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Digital Graphics Pro Forma

  1. 1. Digital Graphics Hayley and Emily
  2. 2. File Formats
  3. 3. Raster Graphics Raster graphics are bitmaps which are made up of millions of tiny pixels. These pixels record the colour information of that area of the image. When resizing the image, this can cause distortion of the pixels. For example, when enlarging the image the image becomes blurred and of a lower quality. This is because bitmap images have a fixed resolution.
  4. 4. Vector Graphics Vector graphics are made up of vectors (or paths/strokes). Vectors have start and end points which have curves, points and angles between them. The path can become a line, square, curve or triangle shape. Vectors have no loss in definition which means they can be enlarged or minimised without becoming pixelated which makes this a great graphic to use for companies. For example, it can be small to fit on a business card or enlarged for a billboard and not loose definition.
  5. 5. JPEG Stands For Joint photographic experts group Used For Photographs and web formats. For example, photographs on Facebook are saved as a JPEG. Advantage A JPEG is a small sized format which means it can be used on most technology e.g phones, computers etc. This can be an advantage due to the fact that images can be saved on to any technology. Disadvantage It looses quality when its been edited multiple times due to the compression and recompression each time its edited. For example, if the image is opened and closed many times the image looses quality and wont be as sharp as it was originally.
  6. 6. TIFF Stands For Tagged Image file format Used For Desktop publishing and popular with graphic designers. Advantage It allows you to save multiple documents on to a single TIFF file. It also doesn’t loose quality and stays sharp and of a high quality after being compressed as a TIFF file has the option of Lossless compression. Disadvantage Due to being very high quality this causes the file to be very big and takes up a lot of storage.
  7. 7. PSD Stands For Photoshop Document Used For Image manipulation and used on images for the front cover of magazines. Advantage It can save multiple layers and page formatting information, it also supports transparency. It doesn’t use compression meaning the image doesn’t loose quality and stays sharp. Disadvantage As the file is a Photoshop document, the image can only be opened in Photoshop. For example, if a PSD image is sent to somebody who doesn’t have Photoshop they will be unable to view the image.
  8. 8. AI Stands For Adobe illustrator art Used For Used to create logos and graphics to represent companies Advantage It can be scaled big and small as vectors have no loss in definition. Also unlike some other file types when the image is magnified it doesn’t become blurry or pixelated. Disadvantage It is a limited software meaning that you would have to have adobe illustrator to open any image from it. So if the image is sent to anyone who doesn’t have adobe illustrator they would be unable to open the image.
  9. 9. 3DS Stands For 3D Studio Used For 3D Studio is used for modelling animation and rendering. It is also used to create 3D characters, environments, animations and gaming. Advantage 3D Studio is a flexible programme which allows you to save files on different software programmes and is a powerful software to have. Disadvantage 3D Studio takes up a lot of room as it’s a huge file and it can be found really difficult to use and takes a lot of practise to master the programme.
  10. 10. Digital Graphics Images
  11. 11. Shape Task
  12. 12. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like the fact the image has detail in where it is needed to make the image look more realistic and the different gradients to get all the colours the parrot had in to show what the colours were. What would you improve if you did it again? If I did this again I would add more shapes into the feathers to give the parrot more detail and to smoothen it off to make the details in the parrot more clearer.
  13. 13. Rotoscope
  14. 14. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like how the images have maintained the detail and also can tell who the person is and the shading within the hair on the Lana picture. What would you improve if you did it again? If I did this again I would defiantly not start Rotoscoping the eyes first as this is a very difficult part to start off with and ruined the Lana image a little. Also for the Mila Kunis picture more detail should be added to make the image look more realistic.
  15. 15. Text Based
  16. 16. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like how these quotes match the images used in the Clipping Mask and fit perfectly with the quote. The colours used in the Marilyn Monroe quote is bright enough so you can ready the actual quote as well so works really well. What would you improve if you did it again? Both of the quotes are quite simple. If I did it again I would try I wide range of different effects I could use on the quotes and try warping the quotes and experimenting different things and make it more advanced and use a range of images within one quote.
  17. 17. Logo Creation
  18. 18. Evaluation What did you like about your image? I like how the computer relates with Print Based Media. On the second logo I like how it’s simple but quite a few effects have been used to create a detailed logo. I like how the writing inside the PBM links with Print Based Media and still makes it obvious that the letters used are PBM and the glowing red isn’t too strong and that it doesn’t take your attention off the main focus of the PBM. What would you improve if you did it again? If I did this again I would use a different range of styles to use on the first logo as it’s simple and dull and doesn’t have much detail to it and so this would need improving by using a more complex image or a wider range of colours and experiment with the image.
  19. 19. Digital Cubism
  20. 20. Evaluation What did you like about your image? What would you improve if you did it again?
  21. 21. T-Shirt Designs
  22. 22. Mood board of favourite designs
  23. 23. Mind Map of Ideas
  24. 24. Mood board of chosen idea Existing designs – Lana Del Rey Fonts Colours
  25. 25. Pictures I could use and song lyrics
  26. 26. Proposal Dimensions 2400 by 3200 pixels Content My design will be an image of Lana Del Rey which I will create using the Magic Wand tool. It will be specifically focused on her eyes as this is a key feature on her face and has a lot of detail. To go with this image I will use some of her song lyrics or a quote of hers. I will use a feminine and flattering font from DaFont which matches her personality and wont make the writing look heavy and bold. Inside the writing I will use a flowery or feminine pattern to add to the feminine and flattering design. Export Format PNG Advantages; Compatible with Redbubble and can save transparency and lowered opacity Disadvantages; Larger file size than similar formats such as JPEG
  27. 27. Proposal Deadline Friday 4th October Monday Tuesday Wednesday Start focusing on the image and start developing the design. Start creating the quote and finish it off Evaluation Schedule Audience The audience of my design is aimed at teenagers and younger adults who are fans of Lana Del Reys music
  28. 28. Digital Flat Plan Crop this image to focus on her eyes and use this quote to compliment the image Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness Put this image into the quote so it adds to the feminine theme
  29. 29. Peer Evaluation What are the strengths of the final image? I really like the detail throughout the image, with shading and clothes and sofa details. Great image choice A lot of skills have been used on this image Good use of colour What could be developed if the image was repeated? Add a quote with it. Play around with different skills Colour range is good just need tidying up
  30. 30. Peer Evaluation • What are the strengths of the final image? The top image I really like the choice of image and the effects used on it especially in the hair and the skin. It looks very detailed and you can tell who it is. • What could be developed if the image was repeated? I think that some text could be added maybe some lyrics.
  31. 31. Peer Evaluation What are the strengths of the final image? The use of different shades on the skin makes the image look extremely 3D, making the image stand out a lot more then just blocked colours. I think this applies mainly on the legs and face, making them both stand out, and look very realistic. I also like how the record looks like the light is hitting it at the same angle as the light which is hitting her, giving the impression that the light is coming from a single place. This is effective because it makes the image look real, as well as giving the impression of shading under the skin. What could be developed if the image was repeated? One small thing I think could be improved is that the black lines on the blue background look very broken, and not joined properly. I think if you made the black lines smoother with no gaps in it it would make them look more realistic and bold. I also think certain parts of the trim seem a little bit patchy, so you could make them a bit smoother, but other then that the image looks very good.
  32. 32. T-Shirt Evaluation
  33. 33. Does your final product reflect your original intentions? • Compare your planning/digital flat plans/ storyboards to your final product My main focus for this design was Lana Del Rey which I stuck with for the two designs. I wanted to focus on her eyes which I succeeded in my first design and used a quote which I used in my first design. Where as in my second design I only used the picture of Lana Del Rey and no quote and focused on her whole body. I stuck with my original idea and in the mood boards I used a picture and quote which I planned on using. I specifically knew what I wanted to do and achieved that in my first design which turned out well. The font I wanted to use from DaFont had changed as I couldn’t find a suitable one which I could use that would fit my picture of the flowers in so I had to use one off Photoshop which wasn’t to plan but worked out how I wanted it to. I still stuck to the idea of it being a girly font.
  34. 34. My final design came out exactly how I planned it as I wanted her eyes and to achieve this I cropped the image and then used different bright colours around her eyes so the focus was still on her eyes before the quote is read. My second design Is the total opposite to how I planned my first one but I used the same technique, I just wanted to then challenge myself and create a more complex design as I finished my first one before I planned.
  35. 35. Is your product suitable for your audience? • Reference your proposal • Give an audience profile and describe suitability in reference to content My t-shirt design is aimed at an audience of teenagers/young adults. My design is suitable for this audience as people are more likely to buy it when they are in this age range because they will know who the artist is in the picture and will buy it for that purpose. Also my design is aimed at people who are fans of Lana Del Rey and who find her lyrics/quotes inspirational. This is why I wanted to add the quote onto the design as people will read it and either like that particular song or like that part of the lyrics and will want to buy the t-shirt. In my proposal I said I would like to use the magic wand tool to create the picture of Lana Del Rey. I also wanted to focus on her eyes which is why I picked an image which had something around her eyes so it had something to add and make it a little more complex than just her eyes. I didn’t end up using a font from DaFont which I said I was going to use in my proposal but I stuck to the type of font I wanted which was a font that was flattering to go with Lana Del Rey
  36. 36. What do you like/dislike about the techniques you have used? • Reference specific tools you used with images • What do you like/dislike about how your final product looks I like the effect of the Magic Wand tool as it makes the image look more of a painting which adds to my intention of wanting it to look feminine. The problem with using this tool is that if you miss one tiny detail of colour out it makes that part white which in some aspects is good if I wanted it to look like a painting then it would work but that wasn’t my original plan, so I dislike the fact it has done that and I wouldn’t have had time to do every little detail it would of took longer than expected. I like the shadow behind Lana as it looks as if it’s a 3D design and has depth to the image and the bright colours around the eyes works well and looks a bit like pop art
  37. 37. For this design I like how I challenged myself to try and be more complex with the Magic Wand tool. Although at the end I was running out of time and this was shown in the final design as there was a lot of detail in the cushion on the chair which I could not finish so it ended up having a lot of detail being white which I dislike about the look of the image. I like the shading of the image as it looks neat and that light is hitting one part of her which gives the image a lot of detail. This is particularly shown in the hair and the face and can see the clear difference between the shaded and lighted areas.
  38. 38. Why did you include the content you used? • Images, fonts, effects, colours I used that particular font and the flower picture in the font with bright coloured flowers because it made my font look vintage like Lana Del Rey is and made my font look flattering and compliment the image I used. The colours I used for the design was to bring out her eyes and make that the main focus of the image. On the second design I wanted to make sure the shading was the main focus of the image to make it look as realistic as I can. The effects of this worked really well and made her look realistic even though it was more of a painting type of image. I wanted the effect of the first design to look 3D and realistic as well but make the focal point her eyes and glasses. The image I used for the second design was based on the shading and depth of detail the image had to make it a really complex and detailed design as I found the first design was cropped so only had a bit of detail that’s why in the first image I chose one with the glasses to add that extra detail.
  39. 39. What style have you employed in your products? • Discuss influences/ existing products • What visual style does your work have and why did you choose it? I had a look at a few products on RedBubble and these influenced me to use a quote in my image and use a Clipping Mask to put an image into my quote as a lot of peoples designs included that and it looked a really good idea. But the quote I was using didn’t include a word which could have a particular image which I could use with that particular word so I used one whole image for the whole quote to keep it simple. I really liked the idea of the painted look as some of the other designs had and they focused on one part of Lana if they used an image of her so I used that idea to generate my ideas and this influenced me a lot. The reason I used the Magic Wand tool was to get an arty look to the image without it being too block coloured and too cartoony. So I went for the Magic Wand tool to get the different shading and different colours on the image where as if I used Rotoscoping it would of just looked too block coloured and cartoony and that’s what I wanted to avoid. I wanted to get a style which looked very vintage and feminine which was created using the Magic Wand tool. I didn’t use the shape tool as it would have been too difficult with the detail the image had and wouldn’t of given me the freedom to create different shadings. Very vintage colours and design
  40. 40. As you can see the top design has focused on her bright red lips and her hair accessory, so with this idea I focused on her eyes as this is a big feature on her face just like her lips are on the top design. The top design has used shading but very block shading and not much of it, so I used more detailed shading to make it more complex and not as simple as the top design. The top image hasn’t used a quote with their design but I liked the fact it would add to the design and not take over the design and make it focus on the quote so I added to that as well.
  41. 41. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the pre-production and planning • How did the planning and research help • Reference specific examples The mind map I created helped narrow down my ideas that I could have and helped pick specific ideas I could use and this was very helpful. I found researching existing designs on RedBubble a bit of a weakness because it then limited the choices we could have especially when I had an image of what I would like to do and then realizing it’s been created it limits the choice. But without looking on the website at existing designs I could of wasted time creating the design and then it’s already been created so it was an advantage too.
  42. 42. The mind map was a great idea to start off getting a few ideas together instead of creating it straight away and getting a clear start to how my design will look I think the digital flat plan was a good idea to see how it will all work out and get everything prepared for the design
  43. 43. Analyse each of your final print products commenting on the strengths, weaknesses and aspects you would do differently if you were to repeat the project If I was to do this project again I would change a few things and keep some the same. I would change the fact I did a really complex idea which made me run out of time so I should either cut part of the background out so because I have rushed it the background spoils the overall image as big pieces of white take the attention off Lana and the detailed parts to analyze the white parts of the image and makes it look rushed. This is a big weakness on the image so I would next time crop parts of the background out so I could realistically finish it in time. I think the shading and different colours is a big strength in this image and worked really well, better than I planned! It gives a lot of detail to the image and I like how the ‘light’ in this image captures on the right parts and the choice of colours are chosen well and the shadows on the image make it look very realistic and 3D.
  44. 44. In this design, if I ever had to do this project again there a few strong points I would follow and weaknesses I would change. I like the fact that the font I used isn’t too big and bold which keeps the attention on the eyes and just adds that extra bit to the design as an extra. The shading in the image has worked well and makes the image look realistic as well. The colours add a bit of pop art to the image and blend in well and don’t look silly on the design. The things I would change would be the tone of skin where the glasses are as I think they are too strong and dark of a pink compared to the rest of the skin tone which makes the glasses look more of tinted sunglasses rather than general glasses. I would also add more detail to the hair and concentrate more on the shading of the hair so there is a bit more darker colours on one side so it does look like there is light hitting one part of Lana. I would add more detail by filling in the white parts in the hair as it makes the image look half done and doesn’t look complete.
  45. 45. Peer Feedback • Summarise peer feedback and discuss – Responses you agree with – Responses you disagree with The peer feedback I got is very helpful as it will help me improve if I ever did this again. The points I got were fair and I agree with the fact that the background where the black lines are would be better if they weren’t broken and then this would make it as realistic as the rest of the image because it ruins the image a little I think. I agree with the shading and choice of colours as they are are a good choice to use. The point I disagree with is that text could be used to use a quote in within the picture. I think this would ruin the image as it looks fine without a quote in with it and would look too busy and take the focus off the actual design. It could of worked if it was a really faint and fragile font which didn’t overpower the image but I don’t think it needed a quote added.