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Robotics assignment

  1. 1. Mr Miles, ICT Sem 2, 2013 Information Communications Technology Robotics Group Project Year 12 – 2013, Semester 2 Duration: 5 Weeks Overview: In industry, the successful creation of any project requires the collaborative effort of a group of dedicated experts drawn from a range of fields. Project development will often use the design-develop-evaluate ideology, where time and effort is spent designing, developing and then evaluating the solution to a given problem. This project will require the collaboration of such a group, following the D-D-E ideology. The project will require you and your fellow group members to delegate and adopt roles for the successful completion of the tasks outlined below. The requirements of each group are as follows: Group Dynamics / Expert’s Positions and Roles: Software expert x 2 (both of you ) The software experts are dedicated to the software side of the robot – they construct the program that guides the robot’s movements. Robot construction technician x 2 (both of you ) The construction technicians’ job is to build the robot to the design plans outlined by the group for the successful completion of each task. Group coordinator x 1 The group coordinator oversees the project. They make sure the software and construction are running smoothly and should contribute to both areas. The Task: This project is split into two sections (cannot begin until set class activities evidenced as complete), as detailed below. Section A – 15 th November
  2. 2. Mr Miles, ICT Sem 2, 2013 As a group, you are to design robots capable of completing the following tasks (on Earthshine Electronics) and record with digital camera, as well as submit your sketches for each: Task Num ber Requirements 1 Interactive Traffic Lights 2 Interactive LED Chase Effect 3 LED Fire effect 4 Piezo Sound Melody Player 5 Light Sensor Section B – Thursay 28 th November (Advanced projects @ Instructables Arduino, User: hccit, Pass: hccit13 - Teacher to approve on Message Board) You are to design a robot capable of completing a ‘more advanced’ task. In this section your group will have the freedom to design your own task and attempt to achieve it. The idea is for your group to go as far as you can with the hardware and software available. Task Requirements For each of the above tasks, including Sections A and B, the following is required: 1. Design (examples provided from past on Ed Portal) Construction design notes 1. Brief but detailed notes (dot point is OK) regarding physical requirements of the robot. 2. A sketch or computer aided drawing of how your robot will appear (, identifying all key features / requirements.
  3. 3. Mr Miles, ICT Sem 2, 2013 3. A diagram detailing what the robot will do; eg. including its starting point, its motion, it’s various activity, a finishing point and the motors/senses that cause all of these. An algorithm to describe the behaviour of the robot 4. An NS diagram or flowchart that describes the behaviour of the robot. 2. Develop Your term3.ino sketch / code 1. Submit within your documentation the fully completed / commented C code / sketch Digital video footage of the robot completing the task 2. Using the digital camera, you should record your robot completing the set task. 3. This should be submitted on C:drive of the allocated school machine and teacher notified. 3. Evaluate An evaluative statement regarding the task 1. This should be a paragraph of 150 – 200 words describing the level of success to which your group achieved the set task. 2. You should identify what worked well and what could have been improved upon.
  4. 4. Mr Miles, ICT Sem 2, 2013 As there are five tasks (including Section B) and two members in your group, one group member will be responsible for the submission of each task (up to you who submits stage to Ed Portal; part of your group organisation – let the Teacher know who). The person responsible for the task submission must gather together the collaborative work done in each section; they are not responsible for doing all the work for that task. For example, the Design phase will require discussion and contribution of both group members. The Develop phase will require software experts and robot construction technicians to contribute according to their expertise (both members). Both group members are responsible for completing Evaluate phase individually (separate submissions). It should however reflect the success of the entire group. Note also, that being responsible for a task does not mean you have to do the associated diagrams alone, for example. If one group member would rather do all of these, they can, however as stated, the member responsible for the submission must simply collate all sections and submit to the relevant portal on Ed Portal Assessment dropbox.