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To show the creation, growth and participation in my PLN

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  1. 1. TWITTER My Professional Learning Network @hollyblahun
  2. 2. I chose to utilize Twitter as my PLN in Module 2. The requirement of that module was to follow at least 20 people. As you can see, I am following many more than the original required amount (150 to be precise). Nearly all of the people I follow have some relation to education, teaching and learning in some way or another. I hope to keep expanding my network in the future!
  3. 3. In order to fulfill the Collaborate aspect of my PLN, I replied to any tweets that caught my eye. When I could relate the tweet to something we touched on in class, or saw an opportunity for my opinion to be heard, I replied, and helped to move the conversation forward! Topics I looked out for included ones about flipped classrooms and the 4 learning theories, and ones that mentioned ways to improve my classroom.
  4. 4. I also found myself tweeting about the different theories and concepts we learned about in class, such as cyberbullying, the 4 learning theories and technology models, and mobile learning. I found that all the concepts we covered would be valuable for others to know.
  5. 5. Throughout the term, I made use of Twitter’s @mention feature to link my tweets to the people/technologies I referred to, and included #hashtags to contribute to the conversations about the key ideas of my tweets. #Hashtags that I looked out for included: #elearning, #mlearning, #cyberbullying, #edchat and #edtech. Both of these features helped to expand my PLN and the number of connections I had to utilize!
  6. 6. Here’s some evidence of other’s interactions with me! #collaborate
  7. 7. Lastly, to show the Connect aspect of my PLN, I’ve showcased people I’ve followed on the next 4 slides, describing why I felt they would make a positive contribution to my PLN, and contribute to my PD as a future educator.
  8. 8. The Ed Tech Roundup is a daily source for news and reviews on the latest educational technologies. The website is run by Michael Karlin, Biology and Technology teacher.  @ETRoundup’s goal is to help educators with technology integration.  In addition to news and reviews on technology, @ETRoundup provides suggested technology applications, and professional development ideas.  They also have a growing library of lesson plans and resources to help teachers with cross-curriculum technology integration.  They tweet nearly every day! And their website includes weekly podcasts! #current
  9. 9. Following @MathleticsCA gives me access to all the latest news and updates from their community of schools across Canada Mathletics is “the world's No.1 e-learning platform for math.” It helps K-12 students enjoy math and improve their skills.  They often tweet about math technologies, which I could use in the future as a math minor teacher!  Tweets include many thought-provoking articles that often discuss classroom situations, and improvement methods.  Also, I find that their tweets encourage discussion, as they often ask “what’s your story?” Great for #collaboration!  Tweet many times every day!
  10. 10. Pedagoo is a “community of teachers collaboratively supporting, encouraging and sharing innovative and effective approaches to education.”      Created for teachers, by teachers! Teachers can share their weekly highlights in the classroom with #PedagooFriday to end each week in a positive way. What a great way to share ideas! #collaborate Through sharing practices in a positive and professional manner, @pedagoo , aims to improve young peoples’ education outcomes. is a “a collaborative blog allowing teachers to easily share with an established community” Many #PedagooFriday tweets are posted on weekly blog. Tweets almost every day! This is just the kind of support I need as a new teacher!
  11. 11. The eLearning Site has all the “news, views, interviews, reviews, and how to's” of eLearning, all in one place!  Carol Cooper-Taylor , an experienced eLearning Consultant, is the founder of The eLearning Site.  Tweets often display many of the topics we have discussed in class, including flipped classrooms, digital citizenship, and mobile technologies. A great place to find  Categories for Education, Hints & Tips, and PD sort successful resources for you! technology  Regularly see the hashtag #EdTech integration strategies!  Tweets on a regular basis #current
  12. 12. I choose to follow people/organizations that tend to tweet about many of the key discussion topics of edu210. Staying current on these topics (eg: mLearning, technology integration, etc.) will help me to become a better educator, and Twitter is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest educational trends. There are so many resources out there and Twitter provides me with easy access to them. I see great potential to improve my TPACK and SAMR implementations using the resources available to me on Twitter!