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  • 1. Filming Schedule – Yr 11 Camp Day/Location/Activity Who (1 leader + other assistants) Scene Description Shot Type- Wide angle / Close up/ Medium Camera Angles Eye Level/ High / Low Camera Movement Stationary/ Pan/ Tilt/ Dolly Day 1- Tuesday Entrance Jacob Boarding the bus Wide angle Eye level Stationary Shenanigans on bus Wide angle Eye level Pan Getting off the bus at Camp Mix of Close up and wide Eye Level Pan Pack Out and hike to campsite Jack Equipment gathering Wide Eye Level pan Whole Group – Ready to leave Walking – different lifestyle shots of the environment Mid shots people. Walking - film the participants Interview people of first impressions of the location. Eye Level Walking - Mountainous /Hills Slightly higher than eye level Panning Group dynamics Wide Stationary Destination Medium Eye Level Tracking shot Putting up tents- inside cabins Wide shots Stationary Abseiling Madelyn Going down the cliff- camera strapped Medium Eye Tilt- up the rope Shot down over the cliff Wide High Tilt Pre interviews- have they done before, how are they feeling?, how will they go? Record people coming down the cliff Medium Wide angle Eye Level High Stationary Tilt
  • 2. Canoeing Daniel Shoreline shot before commencing – Canoes lined up Wide panning Pan Individuals putting on wearing equipment Boat to Boat – Moving Canoes medium Eye Level Looking back to shore before finish (or filming as arrive) Wide angle
  • 3. Day 2- Wednesday Outdoor Program- Activity 5 & 6 Bryce Possibly high ropes, leap of faith and other physical activities. Wide High Tilt Interviews with students about the activities- how they felt, what they learnt. Close up Eye Level Stationary Glow Worm Caves Ryley Walk to cave Medium – first person Eye Level Tilt Inside the cave Wide Eye Level Pan Interviews of what was seen inside cave.
  • 4. Day 3- Thursday Mountain Biking Robbie Shot from Bike wheel – moving parts (on the bike) Interviews after Shot of all Bikers on the trail (eg. Down the hill / off the bike and film) First person Eye Level Tracking Tribal Wars Preparation of tribes Action shots of the battles Bonfire James Marshmallow Close up Stationary Conversations around the fire Wide pan Fire burning Close up pan
  • 5. Day 4- Friday Pack Down Camp Mitch Pack down- Time Lapse Wide angle Pan Interviews- thoughts of camp – highlights – lowlights- funniest/ interesting moments. Campsite Medium First person subjective Eye level Eye Level Stationary Tracking Bus back Rhys Boarding the bus First person Eye Level Onboard the bus- interviews Getting off the bus Packing bus First person Eye Level
  • 6. Other Activities- All days or unsure of day. Archery Ryan Individuals with bows Linked Sequence: Part 1 : Archer pulling back and focussing target on camera Part 2: Over the shoulder – FIRE! (1st person view) First person Eye Level Tracking Potentially – Arrow attached to side of camera, move to target (Speed up) Moving target person – missed at the last moment First person Eye Level Tracking Breakfast/ Lunch / Dinner Brock Getting food (time lapse) Wide Eye Level Pan of the dining room Wide Eye Level Panning Eating (First person) Good times / laughs Campsite Scenery Camp Staff (with their approval)