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This small book is consisted of posts published on my Blog Spot. Nothing special. Just thoughts of a little lady who loves to observe and write about candid things in Life.

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  1. 1. AS TIME GOES BY… Wrap up another Chapter! We cannot expect who we will become unless we have the gut to make changes, to come out of our shell. Consciously. Rationally. Enthusiastically. Hayley Huong 7/14/2012
  2. 2. I am what I wanna be I asked Mr. Phil that: "If I want to be lots of things in the future - a designer, a dancer, a businesswoman, etc, how can I be all of them?” He said: "You cannot be all of them at the same time; otherwise you will be a master of nothing!” Just joking! I know I cannot be all of those things. But Mr. Phil, he is a baseball coach, a business consultant, a master of business, a doctor of sociology, a boss of a restaurant. He is lots of things that he wants. So I wonder... The point is ... You can do anything you really want when you have passion and right time. However, you have to choose your vocation - the job that you have enough passion to devote all your life - besides others jobs. You will be the master of your vocation, but you still can do many other things. He is ... a very great man that I have known. 66 years old with so many achievements. He helps me remember that there are a great deal of choices I can make - I have a vocation and a number of opportunities. You too! (2009)
  3. 3. Do you believe in FATE? Fate is something abstract, we cannot say it is our fate or not. If a fortuneteller tell u what your future is and say it's your fate, you try to change it - but the progress of trying to change your socalled fate is likely your true fate, the fortuneteller is just a character in your fate-play. It's hard to define. I do believe in fate. Just do the best you can and see how you fate is. It's my opinion. What about yours? Do you believe in fate? I suddenly dropped by a stranger's blog and found her similar to me to some extent. Here is what she says about herself: “I’m very passionate about things, I like to get involved. I don't like to be bored, so I never am. I keep myself busy with all of my interests. I just could not live without them. I love to live life to the full and want to do as much as I can before I get too old". The thing that I find every interesting is that she also posted an entry titled "Is it Fate, was it "Written in the stars"?", in which she said:
  4. 4. "Fate, an unchangeable course of events, even with opposing circumstances against which it is useless to struggle as it will happen anyway" "Destiny, an inevitable course of events" She mentioned Karma. I have never thought Karma can be linked to Fate as they are totally different. To my understanding, Karma is the consequence of our actions. If we do good things, we get good results and vice versa. Fate is something inevitably pre-arranged in your life, you will meet it in the end no matter how you are trying to avoid it. But she does not believe in FATE: "If our lives do have a set predetermined route then we would have no need to try, whatever happens, happens we can't change it. The theory of cause and effect tells us that this is not true, that everything we do has an effect on our lives" Fair enough, but many people get wealthy by buying lots, some do not - the same cause yet different effects. Whose fate decides to be rich will be rich after all. A girl, who has been in good relationship with a guy and felt in love with him on a beautiful day, tries her best to pull him towards her. Ironically, the man has fallen in love with another girl who he meets at the first sight and feels like they have been known each other for long time. Why does the guy choose the latter girl? It is likely that they are more suitable, but I say it is fate to make the two together. To tell more about this, two lovers tend to have attraction towards each other from the very first time they meet. When you see a guy and have some special feelings about him, you know that you and him can go further. Just believe in your intuition. "When bad things happen, is that also fate? Is it fate when someone gets ill? No, on that reason alone, I will say that I do not believe in fate. We make our own lives our own decisions and are responsible for our actions and choices" As for me, bad things may be Fate. Getting ill is a small thing but leads to varied results. If you are decided to be ill all of a sudden (I always get ill unexpectedly), you may:  Recognize a true friend or lover to care for you in that bad situation.  Recognize the value of something that you have never appreciated when you are well (like health), then you will live better after recovery.
  5. 5.  See the end of life ... Have you ever thought that you may die of illness? I do because I have observed some deaths like that. Hence, I do believe bad things are fate; even good people get bad things in oftentimes. Most of the time, I believe FATE in OCCUPATION. I am always doing my best to be the best I can, to fulfill my life and perfect myself. I do not know what I will be after five or ten years. Though I might like to become a journalist, I will turn out to be an online marketer. Someone told me that: "Career chooses you, not you chose it". It is kind of fate, isn't it? Always, I believe FATE in LOVE. If I see my Mr. Right, I never try to make him mine because he will inevitably be mine in the end. Neither do I try everything to keep someone beside me nor feel desperate when he goes away. If he is not my Fate, he should go. Love should be the voluntary devotion of two persons. Happiness is simple ... Happiness is simple when you do one of these things … ... you are hungry, you find a buddy to go out for dinner with you. ... you are sleepy, you have a bed to lay down. ... you listen to a piece of music that touches your heart ... you capture a good moment with your camera and share it with friends ... you feel lonely, you receive a phone call from one of your friends inviting you out for a cup of coffee ... you are praised and motivated ... you seek a new chance ... you work hard, you believe that your effort will lead you to success ... you have a Goal to head for in your life and a Hobby to do during tiring times ... you have a belief in yourself under any challenging circumstances ... and so forth... you can find your own happiness in every little thing you do
  6. 6. Happiness happens everywhere and every time. It's simple ... and should be kept simple. Today I felt happy as my friend went out for dinner with me when I was terribly hungry at work I indulged myself with my hobby when I was in bad tiredness after a long day gluing to the computer. And now ... I feel happy when I'm going to relax lazily in bed listening to the song I've been in love and forgetting everything - Books? Work? Tasks? Let it be! Just enjoy the night!!
  7. 7. What do you like best in Ha Noi? My Thai friend has asked me what was interesting in Hanoi. I responded immediately: “AUTUMN". That’s so true! Hanoi in Autumn is more stunning and romantic than any other seasons in a year. I love Hanoi Autumn best. Trees beside Hoan Kiem Lake Another friend of mine, who is an original Hanoian, told me that: “Only people living in Hanoi for long time can see and feel the real beauty of Hanoi Autumn”. Actually, my hometown is in Thainguyen province and I have lived here for just three years, but I loved Hanoi Autumn even before that. I went away from home and caught the train to Hanoi one day (some years ago). It was an Autumn day. That was the first time I set my foot in Hanoi during Autumn season. My friend took me at Long Bien station and rode me around the city. Hanoi Autumn took my breath away with her charming cool breeze blowing my hair through the gentle sun beams. I felt myself living in the Autumn of Hanoi – tender
  8. 8. sunshine, high sky, slight coolness and yellow falling leaves… All covered my face, my body and my soul. Never can I forget that feeling. I love Hanoi Autumn because it brings me the aspiration for creativeness. When Autumn comes, I can sit still all day at Hoan Kiem Lake to sight-see and feel the caressing Autumn breeze; I can sing, can write and can love. I can wander around all day with my big camera to take photos of every corner of Hanoi. I am allured by the streets covered with yellow falling leaves, brown roofs and fragrance of the milk flowers (Hoa Sữa) along streets. I suddenly remember a song named: “Miss Hanoi Autumn” (Nhớ Mùa Thu Hà Nội) by the passed-away musician Trịnh Công Sơn. The lyric reflects the true scenes and emotions of Hanoi Autumn in the past, which is classically beautiful and romantic. And the famous picture about Hanoi Autumn by a well-known artist Bùi Xuân Phái seems to perform the mood of the song best. Hanoi by Bui Xuan Phai For me, Hanoi is the real Hanoi when it is in the Autumn season. Old blocks of the Old Quarter or thirtysix streets are poetic that reminds every old man of Hanoi in the past. Hanoi is normally crowed yet it seems more peaceful in Autumn days and the living pace seems slower than ever. I love that so much.
  9. 9. Slow living pace of Hanoian when Autumn comes It is hard to describe something so beautiful in words. I am gonna to take some photos and capture some videos of Hanoi in Autumn. Do you want to go with me? Let‟s go! Career and You - What Choose What? You choose your career or your career chooses you? One the one hand, you must, at least once, hear something like: "Plan your future. Know your strengths. Understand yourself. Choose your career". One the other hand, some people say that you'd better be well-prepared with knowledge and skills, and you will get a suitable job. Your career. Which one do you believe better?
  10. 10. As for me, I used to want to become so many ... someone. But I've also changed as life changes. What I've got today is different from what I expected (though it might be related somehow). It's gone beyond my expectations (because life changes, society changes and technology changes?) I am on my way to figure out what job is the most suitable for me - my strengths, my liking and my life purposes though I've thought to myself many times "something" was totally the right one which I will pursue the whole life. It's still a hazy idea now. Anyway ... Life is full of challenges and unexpected things (under the eyes of a rosily optimistic me). Actually, everything is the successive consequences of our prior effort. What you get is what you give. No one can be successful with in-born capabilities, any raw diamond needs sharpening. So do human beings. What do you like best? Do it! Don't ever think of how it will be offered in the future job market. Do what you like and do it your utmost. You will get what you want. Universe is an unexpected woman! Just kidding! Forget myself A poem composed in the morning.
  11. 11. At times I forget myself. Flow in life and deny flying high... ... I become so tired. As a saying goes, from someone I hardly know... Dreamer or Loser the same ... When you are lured by fame and forgetting your name. When Mr.Life seems so kind to provide everything you desire Sorry but ... you forget yourself. Freedom, self-independence more important than anything else Though life is not a fairy tale, believing keeps a real living. So... Smartness never waits age. Awaken yourself, or it will be too late!
  12. 12. Human Beings - Sharing I wonder sometimes about the meaning of gossiping, complaining or even updating status on Facebook. Human beings call it SHARING. But for what? Does it solve your problem? I wonder if it's really necessary to do such things. You can't solve a problem by gossiping, complaining and updating your Facebook status. Your problem is still there in your friends' brain, your mouth and standing on your Facebook wall. Instead, just take actions. Do something to solve the problem. Sorry, forget it! I've talked of a machine, not a human being. The fact is that we human beings need share our emotions and thoughts. There are moments when I don't know if it's real Or if anybody feels the way I feel I need inspiration
  13. 13. Not just another negotiation ("Way back into love" by Hugh Grant) I don't need any negotiation. I don't need you to tell me what to do. I know it best. All I need is inspiration to carry on... Gossiping, complaining and updating Facebook status cannot solve a problem directly. They're not means of practical „negotiation‟; they are means of 'inspiration'. People feel relaxed and respected when they are listened. Inspiration. That's all! Sharing thoughts and emotions is a good mean of getting inspired. Till now, I think this is the most satisfying answer to my long-standing question. That's why I have my good friends standing by and I love them so much. Crazy Cute Friends We have celebrated my friend‟s birthday at an Indian restaurant, which was filled with delicious chilly dishes and laughter. Yes, lots of laughter - especially. I will not talk much about the Indian food, but by the way, it was awesome.
  14. 14. The main theme is my happiness being with these crazy and cute guys. I used to prefer talks one by one, which means only two people are involved in conversation. I thought that group conversations seemed shallow and meaningless - it was a waste of time. But I've changed my mind since the day I met my guys. We've always had good time together - eating, gossiping, laughing and above all, freeing ourselves. Whenever I'm with them, I find another me - energetic, talkative and mischievous. It is totally different from my normal cold face and mature expression. I feel like being a naughty little girl again. I admit that our topics are trivial and childlike just as what I thought about group talks before. But who cares. The result is good - I'm relaxed. So do the other guys. Becoming a grown-up person sometimes stresses me out with standard behaviors, complicated relationships and serious thoughts about future career. The more stressful life is, the more I realize how
  15. 15. good friends are meant to me. They are not there to tell me to do this or that, to judge me or give me opinions on everything I do; they are there to escape me from the clutter of life. Whenever I'm with them, I forget the whole world as if only us existing in this globe. And I know that I'm not a heroine who can deal with stress on my own as I've been trying to do for long. It sets bomb in my brain actually. I do need my cute friends, not to hear advice but simply demount the bomb with their natural cute traits and silly talks. And they are crazy enough to establish our own world of laughter. Thank you for being my crazy friends, cute guys!
  16. 16. Grown up. Simple. And Forgiving
  17. 17. The more grown up you are, the more simple you become Because you are experienced enough to understand yourself Once you understand yourself, there's no more saying like: "You don't know me, even I don't know myself. I am a hard-to-guess person". That's the way adolescents usually say to explain for their overconfidence yet lack-of-self-control and laziness. Once you understand yourself, you hold everything in your hand as you know who you are and where you are standing to get what you want. Once you understand yourself, you think in a direct way about the solution to a problem, no more complaining around or falling down with confusion. Once you fully understand yourself, you find yourself simple to handle. Once you can handle yourself, you become more tolerant toward everything and everyone around you. You can get rid of childish emotions and do reasonable things. So when you are grown up, you are more simple and forgiving. Rational Life Lessons taken by my younger bro - Zillo Mosa
  18. 18. [Rational life lessons] *** Living means struggling. Life is full of challenges. There is no success for lazy steps. *** Success comes after a harsh time of successive attempts. Glory comes after a terrible despair. And the Sun will always shine after a terrible storm. *** Love is emotional at first sight and rational after marriage. Love - starting from a glance, growing through dates or dying in a coffin... ... depends on the ones who build it or ruin it. No insane lovers exist in real happiness. *** Logical actions Rational thinking Positive attitude Keep a Warm Heart and a Cold Brain. *** Artists should never be defined through their uncontrollable actions and no-name emotions. Inborn talent plus serious practice creates an artist.
  19. 19. What makes me special? Being Special. I've never thought that I'm a normal person. I'm special. And I think that everyone thinks the same. Everyone wants to be special. ... But ... How special? What makes you special? You know, the thought of being special is not special because it's belong to the majority. Answering the question "what makes you special" is smarter than claiming that "I'm special" (but I don't know what distinguishes me). I'm sure that everyone is special to their own way. Let's set aside appearance and talk about personalities. We can find similar characteristics in the most distinguishing individuals. We group them into "leadership type", "neutral type" and others, each of which shares some traits in common. However, every individual is different from one another that makes them unique. No two persons are identical, even twins. This difference make you unique or special. Your work is figuring out what it is. Be specific about it.
  20. 20. Answering the question: "What distinguish me from the others? What makes me special?" True Colors Life changes so we have to adapt accordingly. But the inner values in each person should remain unchanged. I am always impressed on those who can keep themselves stable. They say what they think and behave the way they are. In other words, they stay true to themselves. These people can control themselves and keep calm as well as confident under any circumstances.
  21. 21. If you understand your values – your strengths, weaknesses, you will create a set of principles that suit you best. Those are your true colors. Copywriting "Copywriting is a job A skilled craft Verbal carpentry Words on paper Scripts to time And one more thing Salesmanship" Inborn Traits needed for copywriters: Creative, Impressive, Understanding and Seductive. CREATIVE - to think of fresh pieces of writing IMPRESSIVE - to attract people toward them at first sight/ line. UNDERSTANDING - to see through and give people what they need. SEDUCTIVE - to allure people to believe in them - salesman's seduction To-do-list to keep in mind: # Read books, gain background knowledge about diverse fields and take direct actions.
  22. 22. # Write more. Write smart. The better you write, the higher you go in Ogilvy & Mather. People who think well, write well. Woolly minded people write woolly memos, woolly letters and woolly speeches. Good writing is not a natural gift. You have to learn to write well. Here are 10 hints: 1. Read the Roman-Raphaelson book on writing. Read it three times. 2. Write the way you talk. Naturally. 3. Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. 4. Never use jargon words like reconceptualize, demassification, attitudinally, judgmentally. They are hallmarks of a pretentious ass. 5. Never write more than two pages on any subject. 6. Check your quotations. 7. Never send a letter or a memo on the day you write it. Read it aloud the next morning—and then edit it. 8. If it is something important, get a colleague to improve it. 9. Before you send your letter or your memo, make sure it is crystal clear what you want the recipient to do. 10. If you want ACTION, don't write. Go and tell the guy what you want. (David Ogilvy) # Talk less. Listen more. Think deep. # Do exercise. Music. Good health. Mood up. # Always be inspired and inspire people.
  23. 23. Live happy babies!! I thought of this quote out of the blue while reading something related to minimal design. I don't know what the relation between design and happiness was, but here goes the result! (sorry again for its lack of "aesthetic"). I don't know why I wanted to make a card either. It took more ... a couple of ten minutes. Weird me! Anyway, the point is: If you want HAPPINESS, be more SOCIAL and less CRITICAL. If you're too critical, learn to be TOLERANT. I've been trying to be more tolerant. Live happy babies! Copyright by Hayley Huong. All rights reserved. 2012.