resource forecastsCapture
  13. 13. The Tools Capture Select Execute Plan
  14. 14. The Tools Analyze Priorities and Alignment Select
  15. 15. The Tools Analyze Financials Select
  16. 16. The Tools Analyze and Model Resource Requirements Select
  17. 17. The Tools Capture Select Execute Plan
  18. 18. The Tools Build Detailed Project Schedules Plan
  19. 19. The Tools Analyze Resource Assignment Allocation Plan
  20. 20. The Tools Set up Project Collaboration Workspace Plan
  21. 21. The Tools Capture Select Execute Plan
  22. 22. The Tools Manage Schedule, Issues, Risks, Changes, DocumentsExecute
  23. 23. The Tools Track progress, status, actual costs and effort spentExecute
  24. 24. Reporting Over 100 pre-built, user-configurable reports and dashboards
  25. 25. Solution Demonstration
  26. 26. Deployment Options Do-it-Yourself Quick Start Custom Deployment Deployment Deployment Knowledge Base Access, Forums, Support • On-line KB & • Build to Order • Business Strategy Forums • Configuration Workshop to • Help Desk Support • Installation scope work • User Training • Admin Training • Consulting Support • Help Desk Support
  27. 27. Start Online Today… Portfolio Management Work Management Schedule Management Cost Management Resource Management Time Management
  28. 28. And Bring In-House at Anytime Portfolio Management Work Management Schedule Management Cost Management Resource Management Time Management
  29. 29. Why Customers Choose EPM Live Rich Enterprise Feature Set – End to End EPM and PPM Framework – Manage all work types – Flexible scheduling tools – Suitable for varied PM maturity and capabilities Faster Time To Value – Prebuilt application and templates with industry best practices – Deploy online (SaaS) or on premise Leverage Existing IT Assets For Greater ROI – Familiar user experience – Unlocks greater Microsoft SharePoint potential – Encourages greater SharePoint adoption – Leverage existing IT Skillsets
  30. 30. Questions +44 (0) 742 9339309 Michael Stelmakh mstelmakh@epmlive.co.uk www.epmlive.co.uk