Rethinking Social Discovery with Haystack


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Rethinking Social Discovery with Haystack

  1. 1. If you could share a message with the world no matter where you are, what would you say? Sept 2012
  2. 2. Introducing Haystack Identity Narrowcasting: Continuous wireless status updates to hundreds of people up to 500m* Ashley Raul M. Lopez 5 mutual friends 2 mutual friends Freelance designer Experienced Ruby developer looking for a new gig! Hans Anderson playing real racing on my iPhone @erinburger Listening to “We Found Love” by Rihanna* Neither WiFi, Bluetooth, nor GPS can do this
  3. 3. Then Interact With New Friends Via Smartphone Not Limited to Friends You Already Know. No Check-in Required. Finder Who Is Here Ashley Search Range 20 meters Ashley "Hi  Ashley!  How  do  you   5 mutual friends know  @brianhart?  My   Freelance designer please company  happens  to  be  looking   visit for  a  freelance  designer.  Lets   jake214 grab  a  coffee!" Search For Raul 2 mutual friends Experienced Ruby developer looking for a "We  worked  together  at   new gig! FCB  for  5  yrs.    Send  me  your   Facebook Friends phone  number? Erin Listening to “New Friends of Friends Year’s Day” by U2 Hans Everyone Playing Real Racing ... Show more ... Step 1: Search Step 2: Find Step 3:
  4. 4. Or Interact at Events With People You’ve Never Met… Finder Happening Now Search Range 100 meters Janet Hook “anyone have any healthcare stories to share? i write for the LA Times ...” Search For Carla “COMPLETELY agree with his comment about Oracle” Facebook Friends Bill B. I wish I knew more about 3.0!!! Friends of Friends Jim Everyone “... anyone know if the Jigsaw guys are going to present today? Show more
  5. 5. Hillary 7 mutual friends Listening to “The Rushing Wind” by
  6. 6. Or Interact With Outdoor Media ... Benefits • Next generation interactive offline advertising • No more “tapping” posters to extract data/ promotions/
  7. 7. Or Experience A Virtual “Speed-Bump” Next To A Brand’s Retail DisplayCopyright © Blackbird Technology
  8. 8. Our Technology We developed a new wireless technology called DASH7. It has a 500 meter range, can broadcast to hundreds of people standing still or on the move, and is extremely low power. It does things that WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth cannot do. It’s just 8
  9. 9. Unlike WiFi or Bluetooth Broadcasts to hundreds of recipients simultaneously Connects with Moving People and Objects Same antenna and nearly the same silicon as NFC Up to 1 meter location accuracy Battery Life 100x > WiFi, BT Penetrates walls, bends around metal Strong crypto support Scalable Range 1-1,
  10. 10. The Best P2P Wireless Technology? DASH7 BT* WiFi Broadcast to 200+ people simultaneously Yes No No Discover people nearby with common interests Yes No No Connect with people who are walking or running Yes No No Automatic configuration with compatible devices Yes No No Configurable Range of 1-1,000 meters Yes No No * Bluetooth LE
  11. 11. Autoconfig “2.0”Benefits• Effortless, room-based location-awareness• Faster and more convenient pairing & un- pairing applications• No more “tapping” other devices• Security & privacy benefits• Inexpensive, convenient
  12. 12. DASH7 & Smartphones DASH7 uses the same antenna & (basically) the same silicon as NFC, apart from a single analog circuitNFC and DASH7 Today Next Gen NFC Chips NFC operates at 13.56 MHz worldwide DASH7 operates at the 32nd harmonic above 13.56 MHz DASH7 operates at 433.92 MHz (13.56 x 32 = 433.92) worldwide Non-integrated Solution: 3 chips + passives, 1 antenna by Integrated Solution: yed t, de plo ndse of 1 chip + passives, 1 antenna ei n g or h a p oi n t j C is b ll ma , a nd NF rly a rrier dors nea ess ca e ven el sal wir No Additional Radio Required 12
  13. 13. NFC + DASH7 Combo Chip Concept DASH7 can be added to an NFC chipset & solution with minimal additions Modern RF interface chipsets are primarily digital. DASH7 uses GFSK modulation, which is similar to one standardized NFC modulation. 13.56 MHz - Digital blocks remain intact NFC Capacitive Match In concept, adding DASH7 to NFC is accomplished by adding an Integer-N PLL and a small number of analog switches. - Integer-N PLL for 13.56 MHz input with: Divider Ref = 128, Multiplier N = 4096 ± 7 13.56 MHz - Analog switches for tuning antenna at 13.56 or 433 NFC + Cap Match - DASH7 uses much less output power than NFC DASH7 433 MHz Cap Extension 433 MHz DASH7 band is low enough and narrow enough that normal SiO2 fabrication is
  14. 14. Strategic Gaps & Opportunity Investment Area Forecast Gap Opportunity Mobile Payments $670 billion in mobile Slow near-term DASH7 and NFC share the same payments by 2015 merchant adoption = weak antenna and (basically) the same silicon, so consumer value prop Haystack can enable non-payment use cases that will improve NFC’s overall value prop on smartphones Mobile Advertising 70% of offline retail DASH7 provides the first “offline $25 billion in mobile purchase decisions take cookie”, indoor location granularity to one ads by 2015 place in-store, but mobile meter, and automated check-ins. Haystack ad networks don’t work provides the glue to help developers bring well indoors this to advertisers. Internet of Things 50 billion internet- Customers need a sub-1 Haystack provides the first smartphone- connected devices this GHz wireless sensor centric solution for thousands of IoT decade networking standard developers to create low power wireless sensor networking apps for smart energy, building automation, infrastructure monitoring, and much Sources: Gartner, Juniper Research, Mary Meeker/KPCB, Informa, 14
  15. 15. 15