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Inspiration, Innovation & Lessons Learned from Soap Bubbles
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Inspiration, Innovation & Lessons Learned from Soap Bubbles


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NYPL talk - April 2011

NYPL talk - April 2011

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  • Find the Future at The New York Public Library is the first game where winning means writing a book. Work together with the other players to win the game, and your book will go into the permanent collection of NYPL -- to be checked out and read by Library users for decades to come! Starting May 21, 2011 anyone, anywhere in the world can play Find the Future -- by visiting the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building in New York City, or by logging into the game site at But on the night of May 20, 2011, five hundred daring people will become the first in the world to play Find the Future. They’ll experience the overnight adventure of a lifetime, including the chance to stay at the Library from dusk ‘til dawn -- and explore its treasures as never before. You could be one of the 500 to Write All Night. Here’s how.Just imagine who you are ten years from now. What do you want for the world? What extraordinary goal do you want to achieve? When you have a vivid picture of your future, just fill in the blanks: “In the year 2021, I will become the first person to_________________________.” Based on your creativity, originality and determination in completing Quest #1, we’ll pick 500 people to become the first in the world to play Find the Future -- and to stay overnight at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building in New York City. The overnight game runs from 8 PM to 6 AM... and by sunrise, you’ll be an author. You’ll also have gone where no gamer has gone before... into the underground stacks of the Library, where more than 40 miles of books are waiting to be discovered
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  • Sportsvision’s “1st and ten” system premiered in fall of 1998 – 1st augmented reality application for mass market.
  • Virtual box simulator
  • Developed by Miami University Oxford OH
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