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Proposal package Proposal package Document Transcript

  • Proposalpackage - “DOLLY GAMES”.
  • 1! Project overview: The basics of my film- My project is a psychological-horror film, called “Dolly Games”.- My target audience is males and females aged 18-28, social class B-C2.- The film’s main location is at a secondary school.- The film’s protagonists are aged between 17-18, males and females.- The film’s themes are murder, torture, superstition and the unknown and spiritual.- Short synopsis: Voodoo dolls are being used to torture and control a group of innocent teenagers, forcing them into dangerous situations and causing them pain.- Main film influences are Paranormal Activity, Saw and Child’s Play.- My slogan for the film is “Who says dolls aren’t real?”2! Pre-production3! Market researchBefore I conducted my market research, I decided that I wanted to do apsychological-horror genre film. I surveyed and analysed my target audienceand researched Box Office figures, which gave me an idea of the audienceappeal of the horror genre.
  • 4! SurveyI have used my survey results to help me make decisions when planning my film. For example, I asked... From my result, I found that Saw and Paranormal Activity were among the most mentally terrifying psychological horror films.I plan to use aspects from both film, such as the spiritual theme from Paranormal Activity and the psychological torture element from Saw.My target audience says that a horror film would be scarier if it was inspiredby true events. From this result, I developed my pre-production work byresearching superstitions. I found out that voodoo dolls and voodoo rituals arerelated to Haitian culture. The tradition of sticking pins into voodoo dolls also has history in folk magic. When I had decided to use voodoo dolls as the motive of conflict and evil in my film, I chose a Ouija board; another spiritual device, as the source of the conflict. Therefore, my film is inspired by real cultural beliefs and superstitions.
  • 5! Box Office researchI found that males and males/females aged 18-24/18-34 are the mosttargeted audience among the films researched. This could be because thisaudience makes up the largest movie-going audience. Luckily, my film isaimed at people aged 18-28, who are aged within the core cinema audience.Also, there were not many horror genre films at the cinema and there couldbe a gap in the market for horror films. The horror genre has proved to besuccessful from my market research because supernatural horror filmParanormal Activity 3 ranked 2nd place.
  • 6! Audience appealFrom my market research, I’ve learnt that the horror is a very appealing genrebecause:- the more extreme the film is, the more entertaining it is,- we feel attracted but repelled to it at the same time,- the element of danger gives us an adrenaline rush,- it generates physical reactions such as an increased heart rate, sweating, feeling sick and physically jumping from shock,- it can be viewed as a challenge to oneself,- it can be a form of escapism from real life.7! Target audience profile- Males and females equally,- aged between 18-28,- social class, B-C2,- single or in a casual relationship, but not serious or long-term,- would be intelligent,- may be at college or university studying psychology, film studies or creative writing,- sociable with friends,- enjoy watching horror movies at the cinema,- may be almost fearless, daring, and not sensitive and enjoy the adrenaline rush during horror films,- may have reached the fourth level of Maslows hierarchy of need; esteem, which shows that they are well developed and are confident, good-achievers and have respect,- may be fun and humorous,- hobbies include reading horror novels, watching modern horror films, in particular psychological, supernatural and found footage genre.
  • 8! ScriptSample of the script from the film’s trailer:(The characters realise they’re trapped in the school)
  • 9! StoryboardSample of the storyboard from the film’s trailer:I’ve used a range ofcompelling shots whichcrosscut between the voodoodolls and the humans.
  • 10! Planning scheduleMy organised tables carefully plan the shots I need to film. I plan to film theentire trailer in 2 shoots. My main location is in the school, but also nearby inthe park and field. I will film during daylight and darkness.The pale grey highlighted rows mean that I do not need actors present in theshot, meaning I could film that specific shot in a different location wherecareful props are needed. I would, however, represent the location as if it wasfilmed in the school.
  • 11! Tension graph
  • 12! Risk assessmentPotential hazards when filming:HAZARD: KITCHEN KNIFE- I plan to use a real kitchen knife when filming a voodoo doll scene. My actor will aim the knife slowly towards the doll’s heart. The knife will approach the doll but will not physically stab the doll.- To be safe, I must handle the knife with care and have an adult accompanying me and my actors when using the knife. The floor at the scene must be dry.HAZARD: FIRE- I plan to use a match to use a flame to pretend to burn the voodoo doll. The match and flame will be held below the doll’s head as the doll is held in a vertical position.- To be safe, I must handle the match with care, being careful not to put the flame close to anybody’s skin or any flammable objects.HAZARD: PINS- I plan to use pins to stick in the voodoo doll.- To be safe, I must handle the pins carefully, counting how many I use in the shot so I can collect the pins safely afterwards.HAZARD: STAIRS- One of my shots features an actor running up the stairs. This could be dangerous because my actor might fall over and seriously hurt their body.- To be safe, I must not go too close to my actor when they are running up the stairs and I must ensure that the scene is clear to use. Also, I must ensure that the stairs are dry and have no obstacles on them and that my actor is wearing suitable shoes.Risks when filming:- I plan to use a camera in water.- To ensure the camera is kept dry, I plan to put the camera in a sealed plastic bag or plastic box when filming.
  • 13! Film poster planFilm title: “DOLLY GAMES”Slogan: “Who says dolls aren’t real?”Release date: 12/12/12Main image: Bloodied voodoo doll with rope around its neck.Colour scheme: Black, red,white.The Saw posters were a biginspiration. A simple concept(fingers, teeth) is used and isrepresented in a twisted way.The simplicity of the postersmakes it more shocking and hasa spine-chilling effect.
  • 14! CastingI have made an ‘actors wanted’ poster to advertise for experienced actors sothe acting performances look professional.
  • 15! LocationThe pink crosses mark the main areas where I will film.
  • 16! Film synopsis- The plot revolves around four middle-class teenagers aged 17-18 named Charlie, Maycee, Kriss, and Riley.- The teenagers, bored, decide to go out. They go to their local park and hang out in the park. Then they wander around the bushes near the park. Charlie finds an abandoned Ouija board nestled in the bushes. The teenagers, intrigued, grab the Ouija board and carry out a jokey séance in the park.- The teenagers forget about the séance. Bored again, Charlie suggests that they all go in their old school to see if the teachers spend their weekend at school. When they decide to go home, all the doors and exits at the school have mysteriously locked. Little do they know that an anonymous possessed human has voodoo dolls resembling each of them who mocked the séance.- Strange things begin to happen to the teenagers. The teenagers are confused and terrified as each of them experiences unknown feelings of pain such as being thrown around without their own control, blood pouring from them from nowhere, drowning when no water is around them, choking, and being forced into life-threatening situations. They realise that someone is in control of their bodies.- They reunite and go to the library to research séances and voodoo, hoping they can find a way to stop this. They discover that the school has a possessive, spiritual, evil presence, and the séance has awoken the evil. They learn that an evil force is using voodoo dolls to torture and control them. In order to end this misery and destroy the evil force, they must find the voodoo dolls which are being used on school grounds. With the dolls, they must spit on their doll and then burn them to ashes.- Charlie, Maycee, Kriss, and Riley continue their quest to find the voodoo dolls. Riley dies throughout the ordeal from being stabbed in the heart.- The surviving teenagers find all of the voodoo dolls on the grass in the middle of the school field. They each spit on their dolls and burn them. Now they dolls have been destroyed, they believe they have saved themselves from the torture and near-death experiences. The possessed human in control of the dolls is still unknown.
  • - Charlie, Maycee, and Kriss leave the field and head toward the exit. The evil force in control of the voodoo dolls is revealed to the audience only. Charlie is a possessed human in control of the dolls. As they walk, the camera focuses on Charlie’s hand. Charlie holds 2 new voodoo dolls resembling Maycee and Kriss without them knowing. Charlie continues to walk with Maycee and Kriss, grinning with a sly smile. The audience may remember that Charlie found the Ouija board at first and lured Maycee, Kriss, and Riley into the school. Charlie planned everything.
  • 17! FinanceProps needed:- Ouija board (Average price-£10)- Fake blood (Average price-£2)- Flour- Torch- Matches- Knife- RopeTwo props need tobe purchased. I canprovide the otherprops.I also need to hire abasic camera andtripod, which I planto use in and out ofschool.
  • 28! TO FINISHFinally, here are some reasons why you should invest in my film.- I have applied the results from my market research into my film. I have givenmy target audience what they want using my survey results and judging frommy box office research, there is a significant gap in the market for horrorfilms, and when horror films are produced, they prove to be a success.- Many horror film plots are repetitive, but my plot is fresh, original and compelling. In all my research into horror films, I haven’t found a horror film plot that is very close to my plot.- The budget for my film is realistic and I do not require expensive extreme stunts and special effects like many horror films.- I have conducted a well-thought out plan; researching the horror genre in depth, my target audience and the current market, teaching me what makes a great horror film.29! Thank you, QUESTIONS?