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  • Large population to target; must be clear and consistent across our district to preserve fidelity of programming and equity for ALL learners
  • Which, in your opinion, would be best to share, Ruth, in light of time? Or none and let them peruse at their convenience—we will use in opening meeting for next school year, too! Thanks for your input!
  • Emphasize criteria in place; implemented and followed per guidelinesSingle subject talk
  • We must all embrace the new Common Core! We must continue to do what is necessary to best meet the needs of our program’s population as dictated by Article 9B in serving highly capable and gifted students. We must look at this year as a year of change and growth-one in which we must work together to learn and adapt in new ways to challenge our students and continue to seek maximum growth for every child! You can not do the same practices; you may use some resources, however your lessons have to change. Every teacher should feel like a new teacher; my fear is that some AIG student will be given the same test, project, etc. This is a new day! PLTs should be looking at differently!Completely redesign your bag of tricks!
  • Aig with common core

    1. 1. 1Wake CountyPublic School SystemAcademically/Intellectually GiftedProgramAIG Contacts:Wendy Carlyle – 919-431-7656 - wcarlyle@wcpss.netPatty Carr – 919-431-7658 – pcarr@wcpss.netJoni Currin – 919-431-7659 – jcurrin2@wcpss.netPam Young – 919-431-____ - ptyoung@wcpss.netDarlene McDowell – 919-431-7657 –
    2. 2. WCPSS AIG Stats vs. NC AIG Stats2011-2012 AIG student population WCPSS 29,735 North Carolina 172,947 % AIG of student population WCPSS 20.3% North Carolina 12.3% State Funding= 4%2
    3. 3. 3The Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program,as part of the Academics Division, seeks to: Promote high academic growth Foster high achievement capabilities Support interests of highly capable andgifted learners Nurture highly capable learners from all populations Increase students identified from under-represented populations Inspire the love of learning Embrace and support implementation of Common Core with fidelity
    4. 4. 4Wake County Schools Vision forLocal AIG Program: The Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG)program provides an appropriately challengingeducation for students who perform, or showpotential for performing at remarkably high levels ofaccomplishment when compared to others of theirage, experience, or environment. Services for AIGstudents include differentiated curriculum andinstruction to extend and enrich the Common Coreand Essential Standards.
    5. 5. Videos to help envisionCommon Core classrooms Dr. Val Faulkner: professor at NC State Dan Meyer - national speaker
    6. 6. 6Parents/GuardiansAIG TeacherClassroom TeachersSchool Counselors andother professional staffCentral ServicesAIG & Academics staffAdministratorsStudentStakeholders for AIG Students’ Success
    7. 7. Policy 5532:Academic Acceleration Guides AIG programming as well as the local AIG plan “Under review” for the 2012-2013 school year Single subject acceleration is under review as an implemented,recommended accelerative practice for 2012-2013 All students in K-5 will be taught the Common Core curriculum fortheir grade level; no 5/6 compacted math; K-5 Crosswalks handoutexample with others available on NCDPI website Academic acceleration will provided through enrichment unitsdeveloped for differentiation K-8 which will be housed in C-Mapp Additional acceleration resources and PD will be provided to AIGteachers to best serve the needs of AIG teachers In alignment with Common Core, all teachers must make use ofthe resources available on C-Mapp; AIG teachers should also useadditional program resources to further accelerate and enrich7
    8. 8. Academic Accelerationcont’d. Can not be continue to operate the same way and usethe same materials; NEW way of thinking andteaching Whole Grade Advancement will continue to beimplemented for use as a recommended accelerativepractice Academics will be evaluating the implementation ofCommon Core throughout this first year to monitorhow students are responding to the more rigorouscurriculum AIG program evaluation for third year of local plancycle in conjunction with an evaluation of CommonCore and resources for differentiation will beevaluated throughout the year as well 8
    9. 9. Policy 5611:Middle School Math Placement District placement criteria must be usedwhen establishing course options for allstudents Placement criteria include multiple entrypoints for acceleration, however No content nor course skipping as stated Guidelines for requests for placementother than the data suggests areestablished in policy and criteria FAQ & Answers handout9
    10. 10. Talking Points to use! You have in this packet, a page oftalking points to use when in dialoguewith colleagues, administrators,parents, and/or students. Please feel free to ask questions toensure that you are able tocommunicate clearly, consistently, andeffectively.10
    11. 11. 11What is your role withCommon Core implementation?Continue to maintain a rigorous and accelerated level of services throughthe use of: Tiered activities and assignments as well as On-going formative assessments Provide and/or support academic acceleration through enrichment unitsdeveloped for differentiation K-8 which will be housed in C-Mapp Varied questioning, texts, & materials in addition to Technology applications Utilizing acceleration resources and PD provided to AIG teachers to best servethe needs of highly capable and gifted learners SES, Toolbox for Rigorous Instruction as well as other opportunities to provideadditional complexity and challenge as necessary Projects and investigations as well as Differentiated instructional units/centers Collaboration/support for teachers & students during push-in and pull out0pportunitiesProvide clear, consistent information for all stakeholders regarding morerigorous and accelerated differentiated services through the use ofCommon Core and additional AIG resources.
    12. 12. In closing . . . We truly appreciate you attending this session, especially on suchshort notice! We want to remind you that we are here to support you as youwork in your school to support your colleagues and the students aswe embark on the journey with Common Core! We are confident that you will effectively communicate withstakeholders, using the talking points, so that we have a clear andconsistent message relayed across our entire district! We alsoknow that you will continue to strive to provide the mostappropriate services for our AIG students! We appreciate you and all that you doeveryday to support the AIG program, allWCPSS students, and to help fulfill the missionof the WCPSS Academics Division whichguides our efforts in serving ALL studentsappropriately while . . .12
    13. 13. “Inspiring learners todayto revolutionize theirtomorrow.”13Thank you, and have agreat evening!