Setting up ftp for mp


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Setting up ftp for mp

  1. 1. Instructions for Online Hosting of M.P.Web App& FTP setup Setup in 7 simple steps  1. Download and install ‘Filezilla’FTP client (Mac & Windows available). Be sure to let installation create a desktop icon for easy access: 2. Once Installed, open Filezilla FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client from your desktop.
  2. 2. 3. We must now configure our client /server settings to point to our individually created website accounts online. This is a once off setup, so follow carefully! Navigate to‘File’ – ‘Site Manager’.
  3. 3. CLICK – ‘New Site’ Rename the site to
  4. 4. In the obvious text fields type the following (perfectly): Host: Change ‘Logon Type’ to Account User: e.g. your own student code) Password:jfollett12 (but using your own code again as password…this can be changed later) Port:21 Don’t mess with anything else please!!! 4. Hit “Connect” - each time you use FTP go tosite manager andconnectthis particular profile, which will be saved from now on in the list  As the client attempts to connect to the webserver you will notice a lot of scrolling text… So long as there is NO RED writing appear – everything is good! If you get no connection, go back and double check everything was typed correctly!!!
  5. 5. 5. A successful connection will result in your ‘Remote Site’ (right window pane) showing your web files (should be just two presently; index.html & style.css – these are templates you can choose to use, duplicate or delete!) in the ROOT path : So you may literally drag theweb file contents of your MajorProject folder/s (H:drive / USB) here, either using any open folder window view or manually from the ‘Local Site’ / left pane
  6. 6. Try this now, once successfully connected! For example,
  7. 7. Successful Folder / Files transfer! Too easy  6. Once this is done and you have dragged all of your site contents / folders (.html / .css / .js files, includes folders etc.) over to the ROOT website directory …and so long as you definitely have located in theroot directory a file named index.html …which will be served as the default page by the webserver, Then you can visityour web pages in any browser window: (exchange for relevant studentid) And…See the first page (index) working! 
  8. 8. Now you never have to worry about carrying a USB around / losing thatUSB /or running from local machine. You just need a net connection! All you need is Filezilla installed (already @ school, install @ home), and the web Mr M