Get Out While You Can - Escape the Rat Race


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Get Out While You Can - Escape the Rat Race

  1. 1. A book by George Marshall called Get Out While You Can - Escape the Rat Race has just changed my life a little bit. Well, let me correct that statement. Whether it has changed my life is yet to be proven, but it has certainly changed my perspective. A lot.
  2. 2. Whos the book for?
  3. 3. First of all, the book is not necessarily for people who are loving their job right now and who are in the throws oftaking on more and more responsibility or working longer hours to impress senior management in a bid to fulfilltheir ambition of getting further up the corporate ladder.
  4. 4. In fact, if I had to pin point an optimum target audiencefor the book (my opinion only), Id say its for people who are pretty jaded from having worked for companies for many years and are looking for something different. Perhaps people looking for a way to gain greater controlover their own destiny and who are prepared to grab the opportunities currently offered by the information age that abound currently.
  5. 5. A way to make a living without fear of being sacked/maderedundant or bullied at work. Its perhaps for people whohave always wanted to go self employed or run their own business but dont have a lot of time or money but think that there must be an alternative working hard for someone else (what George refers to as Plan A). And in this book George then goes on to prove that there is another way. There is a Plan B.
  6. 6. Plan B
  7. 7. Plan B is a way of generating income which can afford you a lifestyle that probably seems pretty impossible to achieve for most right now; work less hours, work thehours you choose and earn money while doing whatever it is you want to do with your time - all from the comfort of your own home. Compelling isnt it?
  8. 8. An easy to follow step-by-step approach
  9. 9. The reason this book stands out as different, and why I amfired up to implement its strategies is that George breaks down the whole thing into baby steps, so anyone can follow it. In fact, Ive read a lot recently about the principle of generating passive income i.e. not trading your time for money but setting up systems that then generate money for you on autopilot.
  10. 10. There are lots of interesting theories that can whip you up into an over-enthused state but thats where it ends. Theories. This book is different because it breaks thetheory down into easy to follow practical how to steps to achieving it.
  11. 11. The experiment
  12. 12. So intrigued by Georges simple-to-follow formula that Iam currently carrying out my own experiment. Im in thethrows of following Georges suggestions in the book and Im going to see for myself if I can make it work.
  13. 13. So if youre looking for a change of direction and want to escape the rat race and start generating some passiveincome, buy Georges book and be prepared to put some theory into practice!
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