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Columbine%2520 high%2520school%2520massacre[1][1] Columbine%2520 high%2520school%2520massacre[1][1] Presentation Transcript

  • Columbine High School Massacre
    Hayley Gray
    3rd Period
  • Why should we care?
    We should care because so many people were hurt on this day. Innocent people were killed. 13 people got killed on this day, and 2 suicides. Many got injured and scared for the rest of their life.
    How would you feel if someone came into your school and did this to you, your frieds, and your teachers?
  • What was popular in the 1990’s?
    Music: Baby Got Back, Achy Breaky Heart, Ice Ice Baby, Marcarena, Pump Up The Jam, All I Wanna Do, and Summertime.
    Pop Culture: MTV created the first popular reality show with The Real World.
    Movies: The Nightmare before Christmas, Forrest Gump, Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park, The Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Mulan.
    News Headlines: Iraq Invades Kuwait, Clinton becomes 42nd president.
    Hair Styles: Goatee, Long Side Burns, The “Rachel”
    Other important events: In July 1991, the Warsaw Pact was officially dissolved. In March 1992, the t.v program Dateline NBC aired for the first time.
  • Pictures of the decade
  • CHSM Pictures
  • The People Involved…
    The two people that planned the massacre were:
    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
    Eric Harris
    Dylan Klebold
  • What did they do?
    The committed the Columbine High school Massacre on April 20th, 1999. There is a lot of debate on why they committed this terrible massacre.
    They KILLED 12 students, and 1 teacher.
    They INJURED 21 students directly.
    3 students were INJURED while trying to escape.
  • What happened?
    Dylan and Eric committed the fourth-deadliest school massacre in school the history of the USA.
    The two boys arrived at school at 11:10 a.m. The boys went into the cafeteria and sat two propane bombs down in their backpacks. No one noticed the backpacks because everyone was in lunch, and they also had their own backpacks. The two went to their cars while the first two bombs went off at 11:17 a.m. But luckily, the bombs didn’t go off because of a glitch in their timers.
    At 11:19 -11:23 a.m. two pipe bombs exploded in a field, several blocks away to distract police. Then the two boys are saw standing at the top of the school's west exterior steps, then one of them saying “GO!”, then they pull the guns out and start shooting students in the area.
    At 11:21 a.m. Deputy Paul Magor of the Jefferson County Sheriff's department is called to the scene of the fire and explosion in the field. At 11:22 a.m. The school custodian pushes “record” on the surveillance camera’s, and records one of the most deadliest massacre’s in U.S history.
    At 11:23 a.m. 911 receives a call from a Columbine High School student, saying that a girl is paralyzed. At 11:24 a.m. is when the students realize what is truly going on. Deputy Gardner arrives and he gets shot out by Eric. Then Gardner fires back, but doesn’t hit him. Eric then turns around and walks in the school.
    At 11:26-11:36 a.m. is when Eric and Dylan reach the library. This is the deadliest part of the massacre. In 7 ½ minutes, 10 people are killed and 12 more wounded. There are a total of 56 people in the library; 34 escape injury.
  • What happened continued…
    At 11:36-11:44 Dylan and Eric walk pass the science room, and make eye contact with some students, but then jut walk away. They DO NOT break into the classrooms.
    At 11:37 a.m. a pipe bomb is over the railing from the hallway above and into the cafeteria area where it explodes.
    From 11: 38 to 12:07, shots are fired, people are injured, police arrive and lives are saved.
    But at 12:08 Eric Harris sits up against a bookcase in the library and puts his12 gauge barrel in his mouth. He was killed instantly. They suggest that at the same time, Dylan Klebold places his 9mm onto his left temple, firing it and seconds later killing himself.
    The Columbine High School Massacre is FINALLY OVER.
    In just under an hour, 15 people are dead, 23 are injured.
    “If the bombs detonated as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had planned, the death toll would have been over 400. “
  • Political Cartoons
  • Video
    Click here for footage in the cafeteria.
  • Questions
    What would you do if this was our school?
    2.How would you deal with the aftermath?
    3.How would you remember the students?
  • Song & Video
    Click here to see video and hear the song.
    This song is talking about missing someone, wanting them back but never being able to see them again, and once they are gone everything changes. Once that first bomb went off, and that first gone shot went off, everyone’s lives changed forever.
  • The Best Website
  • In memory of…
    These are the people that got murder during the columbine massacre. WE will never forget this day….
    Cassie Rene BernallSteven Robert CurrowCorey DepooterKelly FlemmingMatt KochterDaniel MauserDanny RohrboughJohn Tomlin Lauren Townsend William "Dave" Sanders Rachel Joy Scott Isaiah ShoelsKyle Velasquez
  • Pictures and Names
    We Will Never Forget!