College chapter #2 part 2


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College Chapter 2 part 2 of Geogacy a Sims 2 life story.

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College chapter #2 part 2

  1. 1. College Chapter #2 part 2!
  2. 2. "I had a great time last night. We should go there again, like tonight. Yes, I am asking you out again. Are you going to say no? Hehe, ok pick me up at 7pm again. Oh, I have someone ringing on the other line. Ok talk to you later." *click's to other line* "Hello, Maria speaking."
  3. 3. "......*wheeze*....." "Who is this?" *click* "That was weird."
  4. 4. Welcome readers to the 2nd part of generation 3's college years! I'm not good with recaps so, please read the 1st part. >^-^< Beryl, for the last time go to class! &quot;And cancel this important princess ritual? I think not.&quot; You're playing in a pile of leaves! What kind of ritual is that? &quot;The ritual of fun, which all princesses are owed. I will...toil with the peasants after. Wheee!&quot; Ooo, you and your border line niceness! Please forgive Beryl's random moment of rudeness. On with the chapter!
  5. 5. &quot;Are you feeling ok, Maria? You look tired.&quot; &quot;You're so sweet for caring. I'm fine. Some crank caller was having a little fun last night, is all. But, what's this I hear about a party?&quot; &quot;Oh, some fundraiser the TNLT is throwing. My whole family got invites. If any of them will show up is the question.&quot; &quot;Oo! You're going to invite me along, right? What type of party is it? Causal, formal, pot luck? What will I wear? What will you wear? You're not going to wear that are you? We need to go shopping.&quot;
  6. 6. &quot;Hurry up Bio. 'Makeovers 'Cause You Need It' closes at 6pm.&quot; &quot;But, Maria...&quot; &quot;Better hurry, whipped boy or the master might leave without you.&quot; &quot;Shut up! Wait Maria, I'm coming.&quot;
  7. 7. Co-ed House.... &quot;Ahh, What a perfect day! The sun is shinning, the bugs are dying....&quot; &quot;Hehe Die!&quot; *spray spray* *shock* &quot;NOOOOOO!&quot;
  8. 8. &quot;What are you doing!&quot; &quot;Spraying bug?&quot; &quot;You can't spray on organic crops. Think of the innocent bugs. Not to mention the decreased value a non-organic tomato would bring to market.&quot; &quot;Ok fine, I'll use something 'organically friendly'. Geez, man don't have a heart attack. &quot;Oh Thank you Brother! I knew you would be reasonable.&quot;
  9. 9. &quot;A Lady bug house, what a great idea. Now, the lady bugs can keep the bugs company. The tomatoes will be safe from nibbles.&quot;
  10. 10. Somewhere in the shopping district.... &quot;Do we have to go into another shop? We already bought what we needed.&quot; &quot;It's called comparative pricing and besides we might find something better here.&quot; &quot;Are you sure you're a popularity sim? You're sounding like my mother.&quot; &quot;I'm going to assume you love your mother and that was a compliment.&quot;
  11. 11. &quot;Oh yeah! big compliment, really.&quot; &quot;That's what I thought.&quot; *Sigh* &quot;Hmm, what's this?&quot;
  12. 12. &quot;Oh crap.&quot;
  13. 13. &quot;I've read every file. Whoever this guy was he was a pro. Too bad he's dead I would have loved to have him on the my payroll.&quot; &quot;Which brings up the question, was he on someone's payroll and who might that check writer be?&quot; &quot;All good questions, Cat cat. Which I intent to answer even if I have to drag his rotting corpse back from Hades.&quot; &quot;Let's hope it doesn't come to that. But, you do know what this means?&quot; &quot;Sigh, go ahead, you've been dying to says it. So, spit it out.&quot;
  14. 14. &quot;And I will enjoy it too. Ready?&quot; &quot;Shoot.&quot; &quot;I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO!&quot; &quot;Got it out of you're system?&quot; &quot;Not yet, I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! Ok, I'm done.&quot; What did Cat cat tell you Circe?
  15. 15. &quot;That's on a need to know basis and you don't need to know.&quot; Ok... Umm, well I came about a little problem. &quot;Can't do anything by yourself as usual. Spit it out, I don't have all day.&quot; I told you about the situation with Salty & Georgette already and I think I have found a solution. &quot;So, you figured something out on your own, you want a cookie or something?&quot; I just want to know if it's ok. You know, with the LFPA.
  16. 16. &quot;Ahh yes, silly me I nearly forgot about them. I'll tell you what, you write up an official request email and I'll make sure they get it. I'll even throw in a good word for you.&quot; Would you really? Wow, thanks Circe. &quot;No problem, now off with you I expect that email within the hour.&quot; Yes ma'am! &quot;Haven't told her about LFPA yet?&quot; &quot;Hehe and I'm not going to either.&quot;
  17. 17. Back on the Ranch.... &quot;Did you see our new lady bug house?&quot; &quot;Yeah, what about it?&quot; &quot;Do you think the ladies and bugs are getting along. Do you think they're happy? I bet they're happy.&quot;
  18. 18. &quot;Happy? Well, I guess the lady bugs are. With the smorgasbord of incects we got, they're probably gorged themselves by now.&quot; &quot;Gorged? I don't follow.&quot;
  19. 19. &quot;You know gorged, stuffed, had their fill.&quot; *blink blink* &quot; The lady bugs are eating the tomatoes?&quot; &quot;No, the other bug, Duh&quot;
  20. 20. &quot;I will save you my little friend!&quot;
  21. 21. &quot;It was horrible! I, I couldn't save them!&quot; *cry* &quot;It's alright, your bug friends are in a better place. Do you want me to sell the lady bug house?&quot; *sniff sniff* &quot;No, it's ok. It's not the lady bugs fault. I just wish there was a better way.&quot; *cry* Poor Bayl had to learn about life the hard way. :(
  22. 22. Later that night... &quot;Hello, Maria speaking?&quot; &quot;.....wheeze....&quot; &quot;That's it! I've had enough, I'm blocking this number.&quot;
  23. 23. &quot;MOOOOO.... lovely.... MOOOOO..... Lovely goddess.... MOOOO&quot; *click*
  24. 24. *speedy dialing*
  25. 25. &quot;Hello Bio? Sorry, I know it's late. Could you please come over?&quot;
  26. 26. &quot;Are you ok?&quot; &quot;I'm ok, but please come over.&quot; &quot;I'll be right there.&quot;
  27. 27. &quot;You're not ok at all. What's wrong?&quot; &quot;Thank you for coming so quickly I didn't know what to do. I was so scared.&quot; &quot;I'm here, everything's ok now.&quot;
  28. 28. &quot;He keeps calling.&quot; *sob* &quot;Who does?&quot; &quot;That cow. At first I thought it was a crank caller, but they kept calling every night all silent and creepy and just now he mooed at me. I have a cow stalker!&quot; *cry*
  29. 29. &quot;Don't cry, I'll stay here tonight and tomorrow. How does that sound?&quot; &quot;But, what about your class?&quot; &quot;You're more important than some pruney old bag perching politics. I'll just email my homework tonight, no problem.&quot;
  30. 30. &quot;Thank you so much, I love you.&quot; &quot;No need for thanks. You can always count on me. I won't let anything happen to you. Now, get some sleep. I'll be right here if you need me.&quot;
  31. 31. Stupid Cow is going to pay for upsetting my Maria. If he even thinks to touch a hoove on her, I'll host a barbeque and use his head as the center piece. *smirk*
  32. 32. I can't focus on this right now. Stupid Cow has messed up my concentration...
  33. 33. I'll get Beryl to tell me where he lives. Then I'll beat the milk out of him. *smirk*
  34. 34. Loading Shopping District...again.... &quot;Honest opinion Cousin, Too much?&quot; &quot;I think it's lovely. What about you Breccia?&quot; &quot;I want to go home.&quot;
  35. 35. &quot;You may not leave until a proper dress is found for all of us.&quot; &quot;But, why? I have a formal dress and I look dang good in it too. Why do I need another one?&quot; &quot;I spoke to mama, this fundraiser has become the black tie event of the year.&quot; &quot;Which is why it's important to look your best. You could even catch the eye of a worthy fellow sister dear.&quot; &quot;Like I would care.&quot; &quot;You should. I believe it's your turn, meet me in the changing room.&quot; (Julia's mom Aiyana is a TNLT member.)
  36. 36. &quot;Now is my chance, I'm 'scapeing. You'll cover for me, right?&quot; &quot;You do realize, I own your soul by now with all these 'cover me' favors?&quot; &quot;You know I'm good for it. Whenever you want to collect, I'm game. See ya!&quot;
  37. 37. Freedom! Why do I have to come along on these stupid shopping trips? I mean, what part of 'I rather help Dad hunt down his Rival, than go shopping' doesn't she understand? OOHH, they have a Star Coffee here.
  38. 38. I could get a Caramel Macchiato with a double shot & Mint!
  39. 39. &quot;Ouch! What the heck? Are you blind? Watch where you're going pal.&quot; &quot;Sorry about that, I didn't realize.&quot;
  40. 40. &quot;Need a hand up, love?&quot;
  41. 41. Ah man, I got a concussion. I'm hallucinating and now he's talking to me. Say something, stupid! &quot;Uhh, Ok.... I am, fine.... I mean, I'm fine.&quot;
  42. 42. &quot;Are you sure you are alright? Nothing broken?&quot; Only my ability to speak coherently. &quot;Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry I snapped at you, 1 nice point and all that. I can't control it sometimes.&quot;
  43. 43. &quot;Not to worry love, I am a 1 pointer myself. I know the burden too well.&quot; &quot;Always glad to meet a fellow 1 pointer. Yet, I still feel bad. I know, let me buy you a coffee.&quot; &quot;I knock you to the ground and you want to buy me a coffee? And to think I was punished for pushing girls down on the playground in grade school.&quot; &quot;Did they deserve it?&quot; &quot;Does it matter?&quot;
  44. 44. &quot;She was actually mooing on the phone. It's some kind of game they play. At first I thought it was cute, thinking they had something for each other. Yet, I haven't seen any heart farting. It's just creepy now.&quot;
  45. 45. &quot;So, your sister moos, your brother yells conspiracy, what do you do meow?&quot; &quot;Nah, I'm more of a 'like, totally, whatever & for sure, type of girl.&quot;
  46. 46. &quot;Please be joking, do you really?&quot; &quot;Like whatever, totally for sure!&quot; &quot;Haha, that's funny. You have a good--&quot; *do do do Wild Thing! do do do* &quot;Sorry, Love that's the boss calling. Just one moment.&quot; (My sister has the Wild Thing song as a ring tone. It went off one day when my grandmother called . Now, I won't let her live it down. Muhahahaha!!)
  47. 47. &quot;Hello, Sir. I'm well, thank you. No no, I'm having coffee with a friend.&quot; He called me a friend. That's good, right? I mean, what did I expect, girlfriend? Lover? Some chick I knocked down and got a free coffee out of?
  48. 48. I know how you feel unknown man on the poster I am pretending to view with interest. I'm kinda confused myself. Do I like this guy? I mean, we just meet, urr, crashed into each other and I don't even know his name.
  49. 49. &quot;Of course, Sir. It's a little dusty and I need to get the stains out and all but, I can have the tux ready by then. Yes, Sir. I will schedule it in. Yes, Sir. Goodbye, Sir.&quot;
  50. 50. &quot;Sorry about that, It looks like I must cut this evening short. I do apologize for the drink and run, but it looks like I have a last minute business meeting to prepare for. You understand, don't you?&quot; &quot;Oh yeah, of course. Well, it was nice talking to you. Maybe we can meet up after you get back?&quot; &quot;for sure love.&quot;
  51. 51. Isn't that always the way, they drink your coffee and walk right out of your life. *Sigh* He's got a fine backside. I wonder, if he works out?
  52. 52. Next Morning at the Mu Nu Omega House..... &quot;Come on, where is that stupid cow!&quot;
  53. 53. &quot;You see here, brother or not, you cannot barge into a lady's home and start barking commands! As a princess I demand you show me the courtesy my station deserves.&quot; &quot;Here she goes again.&quot; &quot;Why in the name of plumbob would you wish to know Mr. Cow's address?&quot;
  54. 54. &quot;Weren't you listening? I already said he is stalking my girlfriend. All I want to do is, urr, talk to him, come to an understanding.&quot; As I rip out his throat
  55. 55. &quot;That is what I do not believe. He would not bother your girlfriend because he already has one of his own. Her name is Maria and he carries her picture with him wherever he goes. I have seen it many time.&quot; &quot;Maria is the name of Bio's girlfriend.&quot; &quot;Oh, I see. You and Mr. Cow's girlfriends share a name. No wonder there is confusion.&quot;
  56. 56. &quot;Aagghhh! Beryl, there is only one girl named Maria and she is MY girlfriend. He has been lying to you. That cow is delusional! How many other people has he been telling these lies to!&quot;
  57. 57. &quot;This is all a misunderstanding, I know it. I will talk with him. He'll tell me the truth, he always does and then you'll see it's not him. It's some other cow.&quot; &quot;You've got a bad case of denial, princess.&quot;
  58. 58. &quot;Ahh, Mr. Cow I was just thinking to call you. Listen, I have the most wonderful idea. My family is invited to a fundraiser and we can bring a guest with us. Would you like to come? You can bring your girlfriend. Cousin Trent does not wish to attend, so she may have his invitation. I am sure she would enjoy it.&quot; I will prove to Bio, Mr.Cow is innocent. &quot;Not usually my thing, but it sounds like it might be fun. I could set off some sprinklers. I'll go, but Maria can't make it.&quot;
  59. 59. &quot;Really? She is not, umm, unwell is she?&quot; How can I prove Bio wrong if she does not show? &quot;Oh no, nothing like that. She's going to visit family again.&quot; &quot;Oh, that is too bad. She must love her family a great deal to visit them so often. But, you will still come right?&quot; If Mr. Cow is there Bio will realize he could not be the same cow he seeks. &quot;Yep, you can count on me. I love parties.&quot; &quot;Wonderful. We will meet my brothers here before traveling to the party. Bio will bring his girlfriend along and I believe Bruce and Basalt are doing the same.” I cannot wait for Bio to admit he is mistaken about Mr. Cow.
  60. 60. &quot;I am sorry, I just remembered I have some sporting events to sabotage. I won't be able to go, sorry about that. I can't believe I let it slip my mind.&quot; &quot;It is alright. I understand your job comes first.&quot; This is just a coincidence...I am sure
  61. 61. Campus Sports Bar.... Ah, the Limpin' Llama, the most happening spot on campus. Where dormies of all walks of life gather to drink (juice), gamble and dance awkwardly to new wave classics. So, what makes this place the place to be? Well, actually it's the only place on campus. I was lazy and didn't build anything else. XD
  62. 62. &quot;Say, I've noticed you come here a lot. Could it be that fate has dragged you here each night to bask in the forbidden fires that is my charm?&quot; &quot;Nope.&quot; &quot;The glow of my mighty hotness?&quot; &quot;Pretty sure it's still a nope.&quot;
  63. 63. &quot;How about my witty and scandalous mind? Fate's got a thing for scandal.&quot; &quot;Look at that, there is blue paint under the wallpaper. Who would have thought.&quot;
  64. 64. Yeah, she wants me. Plumbob, don't be a stalker She playing hard to get. Maybe I should call the cops? Hello! Who is that?
  65. 65. Mmmm, sparkly toga girl is almost as cute as me...almost.
  66. 66. &quot;Hot Mama Amazon, lets make like the Romans and go get us some Trojans.&quot; &quot;First of all, does it say skank on the back of my toga? No, it doesn't. Secondly it was the Greeks, the Achaeans to be precise, who &quot;got&quot; the Trojans in the 10 year Trojan war. I mean, really the Iliad was written sometime between the 9th & 8th century BC. That's 900 to 800 BC. The Romans didn't even exist yet.&quot; &quot;Urr, my mistake. I'll be going now.&quot;
  67. 67. &quot;....and so I told the Toga Chick, 'Are you stupid or something? The Romans weren't even around than.'&quot; &quot;That's uhh great. I never knew that.&quot; &quot;Really? Well, I guess not everyone can have my ability to grasp knowledge.&quot; &quot;Yeah.&quot; *rolls eyes*
  68. 68. &quot;OH MY PLUMBOB! Did I catch my little Bro doing something naughty?&quot; &quot;Bro? Is one of your brother here, Breccia? I can't see.&quot; &quot;Crap.&quot;
  69. 69. &quot;Brucie, I didn't except to see you here. I thought you were doing research at the library.&quot; &quot;Hehe, make him squirm.&quot; &quot;Ahem, I was there. I am finished with my project and thought I would meet you here.&quot;
  70. 70. &quot;But, how did you know I would be here?&quot; &quot;Ohh! I want to hear this! So, how did you know little Bro?&quot; &quot;Min Baby, I know you better then anyone. You are my lovely elfin lady after all. So, I simply followed my heart and here you are.&quot; &quot;Puhh, like she's going to buy that cheese.&quot;
  71. 71. &quot;I know exactly what you mean, Brucie! I always seem to know where you are and what you're thinking. It's like some psychic bond or something.&quot; &quot;Please say that's mockery in her voice. She can't be serious.&quot; &quot;That's a relief. I umm, thought I was the only one who felt that way.&quot; &quot;Oh Brucie, this is fate saying we are meant to stick together.&quot;
  72. 72. &quot;Of course it is, my sexy elfin mistress.&quot; &quot;I'm going to puke. When you're done suckin' face I'll be over there.&quot;
  73. 73. &quot;Isn't Brucie the best! I mean, how many girlfriends can say their boyfriends really understand them?&quot; &quot;Urr, I don't know. Can we please talk about my problem now?&quot; &quot;Oh yes, sorry what was it you wanted me to do?&quot; &quot;I am looking for some info. on a guy I meet last night.&quot; &quot;That shouldn't be a problem, my networking capabilities need a good work out now and again. What is his name?&quot; &quot;Urr, that's part of the info. I need.&quot;
  74. 74. &quot;Haha, looks like Big Sis needs some basic social training. Rule #1 introduction.&quot; &quot;Shove it Tiburon!&quot; &quot;Haha... hey what?&quot; &quot;Can you help me out, Min?&quot; (Tiburon means shark in spanish and is a type of sports car. It also means &quot;player&quot; or &quot;gigalo&quot; in American slang. This concludes 'Circe Linguistic Corner' tune in next week as we examine l33t a language or just pure laziness?) XD
  75. 75. &quot;Sure. It will take a little longer, but I can get it done. Now do you want just his current history or the whole from birth thing?&quot; &quot;Umm, I quess current?&quot; &quot;Ok, but don't come whinny to me if his grade school crush, which he's been obsessed with for years moves in next door.&quot; &quot;Haha, like anyone would obsess over a grade school crush. That's a good joke, you're hilarious, haha.&quot; &quot;Umm, what joke?&quot;
  76. 76. Breccia arrives home to find the cow still there.... &quot;...and so I Joy buzzed the guy. It was a riot!&quot; &quot;COW! We need to talk!&quot;
  77. 77. &quot;What can I do for you?&quot; &quot;Don't give me that innocent act. You know what this is about. What's the big idea stalking my Bro's girlfriend?&quot; &quot;What's this? I don't know what you mean.&quot;
  78. 78. &quot;Stop playing dumb! I'm not stupid and neither is Beryl. We both know and I want answers. Why are you harassing Maria? What sicko game are you playing?&quot; &quot;I don't...Beryl, help me out here.&quot; &quot;Don't you dare hide behind her skirt. The Princess is the only reason I haven't beaten you into a milk stain. So, do yourself a favor and stop lying to her and answer the questions.&quot; &quot;I, to go.&quot;
  79. 79. &quot;Wait Mr. Cow, please don't go!&quot; &quot;I'm not finished, Cow! Get back here!&quot;
  80. 80. &quot;That was uncalled for Breccia. Your attitude and tone was not appreciated. You could have discussed this issue like an adult, but you let your tempter take over.&quot; &quot;Are you lecturing me? Listen Princess, I heard your conversation outside. That cow is guilty and you know it. Just think, Why hasn't he introduced his girlfriend to you? Why is she always out of town? I'll tell you why, She isn't his girlfriend and you need to face facts and except that he lied to you.&quot;
  81. 81. &quot;But...*sigh* I know what you are saying is the truth. I will not lie, I hoped this would all pass over us if I left it be. I was wrong to think that.&quot; &quot;Hey, I know this is hard. It's not everyday you find out your best friend is a creepy stalker and who know all this may still blow over. Things will be back to normal before you know it.&quot;
  82. 82. &quot;But, next time stay away from the guys in costume. They're a bit wavy if you know what I mean.&quot; &quot;No, I don't know what you mean.&quot; &quot;Never mind, just stay clear of them.&quot;
  83. 83. Poor Beryl is taking this Cow seperation pretty hard. How long has it been now, Julia? &quot;4 hours so far, I say she has another 5 before she passes out. Just enough time to finish up my best work yet. I'm calling it 'Lose of Bovine' &quot; Hmm, not bad I like the detail work. What I am saying! Julia, get her to bed. Maybe she'll feel better after a nap.
  84. 84. &quot;No nap...must stay awake.&quot; I don't think he is going to call tonight and it might be better that way. It gives everyone time to calm down and think thing through. &quot;But, I miss the mooing.....&quot; I know you do. :(
  85. 85. &quot;Ahh my masterpiece is complete. Lool at the anguish, the despair, the curvy eyebrow. Truely my best work yet.&quot; &quot;Pist, hey sis. Pist&quot;
  86. 86. &quot;What the?&quot; &quot;Pist over here.&quot; &quot;Liam?&quot;
  87. 87. &quot;What the happened to you?&quot; &quot;Shh! I don't want her to know I'm here.&quot; &quot;Urr, who?&quot; &quot;Circe.&quot; &quot;Circe? Oh yeah, I remember. Oh, that's a nice shiner she gave you.&quot;
  88. 88. &quot;Please, Julia let me stay here a while, just until Circe forgets I exist. I'm sure it won't be too long if I stay inside and hide behind the sofa. Please, I'm not safe a the Frat House.&quot;
  89. 89. &quot;She leaves Flaming poo bag ever night. It's a warning she's going to set me on fire. I just know it!&quot;
  90. 90. &quot;And she kicks the trash can with such hate in her eyes. I know she imagining kicking me in the kidneys again!&quot;
  91. 91. &quot;Let me hide here, pretty please.&quot; &quot;Whoa, I don't know. This is Circe we are talking about. The last thing I need is to get the sorority involved with Circe's pray.&quot; &quot;Pray! *lip quiver* I don't want to be pray.&quot; *sigh* &quot;Ok you can stay---&quot; &quot;Yay!!&quot; &quot;But, The day Circe shows up, I'm throwing you at her feet.&quot;
  92. 92. Next morning.... I finally found you two. I was getting worry, but no matter. I just received the ok from Circe and I want to tell you the good news. I thought up a way you guys can be together!
  93. 93. &quot;I thought you said it was out of your hands?&quot; Choosing the heir is out of my hands as well as who is put on the heir poll. But, there is a solution. Circe said that as the Creator I have the ability to &quot;tweek&quot; the rules a bit. You Basalt Higarashi will be on the heir poll. However, your chosen lady is a playable which is technically against the rules if you win the heir ship. &quot;But we already know that!&quot; &quot;Shh, let her finish, Salty.&quot;
  94. 94. &quot;Ok, I'm sorry. Please continue.&quot; Thank you. After I realized I could &quot;tweek&quot; the rules, I come up with a brilliant plan. I will let the readers decide. &quot;So, you're going to ignore the non-playable marriage rule?&quot; Not really, you see there is a catch. I am going to let the readers vote for who they want as heir like a normal heir poll. However, for you to become heir, you must get twice the votes then the top candidate.
  95. 95. &quot;Say what? Ok, you lost me.&quot; As the Creator I am placing a penalty for heir candidates who want to marry playables. Here is an example. If sibling A is winning the heir poll with 5 votes you have to get 10 votes to be heir. If you get only 8 vote instead you CANNOT be heir even if you technically won the poll. &quot;So you're saying I can marry George regardless?&quot; Yes.
  96. 96. &quot;Did you hear that we can get married! I'm so happy!&quot; &quot;I would have found a way, even if I had to rig the poll.&quot; &quot;Could you really do that?&quot; I hope not.
  97. 97. &quot;I just said I would have found a way. Nothing is going to ruin my plans of setting the best criminal intelligence network in the whole sim world at the feet of my Mastermind Queen.&quot; &quot;You always know what to say to make me go squeeeal!&quot;
  98. 98. &quot;Mind doing that cute little sound again while you say yes?&quot; &quot;Squeeeal!!&quot; &quot;You have to say yes too.&quot;
  99. 99. &quot;Oh yes!&quot; Sniff Sniff, that's so beautiful. So, you're not going to sabotage the poll anymore, are you? &quot;Nah, I'm happy.&quot; Good and on that note I am ending today's chapter. I am posting the heir poll on I hope you enjoyed the chapter. There will be a part 3 with the long awaited Fundraiser party. I want to thank all the Creators of the CC's I use in my game and a Special thanks to all the Simselves I use and abuse :D ---->>> Click the arrow! >^-^<
  100. 100. Sibling Roll Call!! Biotite: Aries 7/9/9/9/1 Popularity with a want to become the law. Currently on a mission to &quot;talk&quot; to a certain cow for offenses against the lovely, yet slightly pushy Maria Bar. Also, guilt ridden from selling his mother's precious treasure chest thinking it was a gift from her. :D
  101. 101. Beryl: Sagittarius 1/10/10/9/5 Popularity sim with a want to become the princess of rock as a rock god. Princess obsessed cow lover, currently torn between family loyalty and sticking by her best friend.
  102. 102. Breccia: Gemini 5/8/9/5/1 Pleasure sim that ain't getting those 50 1st dates. A sassy in your face sim who would do anything for family. Currently on the trail of the mysterious guy she met days back. She forgot to get his name and number. Oops!
  103. 103. Brucite: Aries 7/9/9/9/1 Romance sim who can't get any loving except from his Elfin Lady. He also wants to become a rock god. This Bio clone is determined to rise from total turn-off to platinum Don Juan. Let us see if he pulls it off *shifty eyes* Hehe
  104. 104. Basalty aka Salty: Taurus 7/7/8/8/3 Knowledge sim with dreams of mastermind glory in the criminal track. Devoted to his Georgette and conspiracies, was willing to sabotage this poll to get what he wanted. Please don't sabotage it. You said you were happy. *crosses fingers*
  105. 105. Bayldonite aka Bayl: Libra 1/9/6/3/8 Fortune sim (curse you Lucy!!) with a desire to help the world and get to the top of the Oceanography career track. This big heart-ed sim (which should have been a family sim *mutter*) will pick you up when you fall, hug you at random moments and will manage your stocks and bonds free of charge.
  106. 106. Here are the generation 3 siblings Higarashi. Join me next time for part 3 of the college years! --->> click the arrow >^-^<
  107. 107. &quot;Ahh, my goddess, I knew it was a matter of time Beryl would discover our forbidden love. It is sad losing her as a friend, but I am willing to make that sacrifice. Our love is eternal and once I get rid of that upstart we can finally be together.&quot; *door slams*
  108. 108. &quot;What the? How did you get in here?&quot;
  109. 109. &quot;Wait, What are you doing with that club?&quot;
  110. 110. &quot;You're, you're insane!&quot;
  111. 111. &quot;Leave me alone! I swear it wasn't me, it wasn't me! It's all lies!&quot;
  112. 112. &quot;NOOOOOOOOOO!!!&quot;
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