Chapter 1


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Geogacy Chapter 1. A sims 2 Life story

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Chapter 1

  1. 1. Welcome all to the 1st chapter of Geogacy! Yes, I chose a theme. A little FYI about me, I am a Geology major and I once worked as a jeweler for a company that SUCKS, cause they laid me off! Sorry, can you tell I'm still bitter? Long story short, I like things that sparkle. ^-^ I am now taking a class about the minerals that make up said sparklies. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to name the legacy descendants after said minerals to help me remember them for class.
  2. 2. “ That is the saddest excuse I have heard from you yet. You should be a shamed, college student, to use a PC game as an excuse not to study. Quite pathetic, and to think I'm your semi-clone.” I am not making excuses! I am going to study just like normal. I'm just using the Sims to help me a little, that's all. “ Study like normal? Oh, you mean cram the night before the test and pray to Plumbob it's multiple choice? I... I do not do that. *shifty eyes*
  3. 3. “ Oh Please! Just get on with the intro. I swear, you are so exhausting.” This very Very VERY contrary Sim is Circe, my semi-clone Simself. I say semi-clone, because she may look like me, but she is really the evil twin. I suggest you read my two pre-legacy chapters to learn just how evil she is. “ Are you typing smack about me? Don't make me call the LFPA.” I said nothing, nothing at all. We should go see Hitomi now. We are wasting time. Come, come. (If you want to know about the LFPA read the 2nd part of my Pre-legacy)
  4. 4. “ Hello, Creator Lady? I don't feel quite right.” Everyone meet Hitomi, Hitomi meet everyone. Hitomi here is our founder. She is quite wonderful. I have never had a Sim volunteer to be a legacy founder until Hitomi. You are Heaven send, Hitomi! *Snif Snif* I promised not to cry. *Snif* “ Umm, Excuse me, but something isn't right. I don't feel like myself.
  5. 5. “ That because, you aren't yourself. You see, dear Hitomi, to be a legacy founder one must follow some simple rules. We would not want other legacy founders to revolt, because we allowed you to keep some privileges.” “ Privileges? What are you talking about?” “ Skills, dear Hitomi, aspiration points, a college degree, get me drift? A founder can't possibly start a legacy with all of that. It wouldn't be fair to all those other hardworking founders. Oh and the Creator thought you might look good with custom blue eyes.”
  6. 6. “ Are you telling me, I am a CAS Remake!?” “ Telling you? Ha, I'm singing it sweety. Ms. Creator remade you in CAS. Look at the bright side you have pretty blue eyes.” “ Blue eyes! I have to start all over with everything and I am supposed to be happy with Blue eyes?” “ Go look in a mirror, really they are cute. Now, I know you're upset, but the Creator and I know you are a determined individual and will build up those lost skill points in no time.”
  7. 7. “ Please Circe, I need my skills. I can't complete my lifetime dream of becoming Captain Hero if I don't have my body points. “ Sorry, Hitomi, but rules are rules.” “ Hey, wait one minute! I know there are rules that let founders go to college and collect skill points.” “ And there are, however I, I mean to say, the Creator had her heart set on an Extreme Start.” “ But, That means...”
  8. 8. “ Sniff” I am truly sorry, really Hitomi, I promise after the legacy is over you will be living in style. A nice house and a few motherlode. “ Snifffffff!!” *cry* I am sorry! Don't cry, It won't be to bad and the Handicaps Circe helped me choose are really simple. Well, maybe not the Extreme Start, but the others are nice. Well, Free Roaming Ghost can be a little annoying, but the last handicap is a goood one, True Love. Well, it might take a long while to find Mr. 3 Bolts, but you have a week to look. You'll do fine, really.
  9. 9. “ While Hitomi looks for her oh so desired law enforcement career, I will explain the particulars. If you didn't catch it on the last page, The Handicaps are; Extreme Start, The founder starts on a 5X6 lot with only $1,500. The founder cannot go to college and cannot move any Sim in until 1 week has passed. Free Roaming Ghost, Graves may not be deleted or sold from the lot, even if they are smashed. Ghost must be able to travel freely over the lot. True Love, the founder and heirs can only have children with a Sim they have 3 Bolts with. Oh and an added rule, family members cannot be resurrected, so if the heir dies the spare gets their shot at the legacy and each generation must have at least 3 kids.”
  10. 10. Welcome wagon right on time. Don't be alarmed if you see familiar Sims with different outfits or hair. Circe opened up a salon to "try" and cure the ugly disease that has spread throughout the sim world. Umm I did say "Try" didn't I?
  11. 11. “ Oooh He's cute.” Over my dead body!.... ahem I mean to say, Sorry, you don't have 3 Bolts with Pascal Curious and besides he's in the family way if you know what I mean. “ I'm A Family Sim!” Yes, yes you are. However, I had no plans to have a black sheep so soon and he is a playable sim and therefore off limits.
  12. 12. “ How about him? He's got Black hair. I like black hair.” You also like glasses and I don't see any bifocals and he's playable, sorry.
  13. 13. Here is the low down on Hitomi. She is a Cancer so she is neutral in the personality department. 6/5/5/3/6 which means she is average on everything except playfulness. She only has 3 point. Her LTW (Lifetime Want) Is to become Captain Hero. Her turn ons are Black hair and Glasses and her turn off is Fatness.
  14. 14. It is always a good sign when the career you want is in the paper on the first day. Oooww I am so excited! Successful legacy here I come!
  15. 15. To help with the spouse catching I had Hitomi get a few magazines. Conversation is key to snagging unsuspecting prey? ahem legacy spouses. “ Ooo, 10% off coupon for 'Makeover 'Cause Ya Need It'”
  16. 16. I had Hitomi hit the town every night after work, looking for Mr. 3 Bolts. “ He's got Black hair.” eeww No.
  17. 17. We even sought out help from the local widow, Olive. She has been married so many times; surly she will have a trick or two up her long black sleeve, which can help Hitomi in her quest. “ I can tell you how to get rid of them, catching them is a different matter, dearie.”
  18. 18. Day 6, we have search far and wide and still no sign of Mr. 3 Bolts. With the week's end closing in, I begin to regret the handicap I thought I would so easily complete. However, Hitomi's strong resolve keeps me going. Her carefree attitude makes it appear she isn't stressed at all. Hey Hitomi, time to look elsewhere. “ Look for what?” *Sigh*
  19. 19. “ Wow, Black hair.” *sigh* Just 2 bolts. I may have to use the aspiration changer thingy to change her turn ons. I thought there might be rules against it with the handicap and all, but no. I can try one last thing.
  20. 20. “ H mmm not bad.”
  21. 21. Matcher matcher make me a match catch me a catch. PLEASE!
  22. 22. “ I like black hair and glasses. Do you know someone like that? I need to find someone quick. Winter is only a day away, literately we got seasons installed. The Creator won't build a house for me until I have a spouse and I don't want to freeze. This is all the money I have, so I need 3 Bolts and a non-playable.” “ Let me get out the counterfeit pen and I'll see what I can do.”
  23. 23. “ No black hair, snif?” “ Of course not! The ink on the Simloans wasn't even dry yet. Be glad he has glasses.”
  24. 24. One little date can't hurt and Hitomi needs a friend or two for work, so I let her take the night off from spouse hunting.
  25. 25. What was I thinking! One date can't hurt my as- ..ahem excuse me while I send Vidcund home with a restraining order.
  26. 26. Day12, That's it I have had it. It has almost been 2 sim week and not a 3 bolt in sight. I have no choice.
  27. 27. “ I suddenly have an uncontrollable desire for dark haired intellectuals, which are not of the robotic persuasion. What? Ahh I love Bon Voyage. For those of you who have yet to purchase the newest Sims 2 Expansion, you are in for a treat. So, much fun with added surprises. Hitomi's new turn ons are Black hair, which I kept the same because she was throwing a fit and Logical Sims, Sims with 6 or more Logic points. The new turn off is Robots, sorry servo lovers. The new turn on's and off's give much more variety. Thank You Maxis!
  28. 28. Day 14, I feel bad about the no house, without a spouse policy. Circe has reassured me it is the only way to keep Hitomi's mind focused on the Hunt. I hope she is right. Keep under those covers!
  29. 29. Yes, I caved, please don't tell Circe. She'll go all evil soul eating demon on me and that's something that can't be kept PG-13.
  30. 30. OK! Day 15, I have sent Hitomi out again, to find that special DNA Donor. “ Ooo, Black haired intellectual.” Not again no is no, you got that? “ But, Mr. 3 Bolts?” 3 as in the number after 2? Yes, we found one! Yay, all rejoice the legacy is saved. Ok Hitomi, go over there and see what he thinks of you. I am so happy! It only took forever.
  31. 31. “ Do you think he likes me?” Umm Hitomi, his names is Jin, isn't it? “ Sure is. How did you know? He is dead sexy, just look at the hair. I'm going to introduce myself. This Legacy thing might be bearable if I can snag that stud muffin. Finally, babies! A family Sims dream come true. Bye now Creator Lady, don't wait up. ...Umm maybe Circe changed her mind and she doesn't really like this guy. Maybe? Snif Snif READER WARNING Evil Soul Eating Demon up ahead, those with weak heart conditions please stop reading and thank you for your patronage. I am not long for this world. Snif
  32. 32. Hey there Circe, I see you have a wishing shrine. “ How observant, I see logical deduction serves you well. Now, shut it! I am making a very important wish. What's your wish or is it one of those, if you tell it won't come true? “ Simpleton! That is just superstition, if you must know I am wishing the one wish all Family Sims wish for, marriage and babies. I also have the perfect sim picked out. He's a Knowledge Sim so, he'll be low maintenance. Keep him skilling and he'll be happy. He also has looks, a pretty face makes pretty children. The only problem is he's a little dense. He doesn't yet realize what a good catch I am. Yet, once a tell him about the O' Mother of all Loads, he'll be putty in my oh so lovely hands. he he he!
  33. 33. I take it red is bad? I shouldn't be surprised. It's what you get for pinning after a taken man. “ Taken man?” Oops! I mean red is a pretty color. Don't you think so?
  34. 34. “ I have this vexing little feeling that you might know something of value?” I...I don't know what you mean? What could I know? “ I don't know maybe something to do with my man, maybe?” *wring hands* Who is this man you speak of? “ We can do this the hard way or the easy way. Which will it be? I... *Cry* Ok Ok I give! Jin has bolts for Hitomi, 3 bolts really. *cry* Don't hurt me.
  35. 35. “ That (Insert the colorful word of your choice), how dare she!” Now now Circe, It wasn't all her fault, they both have 3 Bolts for each other. “ Those (Insert more than 3 colorful words of your choice), how dare they! They will regret this outrage! No one betrays Circe!” I am so sorry, I didn't know you loved him that much. If I knew I wouldn't have let Hitomi talk to him. I should have sent her home right way. I am so sorry, your heart is broken. *Cry*
  36. 36. “ My heart? I didn't love that massively dense excuse for a Knowledge Sim.” Then, why are you so upset? “ Because he belongs to me, that's why. No one escapes Circe. It's the principle of the matter. Principle? *Sigh* Please don't do anything rash. I can't let you mess up my legacy. I will make you a deal. Leave those two alone and help me get through this legacy and I will grant you one wish. “ Ok I wish for a tombstone of death. Come on now, get boolproping! No, you cannot kill them and besides you don't get the wish until after the legacy is over.
  37. 37. “ Fine, I will wait. It will give me time to plan out my revenge. No going back on your word or by almighty Plumbob, I will see you regret it.” *shiver* I won't, I promise.
  38. 38. Circe may be waiting to retaliate, but it sure doesn't look like it. She come by the legacy daily to steal the newspaper and kick over the trash can. I am afraid to think of what Circe believes to be fitting retribution.
  39. 39. As for the two lovebirds, they became very close in no time at all. Which is good, seeing that Hitomi is already 16 days into adulthood. I will have to brake out the Elixir soon. I am not having Hitomi spit out the spare 3 days before elder hood.
  40. 40. It was a quick courtship, but they did get a dream date in before I moved Jin into the legacy house. See the dozen roses in the corner? Hitomi is a traditional sort so, it was necessary for Jin the pop the question.
  41. 41. Followed by a very hasty wedding in the new hallway. I have to hand it to Circe, she knows how to pick them. Jin really is a great catch. He moved in with $17,000. He is a Top Secret Researcher in the Science career track and come with the skill points to match. Jin is a Cancer, just like Hitomi with a personality that is very similar. 6/4/6/5/5 No wonder they have 3 bolts. Talking about Chemistry, Jin's turn ons are Make-up and Black hair and his trun off is Robots. Gotta love Bon Voyage. Last but not least, his LTW is to be Chief of Staff.
  42. 42. “ That is when Mrs. Crumplebottom brought up her theory 'Sim Inventories, the Infinite Pocket'. Interesting stuff. That woman is a genius. She is going to start lecturing at Academie Le Tour.”
  43. 43. “ Wow, I went to school there. Come to think of it, I missed my class reunion. No matter I will just plan another one. I could set up an event committee and maybe get the local community lots to sponsor. Oh and I have always wanted to start up a Zombies out reach program. Do you think we can get Zion to be the spokes-zombie?” Could it be? Yes, the overachieving, highly determined Hitomi is back!
  44. 44. Stop wasting time with the chitchat. I need to get Hitomi in the gold before she can use the elixir. Just so everyone knows it is much easier to 'try for baby' with a 3 bolt couple. 1st time is the charm.
  45. 45. "She's a brick house. Yeah, She's mighty mighty just lettin' it all hang out And she's a brick house. I like lady's stacked, that's a fact, ain't holding nothing back" Brick House, The Commodores Sorry I couldn't help it. The song just pop into my head.
  46. 46. Don't you get tired of dancing all the time? “ I have no idea what you mean.” What about the chess set or the easel. You can have a lot of fun with them. Come on, how about a fun book or you could mop up the puddles from the rain, that's fun. Skill darn you! “ Could you keep it down. I am trying to listen to the music. *silent scream, then head hits keyboard*
  47. 47. “ Excuse me Creator Lady? I have made a decision. From this day forward, I want to be a Romance Sims.” *shock* Why would a dedicated Family Sim like you want to be Romance? It goes against all of your principles. Romance is the ultimate Anti-family Sim.
  48. 48. “ Because I don't want to do this again!”
  49. 49. “ You can't just leave Hitomi like this.” But, why not this is a classic legacy cliffhanger. The readers accept me to keep them in suspense at important interval throughout the legacy. “ So, you are content being a copycat? A stealer of idea? And here I thought you were different. A true legacy writer and not a sheep that follows trends.” I'm not a sheep! I am going to show everyone that this Simmer has fresh idea. Just you wait and see! “ Thank Plumbob! Hitomi is starting up with some pretty colorful terms of mutilation directed toward my person that would make Circe blush.”
  50. 50. 8,000 Aspiration Point! You, Hitomi, Elixir Now. “ Isn't little Edwardo just the cutest.” Edwardo? No no, we have had this discusion before. The Children will be name after minerals and gemstones. “ But, I Edwardo is the best name off my list. I cross referenced every baby name book I could find with Sim People Magazine. Then, I made a list of my favorite meanings and spellings. I came up with the ultimate top 5 Sim names for boys.” No Edwardo, I have already picked out a name. “ How about Ben?” No “Kennedy? Timmy? Goopy?” NOOOO!
  51. 51. His name is Aragonite, current heir to the Geogacy. He has black hair and Hitomi custom blue eyes. Aragonite is a Clacium carbonate (CaCO3), with an Orthorhombic crystal structure and a hardness of 3.5. It is usually a translucent colorless/white stone, but can appear to be different colors when impurities are present. Aragonite forms naturally in almost all mollusk shells. So, in simple terms Aragonite is a type of pearl.
  52. 52. Alright Jin, follow Hitomi outsaid and take to Aragon with you. “ I'll follow that sexy thing anywhere.” It's a good thing for you, Hitomi did not take any advice from Olive Spector or we would have our first free roaming ghost.
  53. 53. With the addition of the baby and two more planned for the future, it was time the legacy family live in an actual house and not a 2-room shack with no windows. Therefore, with the $17,000 Jin brought with him, along with wages and maternity leave, I built this beauty. If you have not guessed yet, I am all about Asian style. Have I said how much I like Bon Voyage?
  54. 54. Here is the tour. On the 1sr floor, we have the entry hallway to the left. In the center, we have the dinner room and living room at the bottom. To the right, the kitchen, sunroom with no plants yet and a large bath area. I don't know about anyone else, but when I play a large family, they all have to powder their noses at the same time. Therefore, a separate shower room is necessary.
  55. 55. This family is going to be big and I do not want to rebuild this house every time we have a new addition. As you can see, I made plenty of room. 4 smaller rooms for kids and elders with one master suit for the founders. There is a spacious porch attached to the master suit for future parties.
  56. 56. How do you like the house? I kind of went a little overboard though. With all the building costs, I did not have enough for much furniture or wallpaper. Yet overall, I think it came out quite nice. What do you think? “ Where is the radio?” *shifty eyes* Oh that, well we needed a stove more.
  57. 57. I hope you are happy. I just don't understand. Hitomi was so dedicated back in college, always skilling and doing her own homework and term papers. I can't even get her to flush the toilet anymore and she has 6 neat points.
  58. 58. What are you reading? You wouldn't be skilling would you? *crosses fingers* “ Of course, I need to boost up my mechanical skills if I want to be Chief of Staff.” *wipes tear* I knew I could count on you.
  59. 59. “ Now, let's see according to Komei's 'Repairmen are for wimps' this should fix the PC with a couple of twists here.” Umm Jin, I took a look at you skill panel and I really don't think that's a good idea. Besides Komei's book did not reach the bestsellers list.
  60. 60. Raise your hand if you saw that coming? Yep, I thought so.
  61. 61. Ahh the distinct smell of children. Some people claim the scent remains them of freshly washed linens and soft flowery perfume. All I have to say is HAHAHA!! Let us hope they don't have kids or they are going to be so disappointed.
  62. 62. Do my eyes desieve me? Hitomi, you are Skilling! “ The ferensic team down at the precinct needed a helping hand and since I was a bio major at Le Tour, I offered my services. I am so proud. My sims have good heart. Just one thing Hitomi. I remade up in CAS so, you didn't go to college.
  63. 63. “ Oops *cough cough* “ What!? Mysterious Disease!
  64. 64. “ Created... fibrous... pathogen... *COUGH*”
  65. 65. What do I do? Call a doctor, Jin get in here, you are in the Medical career track now, so move your buns and cure her! Where are you? Jin, Jin here boy. *whistle*
  66. 66. “ So, we meet again Mr. PC.” This is not the time to get all crispy on me. “ No, I have put off this confrontation long enough. I will succeed!”
  67. 67. PC: Foolish Sim, you will never win against the superior intelligence of my A.I. Muhahahaha. He didn't die, thank heavens. I do not think I could have gone through another spouse hunt. “ Gee, I feel the love.” No, I'm pretty sure that's just your internal organs frying.
  68. 68. Some mysterious disease, a day of rest and a few personal interviews with the porcelain king and Hitomi was feeling right as rain. I am not to sure what that phrase means "right as rain" but, it's something good I hope.
  69. 69. Hey Aragon, time to grow... Aww Kawaii! Sorry about the lack of face time, but I promise after the Toss N' Spin you are going to get a whole lot of it. You have a lifetime of abuse... ahem I mean love to look forward to. You are the heir after all.
  70. 70. Time passes so quickly. *Snif* It was just a few Sim days ago that we were blessed with little Aragonite.
  71. 71. And here is where we really end the chapter. Thought I wasn't going to do a traditional cliffhanger, didn't you. Well sorry, I have a job to go to and I hate leaving stories undone.
  72. 72. I hope you liked the story.I know it is on the short side. I wanted to add a lot more slides, but then I had an idea for a future story plot. I promise a longer Chapter next time. I would love to hear any feed back anyone might have. I want to improve my writing style so, tell me what's working and what's not. I can take it I'm tough! ^-^ Happy Simming! Special Thanks to the Creators of all the CCs featured in this story. Keep up the excellent work.