Ppt004 discovering yourself


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Ppt004 discovering yourself

  1. 1. Growing Violence Among Youth More than 208,000 teens aged 12 to 17 were reported as victims of family violence in 1990, according to the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect.Everyday in America, 135 children bring a gun to school.(Source: Childrens Defense Fund) Twenty-eight percent of youths in runaway shelters say they were physically or sexually abused before leaving home, according to a 1991 study.
  2. 2. Teen Suicide Every day in America, 6 teenagers commit suicide. (Source: Childrens Defense Fund)Every day in America, 437 childrenare arrested for drinking or drunken driving .(Source: Childrens Defense Fund)
  3. 3. Growing Violence Among Youth About 20 percent of teens will experience teen depression before they reach adulthood. Between 10 to 15 percent of teenagershave some symptoms of teen depression at any one time. About 5 percent of teens are suffering from major depression at any one time.
  4. 4. Rate Yourself!I generally like myself 1 2 3 4 5I have confidence in myself. 1 2 3 4 5I’m ok with how I look. 1 2 3 4 5I can handle rude or mean comments. 1 2 3 4 5I have good skills and talents 1 2 3 4 5I finish what I start. 1 2 3 4 5I am happy for others when they succeed, 1 2 3 4 5even those closest to me.I regularly push myself to try new things. 1 2 3 4 5I see myself as a winner 1 2 3 4 5I have accomplished some important things in 1 2 3 4 5my life.
  5. 5. Self-Worth Check• 40-50: You are on the high road!• 30-39: You are straddling the high and low roads!• 10-29: You are on the low road!
  6. 6. Self Esteem
  7. 7. Self Esteem• How you feel about yourself is self-esteem.• It is your perception of how you are doing in the world.• Self-esteem may go up or down • Get an "A" on a test and you feel great, but if you fail you feel terrible. Self-esteem is changeable.
  8. 8. Self-worth• Self-worth is what you are born with.• As one of the creations of the universe you are worthwhile and have value, which cannot be taken from you.• You can’t lose it, but you can lose sight of it.• You can forget your value.
  9. 9. Low Self Esteem•  Peer pressure• Lack confidence.• Dull with no creativity.• Complain a lot.• Weak willed.• Anxiety and frustration.
  10. 10. ‫‪Value Proposition of Insaan‬‬‫لقد خلقننا الميِنسنان ف ي أ قَحسن تقوميم ‬ ‫ِوْ قَ ميِ قَ ِوْ ميِ ٍ‬ ‫قَ قَ ِوْ قَ قَ ِوْ قَ ِوْ ِوْ قَ قَ ميِ‬ ‫4:59 ‪Al-Tin‬‬ ‫31‬
  11. 11. Three major issues in our life today Vision
  12. 12. Competence
  13. 13. Character
  14. 14. Discover Ourselves…•  Confidence.• Creative.• Positive outlook towards life.• Deal with failures.• Feel loved and wanted.
  15. 15. ‫الذمين آمنوا وتطمئن قلوبهم بذكر الله أ قَل بذكِوْر‬ ِ‫َّ ميِ قَ قَ ْمُ قَ قَ ِوْ قَ ميِ ُّ ْمُ ْمُ ْمُ ْمُ ِوْ ميِ ميِ ِوْ ميِ َّ ميِ قَ ميِ ميِ مي‬ ‫الله تطمئن القلوب‬ ُ‫َّ ميِ قَ ِوْ قَ ميِ ُّ ِوْ ْمُ ْمُ ْم‬ (Ar-R’ad: 28) “Those who believe and whose hearts are set at rest by the remembrance of Allah; now surely by Allahs remembrance are the hearts set at rest.”
  16. 16. َ‫قَ قَ ِوْ ِوْ قَ ِوْ قَ قَ ِوْ ْمُ ِوْ ميِ قَ اً ميِ ميِ ميِ ِوْ ْمُ ْمُ ِوْ  أقَ قَ قَ قَ ِوْ ميِ ْمُ ق‬ ‫لقد أ قَنزلننا إميِلهيكم كتنابنا فهيه ذكركم أ ۖفل تعقلون‬“Certainly We have revealed to you a Book in which is your good remembrance; what! do you not then understand?” (21:10)
  17. 17. ‫واذكروه كمنا هداكم وإميِن كنِوْتم من قبله لمن‬ َ‫قَ ِوْ ْمُ ْمُ ْمُ قَ قَ قَ قَ ْمُ ِوْ قَ ِوْ ْمُ ْمُ ِوْ ميِ ِوْ قَ ِوْ ميِ ميِ قَ ميِ ق‬ َ‫َّ ِّ ق‬ ‫الضنالهين‬ “And remember Him as He has guided you, though before that you were certainly of the erring ones.”
  18. 18. Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas (RA) says that the Holy Prophet(SAW) said “O people! I’m leaving behind among you, the Holy book (Quran) and the Sunnah. If you follow these in letter and spirit, you will never be strayed.” (Hakim Al-Mustadrik Book#1 Hadith # 318)
  19. 19. When Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) was asked about the example of the Prophet (saw), she said, “He was the walking talking Quran”.
  20. 20. The Courage And comfort zones
  21. 21. Making a Personal Statement Can not be selfish, uncaring or indifferent.
  22. 22. Story of an eagle turned chicken
  23. 23. Story of an Eagle Turned Chicken• An eagles egg was placed in nest of a chicken.
  24. 24. Story of an Eagle Turned Chicken• The egg hatched and the eagle grew thinking himself as a chicken.
  25. 25. Story of an Eagle Turned Chicken• The eagle did what the chicken did. It scratched the dirt for seeds. It did not fly more than a few feet because this is what chickens did.
  26. 26. Story of an Eagle Turned Chicken• One day he saw an eagle flying gracefully and majestically in open sky.
  27. 27. Story of an Eagle Turned Chicken• He asked the chicken "What is that beautiful bird?”. Chicken said "That is an eagle. He is an outstanding bird, but you cant fly like him as you are just a chicken".
  28. 28. Story of an Eagle Turned Chicken• So the eagle never gave a second thought to it and lived and died as a chicken.
  29. 29. Story of an Eagle Turned ChickenHE WAS BORN TO WIN BUT CONDITIONED TO LOSE!
  30. 30. Story of an Eagle Turned Chicken• This is true of most people. We dont achieve excellence because we think we cant achieve it.