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MLA Citation Tool

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Noodle Tools / MLA Citations

  1. 1. Noodle Tools MLA Works Cited Library / Learning Resource Center Hudson County Community College
  2. 2. First, you must Create a Personal ID
  3. 3. Check availability Your ID can be anything you like, just so it’s unique. Click Register
  4. 4. Next step is to Create a New List
  5. 5. Choose the MLA Advanced style for the Humanities such as Literature, the Arts, and Philosophy.
  6. 6. Name your list in the Description box.. Then click Create List Urban Legends
  7. 7. Choose the type of resource you want to cite. Choose the type of resource you wish to cite. Click Create Citation
  8. 8. Answer the questions about your resource. Click Next
  9. 9. Click Next Answer each question as best you can.
  10. 10. More questions that you will need to answer; usually the default is correct. Click Next
  11. 11. Here we need information from the book. Author Title Publication City Publisher Publication Year
  12. 12. You will find a page in the front part of the book that has the citation information you need .
  13. 13. Most books will have a page that looks like this. Here you can find… Title Publication City Publisher Author Publication Year
  14. 14. Your information will look similar to this. For help, you may click the blue links for instructions.
  15. 15. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Check For Errors
  16. 16. If there are errors, they will be highlighted in red.
  17. 17. Correct your errors Scroll down and click Generate Citation
  18. 18. Your citation will be formatted correctly.
  19. 19. To add another citation, just click the pull down menu. And choice another resource.
  20. 20. Answer the questions about your resource.
  21. 21. Journal articles can be found in the HCCC databases.
  22. 22. Answer all the questions... then scroll down and click Next
  23. 23. Here we need information from the journal article. Name of journal Author/s Title of article Volume number Issue number Publication date Name of database Date of access
  24. 24. Name of journal Author Title of article Volume number Publication date
  25. 25. Make sure you remember from which database you got your article. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Check For Errors
  26. 26. Correct your errors and scroll down to click Update Citation
  27. 27. Your citation list will be organized and formatted correctly.
  28. 28. To print your citation list, click on the print icon.
  29. 29. You can leave the options as they are and click Export and Print
  30. 30. Here, you can open as a Word Document.
  31. 31. Save or Print this for your Work Cited page.
  32. 32. To go back to your list, or to create another, click on My Lists
  33. 33. And either reopen your list to edit or add citations by clicking the title. Or, click Create a New List to form a new Works Cited List.
  34. 34. Remember to Sign Out when you are finished. Your lists will be automatically saved.
  35. 35. To go back to your lists, just sign in with the Personal ID that you created. And Click Sign In
  36. 36. Start your Works Cited list by clicking on Noodle Tools on the Hudson County Community College Library Online Research page. Or click here