Bring Your Own Device Seminar


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Presentation on Consumeration in the Workplace (BYO) including devices, aplications. Given by me on an Seminar december 2010

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Bring Your Own Device Seminar

  1. 1. CONSUMERATION in the WORKPLACE >> Facilitating gen Y and IT 2.0 by the Business IT department December 2010 Henk Bethlehem Operations Manager IM Benelux Atos, Atos and fish symbol, Atos Origin and fish symbol, Atos Consulting, and the fish itself are registered trademarks of Atos Origin SA. January2010. © 2010 Atos Origin1
  2. 2. BYO...2
  3. 3. Cost Mobile hardware 20083
  4. 4. With as final result:4
  5. 5. Smart Mobility5
  6. 6. Demand for Mobility» Today users demand mobility and choice - the type and size of device, where they work, when they work...» Technology is more advanced at home than in the workplace – home is where real … Apple sold 3 innovation starts…. million iPads» New devices with different form factors like worldwide in the the iPad are entering the (consumer) market.. first 80 days after launch…6
  7. 7. Mobile form factors lead the way Mobile devices play a growing role in the market >>7
  8. 8. Benefits of mobile devices » Increase end user productivity » Access real-time information » Handling more work in less time than before » Higher accuracy » Lower process costs » Faster decision making » Higher employee satisfaction Mobile devices are a part of every organization >>8
  9. 9. A traditional enterprise mobility solution One Device, secure, manageable9
  10. 10. What your end users want: Manufacturer OS Devices Any Device >>10
  11. 11. Its all about... » Text (Arial 18 plain black) The foot text is aligned to the right (Arial 18 plain black)11
  12. 12. Nothing is as personal as a mobile phone » Atos Origin NL employees have a personal budget to pick and choose their own mobile phone » Payments to supplier are communicated to the salary administration to let employees profit from tax benefit and settle budget » Device is owned by the employee » Controlled access to corporate messaging environment » Limited support, reducing costs BRING YOUR OWN >>12
  13. 13. Results 2009/2010 2009 2010 1600 units 1600 units other other Symbian 6% Symbian 0% 30% 39% iOS iOS 17% 22% WM 6 WM 6 19% Android 46% 20%Android 1%13
  14. 14. Price range 2010 (1600 units bought) Euro > 450 0-150 32% 22% 150-300 16% 300-450 30%14
  15. 15. What must we think about to enable diversity? » What makes a corporate workplace? » What do we need to manage/control? » How can we control/ trust „unmanaged‟ devices? » How can we embrace change? » How does it influence HR (legal, benefits, data, privacy) policies? » How can the IT department be „cool‟ & not the enemy? ALLOWING DIVERSITY >>15
  16. 16. Observations » Consumerization is the most significant trend affecting IT departments in the coming years » Organizations provide workers with a workplace environment technologically less developed than their workplace at home » Standardization is the weapon of choice for organizations struggling to accommodate change & control costs » Corporate boundaries are fading » New generation (GenY) of workforce demands a new way of work CONSUMERIZATION >>16
  17. 17. Workplace Diversity - Old & New Managed Diversity 1.0 Enabled Diversity 2.0Location Office, home Anywhere!Device - Desktop / laptop / thin - Desktop / laptop / 2nd client / tablet / mobile client Gen tablet / thin client / - Fixed models virtual client / smartphone / netbook - Any ModelOperating System Windows XP, Vista or 7 - Any: Win7, MacOS, OpenSource, iPhoneOS, Android, Google Chrome, Symbian…Business Applications SAP, Microsoft, Oracle MS, Adobe, Apple, Google, OpenOffice, Opensource, Freeware…. EMBRASSING DIVERSITY >>17
  18. 18. Solving long standing problems with Virtualisation Fixed dependencies between layers continue to: » Increase Complexity » Limit flexibility » Add risk to transformation » Increase costs What‟s Changed? » Breaking ties using technologies - Desktop virtualization - Application virtualisation - User „persona‟ virtualisation » All increases agility, flexibility and choice INDEPENDANCE >> Breaking the links18
  19. 19. What topics that must be tackled? Business/user » HR, tax, hire/fire, legal, insurance, privacy, productivity » Choice opt in / opt out (how to support GenX users?) » User responsibility – direct payment/communiction to order/support » Preferential pricing from partners/vendors? » Employee satisfaction wellbeing (no commute, flexible and rewarded, but now always on…) IT related » Security – saying „no‟ by default is not acceptable – new approach needed – “this is going to happen – what do you need to do to secure it?” Correct risk profiling of solutions. » Focus on securing the Data and applications more than the Device » Hardware support & breakfix, software compliance, performance » Self service support » Integration, coexistence, audit BRING YOUR OWN >>19
  20. 20. When we stop managing devices… » Manage the core network: Advanced network access control (Network Access Protection (NAP) ) » Newsflash for all BYO haters: New ways to distribute applications (Application Virtualization/ App-stores) or distributing an entire corporate workplace (VDI) If your users have admin rights » New ways to access the corporate network (e.g. outlook anywhere or all Webbased?) » on their laptops, then youre Securing the data (Centralizing corporate data/Encryption) and applications based policy (SSL VPN) already doing BYO (POC), » Maintaining QoS for business process… » Changing consumers patternslike it oravailable at home so work is abused (bandwidth is not! less) NEW CHALLENGES >>20
  21. 21. The future of corporate infrastructure This will depend on the type of organisation but in general these trends will be common: » Shrink the corporate network to the edge of the DC and use (secure) internet instead of WAN » Employees can then connect over standard internet connections from anywhere, either browser based (e.g. SAP) or client apps that can be enabled over HTTPS (e.g. Outlook, Lync) » Need to consider how to render apps to multiple devices with acceptable user experience e.g. completing timesheet or expenses on a smartphone with limited screen real estate » Unified comms – presence, Instant messaging, VOIP, video conference etc greatly improve the remote comms experience so remote working is more effective/productive INDUSTRY MOBILITY PUSH>>21
  22. 22. A new approach to enterprise security Security layer 2 “secured data”  Consumerization forces us to rethink our approach on security Security layer 1  If we don‟t own the device how are “settings management” we going to control access, secure our data and manage settings? Security layer 0  Do we need to? “secured connection”  What do we really need to secure?  How do we combine an open and collaborative solution with the enterprise‟s security policies? Core Network (services)  Building a new layered security model for your enterprise22
  23. 23. What if BYO is a step too far? What is Prosumerism? The middle ground between Enterprise & Consumer: “how the very different IT and mobility needs of the consumer and enterprise are all now melding into a common set of requirements, driven by the rise of smartphones and downloadable applications that consumers, prosumers and enterprises are consuming in equal numbers.” Example 1: Blackberry – The Enterprise device that became prosumer and now consumer… Example 2: iPhone – A consumer device that is now being used extensively by business » More choice within a managed/controlled framework » Option to use device for personal & work use (with guidelines) » More responsibility for user » Range of devices of choice limited to agreed makes/models. » Is it a short term fix for GenX, who maybe don‟t want BYO… PROSUMERISATION - a step towards - CONSUMERISATION23
  24. 24. BYO – Which Users or Organizations Benefit? » What do you do with contractor access today? Give them an expensive laptop, mobile etc? » Fixed staff may not get benefits – production, lines, call centres, task based. » Point of Sale, Critical devices with specific tasks will probably not be in scope » How do you measure the benefits? One Size never fit all… Today it doesn’t have to! >>24
  25. 25. BYO – Applications & Tooling… Bring your own social network tools? (e.g. LinkedIN, Plaxo, Facebook ) Bring you own knowledge community? (e.g. LinkedIN, ..) Bring your own email platform? (Google Gmail, Microsoft Live) Bring your own collaboration tools? ( e.g. MSN, Google Talk, LinkedIN, Twitter) Bring your own data store in the cloud? BYO Applications and Tooling has same challenges + integration BYO GOES BEYOND DEVICES >>25
  26. 26. The realistic approach to a new way of work » Implementation starts with inspired groups » Extend functionality based on what is wanted, not what can be done » Management must show vision » Step by step approach to changing the way you work » Do not oversell the dream, embrace what can be your reality! NEW REALITIES >>26
  27. 27. Key Questions» How can consumer BYO schemes benefit my organisation?» How can my business take advantage of „state of the art‟ devices and form factors, like the Atos Origin can help you iPad? find the answers. It delivers» Why SHOULDN’T we be using them already? a platform that will enable diversity in your workplace environment and allow you to take advantage of new ways of working… …the Adaptive Workplace27
  28. 28. Using enterprise applications Mail, SAP, OCS it can all be supported with applications running natively on your iPad, Android or other web enabled device. Need more? Citrix technology enables us to deliver virtually any application to your device, whilst the application is running in a datacenter. So yes you can use a Windows based application on your iPad. Or….28
  29. 29. Access the enterprise workplace! A secure and rich enterprise client on any device? Virtual Desktop make it possible to eliminate the hardware platform as a factor, making it possible to access your enterprise workplace, from anywhere, from any device. Even on your iPad….. Without data stored on the device! Virtual Desktop delivers enterprise workplace >>29
  30. 30. What could be your next steps Finding out more The We are keen for you to experiment: » Spend the day at our Executive Briefing Centers, Adaptive to understand our vision for the workplace and Workplace experience the Adaptive Workplace live. is the way ahead…. » Discuss your business requirements with an Adaptive Workplace expert and find out more how it can help your organisation. » Get a first taste with a “try-before-you-buy” test of our range of online services for your own company. …Challenge We are ready to go: US with what » We will handle all transformation and on-going service management. challenges An end-user focused, flexible workplace that will YOU. meet the demands of your business, with a commercial model that fits your needs.32
  31. 31. Summary » New (mobile) devices make their way into the enterprise. The Adaptive Workplace can actively support these to create business benefits » Bring Your Own will be the concept of choice to enable end users to choose the device they like to work with, increasing end user statisfaction. » A layered device management model will help to balance end user support and corporate security policies. » We have a vision of what the 2014 workplace looks like and a roadmap to get you there…33
  32. 32. Questions? Contacts: Internal ICT Atos Origin: Henk Bethlehem Adaptive Workplace client offerings: Simon van den Doel Atos, Atos and fish symbol, Atos Origin and fish symbol, Atos Consulting, and the fish itself are registered trademarks of Atos Origin SA. January2010. © 2010 Atos Origin34