Chapter 2.3


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Chapter 2.3 of Geogacy a Sims 2 life story

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Chapter 2.3

  1. 1. I am still experimenting with cover pages as you can see. :D
  2. 2. Count your Lucky Stars gaming hall... "It took too long, It took too long, It took too long for you to call back. *humming* Something, something, my stupid birthday. Dang! Why can't I get this song out of my head, Grrr!" ( Potential Breakup Song by Aly & A.J. It's been in my head all day!!)
  3. 3. "Hey, you better have a good reason for being here, buddy. The deal was no business close to home and I'm not in the mood for a social call. Why don't you come back during opening hours."
  4. 4. "Listen I got stuff--Umm, what are you doing?"
  5. 5. "Woah, there! What the heck, Pal? That isn't a toy."
  6. 6. "Who...told?" *evil giggles*
  7. 7. Welcome, readers to chapter 2.3 of Geogacy!! Let me introduce this chapter's sponsors. You may recognize the lady in the back as Candi, writer of the "Uglacy" & "Prettacy" legacies. Back in February, the community had a Valentines exchange. "Whateverhobb" made me a Cute kitty picture and I made a story for Candi, "Be Mine.. Please". For those of you who haven't read it, the guy on the left is Felix. The little cuties are, from left to right Grayson, Evangeline & Patrick. Now that introductions are complete, it's time to start!
  8. 8. Quick little recap. Biotite is off at college and if you think you will see him this chapter, then I am sorry to disappoint. I like playing college all at once. The girls here are teens as you can see and-- “ Will you be silent! The Master Composer is trying to concentrate This is a fearsome battle of wills. Oh no, see what you did! She almost missed.” “ You are so going down old lady!” “ Breccia, your language is appalling. Do be more courteous.”
  9. 9. "Who you calling old lady? Watch your head sweetie 'cause this ones going between the eyes!" "I'd like to see you try it, old lady!"
  10. 10. “ Hey, That almost hit me!” “ Excellent catch, Master!” “ I cannot watch. Violence will scar my sensibilities.” Moving on with recap...
  11. 11. Brucite grew up as well and so far is the most agreeable. I never have to tell him twice to do anything, which is odd since he has only one nice point. “ Look over here, Creator, cute child interactions. Better, hurry an take some pictures before you miss it.” I see you. “ Good. My left is my good side.” (The little girl is Julia, Apatite & Aiyana daughter.)
  12. 12. "Now that Biotites is off at college this is the best time to start on kid #5. My days off are coming up, so if we get the timing right I can have this baby before work on Monday." *sigh* I am starting to regret letting Lucy get a job. Well, at least she didn't go into aspiration failure again. Did I say again, I meant ever. She didn't go into aspiration failure ever, really. *shifty eyes*
  13. 13. "Steven, isn't it? You sit behind me in Math class. Am I right?" "Oh wow, I can't believe you know my name!" "Of course, I know it. I also heard you are pretty good with fixing stuff." "Well, I'm not that good at all. It's just a hobby." "Oh, I see. I was hoping you would help me out with the T.V. It's been broken for weeks." "Oh, is that all. I can fix it for you, no problem."
  14. 14. You know you have enough skill point to fix it yourself. Why make him do it? "I can't believe this! Why won't you fry! Where are the sparks! This sucks I'm leaving" Question answered! :D
  15. 15. Hi Lucy. Looking for Breccia? She went downstairs. I have her working in the garden. Hello, Lucy? "Quite, I want to see the sparks." *hand smacks forehead*
  16. 16. Haha! Baby #5 on it's way! "Wow, 2 hours ahead of schedule Do you know what this mean? 2 extra hours in the salon! This is wonderful." *sigh* whatever makes you happy.
  17. 17. "Disgraceful. Have you seen the news lately, Creator? 'Young townie girl is sent to juvenile correction center for stalking.' Can you believe that?" Sounds like Marsha finally got caught. "You know this girl? I am surprised you let this happen. A responsible Creator watches over and nurture their people." Sorry, Hitomi, But it doesn't work that way all the time. There is something called "free will" which I have no power over and besides I can't be around all the time. I have classes and an evil kitty who likes to pounce on me. :D "PlumbBob Almighty!!"
  18. 18. What? What does it say?...*reads headline*...Oh My. "This is unacceptable! Creator, I demand you speak with Circe. You have given her far too much freedom." Circe? You don't think Circe did this? "Who else could it be? She has done it before, she can do it again." I agree she is a little, umm, bloodthirsty. But, that doesn't mean it's her. She would have told me. She likes to brag. "That still doesn't mean she didn't do it. My mind is made up, until I see proof she didn't do it." Please don't be that way. I'll go over right now and find out what's what.
  19. 19. "Hmm, 30% coupon for Sugar Cube Bowling, Root might like that. Woah, wait! Mysterious Murder? What the heck? This is terrible."
  20. 20. "Listen up ladies! We have a problem on our hands. What is this world coming to, I mean really!"
  21. 21. "Do calm yourself, Dear. Whatever the issue may be, there is no need for dramatization." (Dicreasy, writer of 'A Victorian Legacy')
  22. 22. “ Have you seen today's paper? There was a murder last night at the 'Count your lucky stars' gaming hall.” “ That is dreadful! No wonder you are in such a tizzy.” “ Of course, I am. I mean, who does this Joker think he is, whacking somebody in my territory? He even had the audacity not to ask my permission first!”
  23. 23. There you are Circe. “ What the heck do you want?" Umm, I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?
  24. 24. “ We were discussing a murder which happened last night. Do you think I can be on the forensics team?” That's actually why I am here. Do you guys know anything about it? “ Only what Circe read in the newspaper. I would think you would know more than we would.” You read it from the newspaper? So, it wasn't you who did it? (GintasticNecat, writer of 'The Science of a Legacy') (Jesirice, writer of 'My Extreme Simself Legacy')
  25. 25. "Oh I see, suddenly somebody croaks and it's all my fault? Well, sorry to burst your bubble. It wasn't me. I would have done a better job." I never thought it was you-- "Yeah, sure." But, regardless we need to find out who it was. I can't have a murderer running around. I am having a hard enough time as it is keeping my legacy sims alive without "maxMotives". I wouldn't be able to handle a surprise death. Please help me out here. *sniff* "Humph, If it wasn't for our deal, I'd let you squirm. But, this guy does have some nerve hunting on my turf." Yay, thank you, Circe! "Yeah, whatever. Go back to your legacy already.”
  26. 26. “ What's this about a deal?” “ Nothing important, really. Now, ladies are you willing to help me out on this?” “ You need not ask, Dear. We will do what is required. This is our home after all and this murderer has threatened our community.” “ You know it might be that Gentry guy.” “ Wow, I hope it is. Two bird, one stone and all that jazz.” “ Let us not get ahead of ourselves. It would, Indeed be ideal if the murderer and Mr. Gentry were one in the same. However, if we are mistaken it could cost the community dearly.” “ Point taken. Di, you keep up the surveillance on Gentry. Jesi, Gin the downtown area around the gaming hall should be popular today with all the excitement. See what you can see and hear what you can hear. I need to make some calls, then I'll join you.”
  27. 27. "Hey, good to hear from you too. All nice and settled it? Great! Now, I know you just got here, but something has come up and I need a favor. Did you see the article this morning? No, I did not do it! Yes, I'm serious! Are you going to help me or not? Good, I'll tell them to except you."
  28. 28. Meanwhile across town.... "Your schedule is in the library ready for your inspection, Sir, and the advert for staff was sent with the post this morning." "Excellent, Alistair." "Thank you, Sir."
  29. 29. “ Hmm, 30% off coupon. Score! What's this...? Who the heck!?"
  30. 30. "Foul news in the gazette, Sir?" "So, they want to play rough do they? Cancel today's appointments!" "Very good, Sir."
  31. 31. Back at the legacy house... "Beryl and I thought since we didn't get a birthday party or an after birthday outing, that maybe we could go downtown after school." "We would be oh so grateful if you would grant us your approval, Grandpapa, Grandmamma."
  32. 32. "I'm sorry sweethearts, but your Grandmother and I don't think this is a good time for anyone to go about town let alone two young ladies. Once things calm down a bit, your father and I will take you to the shopping district. How does that sound."
  33. 33. "But, we don't have time to wait. College is only a few days away and I haven't even had a date yet. My aspiration is dangerously close to red, here." "This is quite disappointing."
  34. 34. "Please don't be upset. We only have your safety in mind. My Rival is a dangerous man and now he has resorted to Simicide. But, don't worry once our family controls this country you'll be able to go out anytime you like and no one will ever bother you."
  35. 35. "Pray, tell me, what does father speak of?" "It's best just to smile and nod, princess."
  36. 36. "Now that our agenda is utterly ruined, would you like to dance to the radio?" "Sorry princess, but I'm breaking out. This pleasure sim needs to eat out and buy some new clothes." "You do not mean to sneak out do you? Breccia, we were forbidden to leave." "Come on, princess. You know that we'll be in college way before they deem it safe to go anywhere. I am sorry but my aspiration isn't going to magically turn white and have you seen yours lately? Dark Orange clashes with your dress." "Oh heavens, I do not wish to look common. However, you are right it has indeed been some time since I have met someone new." "Care to come with me?"
  37. 37. "It is quite the risk." "Oh come on they'll never know we're gone. Mom has already chained herself to the salon chair. Dad is in his 'gotta make minions' mode, whatever that means. Grandma is already gone to her 'Townie need to suffer too' meeting and Grandpa is skilling like a mad man. If we wait any longer the Creator could come back and rat us out. It's now or never." "Very well, Let us make haste."
  38. 38. 'Count your Lucky Stars' Gaming hall. Crime scene...... “ So, I tell the chica, you gotta be ultra fine to get the Woo of the Hoo out of Pimp Daddy Tease.” “ Ha ha that be funnier then the lead car wiping out after the 4th lap in the Daytona 500.” (Please excuse the Nascar joke above and the heavy use of American slang. If you have question about what certain words mean you can leave a comment on boolprop Thank you.)
  39. 39. "Sir, shouldn't we be wrapping this up? Now, I know this be the first gosh darn killing case we ever did have, but what more we need be doing here?" "Chill, Home Dawg. The Creator got Circe in charge and she's sending us some specialized chica." "I reckin' she's a simself. I hope she's purdy." "Fly mamasita or not, she best not be messing with our case too much. We don't need some over zealous wacked out Lady Sim over steppin' our authoritye."
  40. 40. “ This junk is all whack anyway. Circe is frontin' sending some Chica to put the strings on us. Makin' us look ignorant to the public." “ I'll assume the public already knows, because I didn't understand a word you just said.” (mountainshade1 writer of 'A Measure of Things')
  41. 41. “ I was just sayin' what an asset you'll be--” “ Whatever, stopped listening when you started talking. Just tell me the info. I don't have all day.” “ The unfortunate feller was this here gambling hall's owner, Hector Carboni. He was a new comer to town. Been in business less than a year. Not the trouble makin' type, least that what the locals say.”
  42. 42. “ We place the time of urn appearence at about 2:00 am SST (Sim Standard Time)” “ Mmm hmm.” “ What's the word on witnesses?” “ Not a one, sides from the little miss over yonder.” “ Mmm hmm.”
  43. 43. “ Poor little Lady's still a bit spooked. She confirms the main exits were lock up good and tight. A few window were unlocked, but they can't open wide enough for anybody to fit.” “ The perp coulda got our man from the windah. Wouldn't need to get inside. The victim got in the gut at a low angle. It gotta be from the windah. What do ya think specialist Lady?”
  44. 44. "Urr, sheriff? I reckin' we got the wrong simself for this job."
  45. 45. “ Look what I can do, Stacy! Crouching flamingo, hidden Plumbbob super jump!” “ Ma'am I really think you should--” “ Look, double jump!” “ *sigh* Sweet mother of Plumbbob, we got a Pleasure Sim.”
  46. 46. "Umm, we gotta be wrappin' up soon. Do ya need, umm, to know any more about the case?" "Wee!!" "For the love of-- If ya aint got any more questions can we leave now?" "No, wait I do have some questions."
  47. 47. "I was looking around and saw something strange." "Really? What ya got? Did you see somethin' that could I.D. our perp?" "Why is there an outline on the floor? I mean really, when sims die the body doesn't stick around long. It usually goes poof and boom there is a urn or a grave." "*sigh* It's there to get a visual of what might have happened and the girls thought it would look tight." "And they are right. It's so awesome! I got to get some photos for my scrapbook" "Whatev, we're wrappin' now. Circe's gotta be whack sendin' a Pleasure Sim to do a Knowledge Sims job."
  48. 48. "Wow, this is so cool! Hmm, how did they know he had a hat on? OOO, shiny!!
  49. 49. "Shiny CD?"
  50. 50. Somewhere downtown... I forgot where. :D "Now, don't you feel better, Princess? I almost forgot what it felt like to have a green aspiration bar." "I suppose this is quite refreshing. However, we must not dally too long. We should dine and then hurry back home before we are found out." "Don't be a party pooper. No one is going to notice we are gone. We'll be fine. Just enjoy yourself, I intent to." "If you are sure, then I will enjoy myself. I will try to ignore this anxious feeling that has taken hold." "Good! I really feel good about today. It's going to be wonderful."
  51. 51. “ Here is your-- oh” "Oh crap."
  52. 52. “ Hmm, you are indeed a remarkable player. I have not struggled over a game in centuries. Such skill is a testimony to sheer genius.”
  53. 53. “ Ha ha, you flatter me, Sir. Now, what does this one do again?”
  54. 54. "Here the odds 2 to 4 Major Tiles is called 3rd round. Aunty Candice are you in?" "Up it another $50 and you're on." "Deal, it's not like I need the scholarship money anyway."
  55. 55. Meanwhile back at the homestead.... Wonderful, another baby! “ AL!! DOWN HERE NOW” “ Quick, someone get an exorcist!”
  56. 56. It's a Boy! Child #5's name is Basalt. Now for the Geology part. Basalt is a rock made up of a good number of minerals, like Olivine & Pyroxene, just to name a few. This rock is the most common on Earth. It takes up 70% of the ocean floor. Basalt comes up to the surface as lava at the Mid-ocean ridge and as "Hot Spots". Hawaii is a result of one of these "Hot Spots".
  57. 57. "Al, will you take him? My carpool will be here soon. Al, are you listening? Humph, Beryl will you... wait where is Beryl?"
  58. 58. "WOO HOO! You go girl!"
  59. 59. "Miss Creator, could I have a word with you?" Sure you can, Cutie. What's up? "I have noticed that you call me "Cutie" a lot and I will admit, it is very true." I am sorry sweetie, I should have known a big boy like you would get embarrassed --
  60. 60. "No no, it's not that. I was just wondering, if I am Cute like you say I am--" Yep, Cute as a button!! "Yes, I know. What I want to ask is, why haven't you taken many photos of me? I am going to grow up soon and I can count the number of slides I have been in on one hand. I mean, you said it yourself, I am cute and cute should be the focus of this legacy. Just think, it will up your readership. We all know that in a few hours I'll go from Cute to Hot. I am the perfect Fan-girl fodder you could ever wish for and besides you promised I wouldn't get ignored." *blink, blink* Umm, what's that Hitomi? The gardens on fire? I'll be right there! "Fine, Run away! Once you see how hot I become you'll change your tune. But, then I'll be charging a fee. You think about that!"
  61. 61. Ahh, good you put out the fire. "What's that, a fire? What fire?" Umm, no worries, Jin. Umm, I .... I was saying Al, put out a fine effort and now he has a Gold badge. That's all, really. "Ahh, Good job, my boy." "It is vital we make our own food. My Rival could be working with the delivery company." Ahh, righhhhtt.
  62. 62. "Old Lady, I have looked all over this house and I cannot find the Master Composer. Where have you hidden her?" "AL, I FOUND YOUR RIVAL!"
  63. 63. "Beryl, take off your shoes or they'll hear us." "Oh My. Breccia, I believe we may have a bit of a dilemma." "Understatement, Sweetheart. Now, I advise the two of you go into the living room and watch your brother grow up and then travel posthaste to your room." "Crap."
  64. 64. "I would take this moment to prepare your readers, Creator. Maybe you should put up a disclaimer for your sensitive readers. We don't want lawsuits from all the swooning." Sigh, just spin already.
  65. 65. “ Ha ha! I knew it baby. I am Hot!” “ Yes, you will do nicely. Now, over to the salon! I am putting you to work!” “ Amazing, Bruce turned into Bio.” Hmm, maybe I should encourage more variety for the next generation. Personality clones are one thing, real clones are scary.
  66. 66. "Haha, I told you I would be hot. I bet you're wishing to make me the heir. My good looks will take this legacy far, baby!" You were such a sweet boy. What happened? In any case, the Readers will decide who become the heir at the end of the college chapter.
  67. 67. "Is that so? Well, hello lady readers. If you like what you see, vote the right way." Sigh, Where did I go wrong? For all those who wish to know I have Brucite's stats right here. Sigh, Why me? Bruce is a Romance Sim. Turn on: Blonde hair & Creative Turn off: Brown hair Aspiration: Romance LTW: Become a Rock God
  68. 68. As for the girls, well, they got a punishment. Hitomi thought it was best they go to college early. That way if this Murder got serious they would be far away, out of town. No more teenage antics for them. Little do they know college is a bit more fun. Well, it will be for me. College means time to find future spouses. Yay!
  69. 69. "How's my little Salty? Ready to grow up Sweet boy?" I am sorry for the lack of photo for little Salty, I mean Basalt. It's just babies are boring. They sleep, eat, form large green clouds and sometimes plot for world take over, but all and all they are boring. So, grow up already.
  70. 70. "And pop goes my little Salty." Salty's, Grr, I mean Basalt's stats are 7/7/8/8/3 and he is a Taurus. I am no longer surprised by the lack of nice points in this family. Beryl is still the odd ball at 5 points.
  71. 71. "And down we go. Want to go back up Salty?" "Up up!" Here is our cutie in his makeover threads. Since EVERYONE insists on calling him Salty, which is NOT a Creator approved nickname, I have decided he will wear reptile inspired clothing. Why? Because salt reminds me of reptiles. Why does it remind me of reptiles? I have no idea. Will this reflect in the kid's personality? No, I just want a reason to call him Lizard Boy to annoy Jin & Hitomi. "And all this time a believed you were a mature sensible adult." Hiss!, Jin. Hiss!!
  72. 72. My little Lizard Boy has a thirst for knowledge. "Gwandpa, why I glow?" "You drank some special milk to help you grow up strong and smart." "Wat in da milk?" "Umm, well milk and smart stuff." "Wat in smart stuff?" "Chemicals which make you smart." "Wat Cemicals?" "I'm not really sure, which ones." "Help Cweator, I be poisoned wiff unown cemicals!!" I love this kid! Sorry I had to Squish the dialogue To fit in on the slide. Grr converting stories Suck.
  73. 73. Good your home Lucy! Whatever Jin says I did not tell Lizard Boy the phone number for poison control. Oh, Yay! Baby Pop! "Hmm, this is odd. I don't remember trying for baby." See you what had happened was I switched the action from woo-hoo to try for baby. You aren't getting any younger and I need that baby born before Jin & Hitomi travel to that big tiki bar in the sky. "I can't believe you! I hope we're happy. I have to miss work now. Where is Bruce? We are doing an all nighter at the Salon." Please don't be mad. I'll find him.
  74. 74. Bruce! What have you done to the Zen garden? "Me? I'm trying to fix it. I think last night's rain may have washed the sand away." It's glitched! This is not good. Stay calm, maybe it's just the garden.
  75. 75. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Ok, maybe if I just delete them it will be alright. *delete* *delete* *delete* *delete* Sorry about that, readers. We will now return to the story and cross your fingers that the lot doesn't get too glitchy.
  76. 76. Circe HQ..... "How is the case going, Shadey? Any good evidence we can use to pin it on Gentry?" "Sorry, but to quote Sheriff Pimp Daddy "Da digs are clean, real clean". Whoever did it wasn't an amateur. Are you sure you didn't do it and just forgot?" "For the last time I did not do it! Now, what did you see at the crime scene?"
  77. 77. "You should have been there. It was great! They had a body outline and everything and it was a good outline, very professional. You could see the hat and coat he was wearing. I got pictures if you want too see? Oh, and the shiny CD I found is really pretty. I hope the music on it is good." "Woah, wait. CD?" "Want to listen to it?"
  78. 78. "So, is it Jazz or that top 20 hit crap?" "Hmm, not music. I knew you would find something good. Leave it to a Pleasure sim's abstract thinking to find the obviously not so obvious answers. "Umm, does that mean no Jazz?" "No Jazz, a data disk. Let's see want we got here."
  79. 79. “ We got baby action! Bruce you better be at that makeover chair. I want to see happy customers when I get up there!!” I apologize, readers for the fast forward. I kinda of forgot to take pictures. These past few days of Lucy's last pregnancy were boring anyway and yes, last baby for Lucy. “ Halleluiah Plumbbob!”
  80. 80. And pop we have baby #6. Welcome little Bayldonite. Now, listen up! This baby's nickname is Bayl. Pronounced like the word bail. Like in, 'I hope I don't have to pay Circe's BAIL'. Does everyone get that? Jin? Hitomi? "Very well" Good! Now for the Geology part. Bayldonite is a rare mineral which forms near copper and lead minerals. It's green in color and is used in jewelry. It was first discovered in Cornwell, England.
  81. 81. Aww, sometimes I forget Al is a family sim. He hasn't put Bayl down since Lucy tossed the little one to him in her rush to check on Bruce's progress with the customers. Such a good daddy. "This child will be free of my Rival's influence." ...Like I said, such a good daddy. :D
  82. 82. Local park somewhere downtown...... "Ahh, Sierra, It's good to see you. You're looking well." "I would appreciate skipping the pleasantries, Mr. Gentry." "Ahh yes. I apologize, you have been through a lot and I am sorry for that. Hector was a good man. No one could do his job like he did and that is why I am puzzled. May a sit here?"
  83. 83. "I need to know how Hector got caught. He was the best in the business and when the best goes down it means only one thing. Someone leaked information." "I know that is the only explanation. So, I went ahead and made a list of all his contacts. I narrowed the list down to those we've seen within the last year. There isn't many. Business has been slow." "Excellent work, If you don't mind I would like a copy of that list. Please inform me on anything you find and I will tell you of what my sources come up with. We'll find our leak. Let us hope it's sooner rather then later."
  84. 84. "Thank you Mr. Gentry. Hector always said if I ever needed help you would be the person to call." "And he was right. Hector was a trusted friend and I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if anything happened to his partner. He considered you family, like a sister he would say, and on that note let me introduce you to Alistar Graham. "
  85. 85. "It is a pleasure, Madam." "I thought it best for you to have a bodyguard. Sooner or later the organization will know you're involved. With Alistar around they'll think twice before acting." "I, I, don't know what to say. Thank you. I confess I was a little concerned, about my safety that is."
  86. 86. "No thanks needed. Any friend of Hector is a friend of mine and I always take care of my friends."
  87. 87. Hours later back at Circe HQ.... "GRRRR!!!! This sucks! I can't seem to get past these stupid security points!" "Call tech support." "You know, I think I'll do that. Chester Gieke might be able to get this thing open." "Can I try?" "Sure, whatever."
  88. 88. "Hello Estelle, how are the girls? Wonderful. What? You had two more? Wow four girl, Chester must be happy about that. Speaking of Chester, I have a computer question to ask him......" "Hmmm, password, password."
  89. 89. "Yeah, we have a disk that might lead up to the murderer. NO, I DID NOT DO IT!! Are you going to help or not? Do you want me to be the murderer? Because I can bump you up on my hit list any time!" "Umm, Circe? The computer is flashing, is that good or bad?"
  90. 90. "What Flashing!?" "Well, I was just thinking of the password and I thought what would Gin think and then I thought she might ask Di and then Di would ask Jesi and Jesi would ask Cat Cat' and then I am pretty sure Cat Cat would ask Don the Zombie and he would be eating a yummy grilled cheese sandwich and then I thought if you can put chicken in grilled cheese like in the last Geogacy chapter 2.2, then bacon might be good too and bacon is the last name of Kevin Bacon the actor. So, I used his name as the password and the computer started flashing 'access granted'." "Access granted, wonderful! let me see." (There is a joke that all things are because of or have something to do with the actor Kevin Bacon.)
  91. 91. "You are a genius, Shadey! We have full access and dang there is a lot to go through." "Look Circe, Crouching flamingo, hidden Plumbbob super jump!" "Hmm, Guru master plan?"
  92. 92. "Oh Plumbob!!" "Oopsy did you need that vase, Circe? Circe?"
  93. 93. This is where we end chapter 2.3 with a picture of Al toiling away at his robot bench. "I am making the best minion ever. My Rival will cower in fear!" Of course he will, dear. I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter. Comments are always appreciated. :D Oh and if anyone wants any of the characters seen in my stories please leave a request at Happy Simming!