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Ligon middle school

  1. 1. Ligon Middle School
  2. 2. Magnet Application Process Application period is February 14 – February 28, 2011 Magnet applications will only be accepted online. Families may apply at www.wcpss/magnet Families will be notified of acceptance around mid-March
  3. 3. Ligon GT Magnet Middle School Our History Ligon opened in 1953 as the City of Raleigh High School for African American students. In 2003, Ligon celebrated its 50 th anniversary with community events, alumni programs and celebrations Recent Awards 2007 – 2010 NC Math Counts Competition 1 st Place 2009 – 2010 Battle of the Books county champions, regional champions, placed 2 nd at NC state championships 2009 – 2010 NC Honors Orchestra 2008 Science Olympiad Regional 3 rd place – 10 1 st place awards School Recognition 2007 – 2010 Magnet School of America Excellence Award 2000 – 2010 ABC’s School of Excellence / Distinction
  4. 4. What does Ligon have to offer? Wide variety of electives – approximately 200 Arts Foreign Language (6) Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math Physical Education, Technology Downtown location Allows us to take advantage of a wealth of community resources, including field trips to local museums and performing arts centers. Diverse and Dynamic Staff NCBT NC Foreign Language Teacher of the Year NC Central District Band Director of the Year National Dance Teacher of the Year AIG certified staff
  5. 5. What the GT Middle School program looks like 8 period day 4 core classes 3 electives that change each quarter/semester Lunch Approximately 200 electives to choose from Quarter-long, semester-long and year-long options GT students are offered the same elective opportunities as AIG students.
  6. 6. What AIG Program looks like at Ligon MS Students who are Moderate or Strong in one area (Math or LA) are in an all AIG class in that area only . They are cluster grouped in their other core classes. Students who are Moderate in both areas are in all AIG classes for both areas and cluster grouped in Social Studies and Science. Students who are Strong or Very Strong in both areas are in all AIG classes for all four core classes.
  7. 7. The only difference between the GT and AIG programs at Ligon is core class placement .
  8. 8. Ligon Registration/Open House Elective registration takes place directly at Ligon, not at the elementary school. Relevant information about our elective registration and about our Newcomers Open House can be found on the back side of the green county-wide registration form. The Newcomers Open House will be held in May and all students that have been accepted into Ligon will be invited. Any changes in AIG services levels should be made before green forms are completed. If there are exceptions Ligon must receive information in writing by June 15 th in order to guarantee proper placement.
  9. 9. Math Placement Students are placed into math based on the recommendation of the elementary school. At Ligon we offer 6 th Grade Math, an AG 6 th grade Math (to students identified in Math), and Pre-Algebra. Advanced 6 th Grade Math does NOT = Pre Algebra. If a student is recommended for Pre Algebra (and the green forms stay the same) it must be written under “other.” For a student to be recommended for Pre-Algebra, the student must have demonstrated mastery of the 6 th grade curriculum. The county will be providing specific guidelines for making these recommendations in February.
  10. 10. Placement Placement is based on identification only. If you have any questions on placement, contact Ligon’s Assistant Principal, Lauren Green @ Changes in service level are based on student performance and that decision is made by the AIG Committee and the student’s teachers.