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Thomas Antarctic Blog

  1. 1. MY AntarcticaBlogBy Thomas Taylor
  2. 2. My journey to the south poleI woke up at 9:05am in the morning. Ihad some breakfast and went into thecar to the exercising shop. Then Iasked the man if I could exercise andthe man said of course. So i went toget skinny and I wont get that cold soI left and said thank you.So I arrivedat Antarctica with my crew and peoplein the car.They were filming us so thenwe went to start the mission.This is anamazing place the icebergs look like afloating wedding cakes. By Thomas Taylor
  3. 3. BlizzardDay 2It was really horrid, the weather. The icicles were likekiller parsnipsThe blizzard was really strong. It got stronger andstronger.So there was a huge swirl of it coming my way. So I got abig shovel and dug a hole in the ground. Then the blizzardwent straight past me. I carried on to face the challenge, so then I kept ongoing and then there was a light.It was a fire in the night so then I set up base near thefire, wrote my blog and waited until tomorrow.Thomas and the teamMiles travelled 1 7Temperature -60
  4. 4. 1 9.1 .1 2Hello world, Im Thomas and Im at the South polewith Nickles today.Im trying to do a sports relief challenge to raisemoney for people in sports,so Im not that far away. From the finish line Ive justgot 3 days to go I think. Now Nickles is my helper sohes got ice bikes, skis and a parachute glider as well.So we are moving using the ice bikes. And we sawsome penguins. I took pictures of them and theycuddled me to death because they need to get warm.So then they kept following me and Nickles so then weturned aroundand they stopped following us. So they turned aroundand left they went back To there home and we carriedon so then we used the ice bikes and went down ahuge hill. So then the next thing you see is Nickles falloff and he had his ankle twisted, so an ambulancecame. He got rushed into the hospitalso I carried on my self then I stayed for the night.
  5. 5. Celebration Day 4Me and the team are really there!All of us are happy as. So we hi-fivedeach other and we celebrated with acake and some drinks of water.Next we celebrated and had a longlong sleep for 2 days.Thank you everyone for my support.Good bye everyoneThomas and the team
  6. 6. Penguins can swim very fast and jump up on tothe rocks and the ice shelvesMale penguinskeep eggs warmin the winter Penguins eatPenguins can fishnot fly even becauseif they they like it even whentake a run its juicedup. Most penguins can swim 1 5 miles per hour By Thomas Taylor