Antarctica blog by Matthew .C.


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Antarctica blog by Matthew .C.

  1. 1. M yA nt arc tic Di ary BY MATT.C.
  2. 2. OUR FIRST DAY! 1 2.1 .1 2Yesterday we arrived here, in Antarctica. Now we are getting ready for the part where we use the skis, we were slipping and sliding for the first few miles. After that we got out the kite-skis, It was so windy that I almost flew!!!!!!!!!!! Later on we passed a cave which was crammed full of penguins, when I first looked it seemed just like a very deep cave, But then I realised it was just some penguins.Antarctica is mostly like a frozen desert! Enormous, slippery icebergs like giant towers of ice floating in the almost frozen sea. Miles travelled today: 29 temperature: -67C Matt and the team xxxx
  3. 3. 1 3.1 .1 2"BLIZZARD!!!" It was upon us, I was too late, the tent had been blownaway,the blizzard was too destructive and too frosty.It wasterrifying. The wind was blowing snow into my eyes and ears,I was in tears.The blizzard was furious and dangerous, I only had my shovel and my pack left, I knew what I had to do... I started digging, my arms were aching, and, at last, my snow-cave was done.I crawled inside with my pack and shovel and wrote this blog, I was exhausted. I had some chocolate and some nuts and snuggled up in my sleeping sack to rest. Miles travelled today: 80 temperature: -78C Matt and the team My snow-cave
  4. 4. ALL ON MY OWN 1 4.1 .1 2 This morning I woke up and and yawned, this was going to be a long, hard day. I got dressed and woke up Niklas, then I jumped out of the tent.There wasnt time for breakfast so I clipped on my skis and started off.With Niklas by my side,we soon came to a huge glacier that we just could not climb... ...After a look around me and Niklas discovered a narrow cave,this could be an exit!!!!! We clambered inside, my knees bled from crawling, if I could just get to the wider gap ahead I might be able to make a fire to make hot chocolate...:D Warmth spread through my body as I drank, I was ready to tackle the clamber again!!! As we slid across a narrow ledge I heard a tremendous crash from behind, a ROCKFALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suddenly I saw a limp shape on the ledge below me, Niklas had been :o Injured!!!!! I used a grapple hook to lower myself down.I hooked Niklas onto the rope and when I was up I hoisted Niklas up and called the surveillance cars, I took him out of the cave and hoped they would find him, then I crawled back into the cave and continued the long journey to the other side of the glacier... At last we, well, Actually I managed to get to the other side of the glacier I was almost at the south pole!!!!! I only had 9 miles to go. So now I am settling down to rest in my sleeping sack. Matt Miles travelled: 60 Temperature: -30oc The grapple hook I used.
  5. 5. 1 5.1 .1 2 WERE THERE!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!Ive made it!!! We have completed the 500 miles and Niklas is back, but he is limping from his broken leg.I brought a cake with me for him. Niklas is lucky to be alive, without him we wouldnt have made it here, that wouldve been a shame, we wouldnt of had the cake then. I am so happy!!! Ill write to my family once Ive eaten some cake! Well plant the flag once the writing is over with, I hope that sport relief will be able to help people with no clean water. See you back home!!!! Matt and the team Miles travelled today:9Me on my snow bike Temperature: -67*C The cake we ate.