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EPM Live provides Microsoft SharePoint-based Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work Management Solutions to help your business improve productivity. EPM Live’s product offerings are helping over 5,000 organizations simplify and become more effective at delivering projects successfully, optimizing resource utilization, and selecting the right work for the most profitable portfolio. EPM Live offers online and on premise Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work management tools for everyone in your organization from individual contributors to executive management. Designed with usability in mind, EPM Live creates efficiencies and empowers resources to work smart and get more work done.

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  • Process, Needs, Discipline PerspectiveStart anywhere in this process
  • Throughout our experience with deploying Enterprise Project Management systems, we’ve seen organizations fail time and again attempting to roll out EPM solutions across the enterprise. This is mainly due to the inflexibility and rigid structure most EPM solutions force across the entire enterprise. There is not a “one size fits all” silver bullet approach to managing different types of projects. By leveraging the EPM Live solution, you can have a 100% Microsoft based solution that allows you not only re-use best practices across your organization, but will also support multiple methodologies such as PMBOK, SCRUM/Agile, MSF, etc and project management maturity levels. We are currently working with several customers that are setting their EPM Live platform up as a Shared Service model that benefits the entire enterprise.
  • Capability Perspective
  • EPM Live Overview

    1. 1. EPM Live OverviewEnterprise Project, Portfolio & Work Managementfor Everyone
    2. 2. EPM Live is the Global Leader in SharePoint-basedProject, Portfolio and Work Management Solutions Experience: Project Management consulting since 1999 Standards: Best practices embedded Fast: Pre-built solutions so you can get started today Low Risk: Start online today and deploy onsite at anytime Proven: Built using 100% Microsoft based software Deployment Services | Professional Services | Online Services
    3. 3. The PPM/EPM Capabilities PPMStrategic ProjectManagement EPM Tactical Project Management
    4. 4. 6% - Level 151% - Level 242% - Level 3 1% - Level 4 Gartner
    5. 5. Solutions For EveryoneProject, Portfolio & Work Management Solutions For Everyone Strategic Portfolio, Project & Work Management Enterprise Project & Work Management  Demand Management  Portfolio Management Web-based Project Collaboration  Project Visibility  Financial Management  Resource Management  Capacity Planning  Schedule Management  Time Management  Enterprise Governance  Team Collaboration  Work Management  Program Management
    6. 6. Project & Work ManagementFor The Enterprise
    7. 7. WorkEngine Overview WorkEngine provides a full EPM solution forexecuting on projects and management of all work Portfolio visibility Automated rollups of all information Manage all work (Project, Agile, Service) Multiple schedules in project workspaces Extended reporting solution
    8. 8. Project Workspaces
    9. 9. Workspaces Across the Enterprise Project Services Software DevWorkspace Product Workspace Construction Workspace Workspace Workspace
    10. 10. Flexible For Enterprise Level Deployments• Create Simple and ComplexProgram and Project Department EnterpriseWorkspaceHierarchies Program 1 Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 IT Workspace Operations Workspace Finance Workspace Engineering Workspace Project A Project B • Re-use Best Practices Workspace Workspace Software Infrastructure while Still Supporting Varying Development Methodologies Across the Enterprise Sub Project 1 Sub Project 2 Sub Project 2 Workspace Workspace Workspace • All Data can be rolled up Based mapped to Organization
    11. 11. Enterprise Work Management Capabilities Portfolio Management Time Management Business Intelligence Resource Management Schedule Management Work Management
    12. 12. Pre-built Solution TemplatesKeep your entire team informed, accountable and connected in acentralized, web-based environment that is easy-to-use and rapidto deploy PMI (PMBOK) Agile (SCRUM) MSF Prince2 CMMI Professional Services Project Management Office Program Management Construction WorkEngine provides prebuilt project workspace templates to help get project teams up and running quickly
    13. 13. Enriched Feature Set
    14. 14. Integration Enterprise Work Portfolio Schedule Resource Cost Time Work Management Management Management Management Management Management Capabilities Portfolio Project Agile ServiceManagement Management Management Management Build Your Own Applications (Work Processes) Tasks Actions Approvals Changes Bugs Procurements BacklogsIssues Applications Deliverables Documents Service Requests Defects Work Features Integration Other LOB’s
    15. 15. Strategic Portfolio PlanningFor Executives
    16. 16. PortfolioEngine OverviewPortfolioEngine provides strategic top-down PPM capabilities Portfolio selection and alignment Resource capacity planning Cost planning and budgeting What-if modeling and optimization All WorkEngine capabilities available
    17. 17. Request and Business Case
    18. 18. Request and Business Case
    19. 19. Capacity Planning
    20. 20. Resource Workload by Role
    21. 21. Cost Management
    22. 22. Portfolio Costs
    23. 23. What-If Modeling
    24. 24. Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Prioritization and Selection
    25. 25. Try us outwww.epmlive.com