The Corporate Social Media Summit New York


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Back for its 4th year now, it is even better and bigger than ever. Develop your social media strategy that elevates you beyond your competition – learn from the very best including Southwest Airlines, Dell and McDonald’s. Plus you will hear from 8 global CMOs from companies such as MasterCard, Sears and Hertz on corporate strategy and where social fits in the marketing pie. Join THE social media event of the year with a corporate audience. Save 20% with SLIDE20

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The Corporate Social Media Summit New York

  1. 1. The Fourth Annual Corporate Social Media Summit New York USMSuperior marketing response, sharper corporatedecision-making, enhanced innovation and a happier,more loyal customer:Become a social #CSMNYTwo day business conference, June 12-13, 2013The New Yorker Hotel, New YorkA practical and interactive business conference built for social media,marketing and communications executives:MasterCard Worldwide The Hertz Corporation Outback Steakhouse Sears & K Mart Seasonal Footlocker/Eastbay Alfredo Gangotena Bob Stuart Mike Kappitt and Outdoor Living Dave Lokes Chief Marketing Officer Chief Marketing Officer Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Dominiquini Chief Marketing Officer Chief Marketing Officer Get best practice from the Get closer to your Stand out in a highly global leaders: Exclusive strategic customers through your competitive market: insight on the future of social from social strategy: Build valuable Become a social business, achieve 8 Chief Marketing Officers from some relationships, humanize your brand and consistency of message and of the biggest brands in the world. become customer centric to enhance differentiate your company. long-term customer loyalty.Speakers include: Co-sponsors: LOOK INSIDE to check out our top level social media and marketing speakers and business-focused agenda
  2. 2. USMWhy attend our flagshipSummit in New York?Social media is more than just a part of yourmarketing mix – it is becoming fundamental to everyaspect of your business.As a social media professional, are your top priorities customer service, webtechnology and content engagement? According to Webtrends, they should be!But according to Forbes, the vast majority of social media directors are still using socialsimply as a marketing tool.It’s not good enough anymore. With this limited view, you will fall behind yourcompetition.Are you prepared to take your social activity across mobile? Can you consistentlypull together valuable and interactive content? Do you create the perfect customerexperience 24/7?If you answered no to any of the above, and you want to leverage social for benefitsacross your whole company, then join us on June 12-13th in New York.The Corporate Social Media Summit will address many of the pressing issuessurrounding social media for business – as defined by your peers - including internalintegration, engaging your community and creating a content strategy.We’ve recruited some of the world’s finest corporate experts to share best practicewith you and answer all your difficult questions– big names already include:McDonald’s, Southwest Airlines, Dell, Hershey’s, FedEx, Hertz Corporation,MasterCard and Sears.Social media is the most transparent and personal communication channel outthere – and allows you to get closer to your consumers than ever before.To do this most effectively you need to look beyond your marketing department. And that’swhy 2013’s Corporate Social Media Summit moves away from just marketing – and targetsyour biggest challenges in this increasingly complex social world. Obviously, marketing isstill key – and we’ll still spend time discussing the finer points, too. Learn how to:• rive brand awareness and ensure long-term growth: Become a part of your D community, offer value, and leverage your advocates.• mbed social across more than just marketing to ensure transparency, E competitiveness and expand your customer relationship beyond sales.• rovide the ultimate user experience with SoLoMo: Advance your social media P strategy and encourage on-the-go engagement to improve consumer accessibility and drive sales.Ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from global CMOs andSenior Vice Presidents from across business: Reserve your ticket for thissell-out event.I look forward to seeing you in New York on June 12 and 13. Sincerely, Hayley Dunn Useful Social Media
  3. 3. USMFeedback fromthe CorporateSocial MediaSummit In 2012: You literally couldn’t walk CSMNY away without taking is the best something you could use social media in your business Loved it – conference. Dewayne Hankins awesome! Great speakers, Director of Social Media, Los Angeles Kings Stephanie Scott great content, The summit Social Media Specialist, American Airlines great brands! Ashley Betzendahl is highly worthwhile Social Media Coordinator, Goddard System and an Willingness of the various excellent organizations to share their way to gain social media wins and challenges actionable was very enlightening insights Steve Walczak Amy Sherwood Certified Service Advertising Vice President - Public Relations Social Media Manager, GM Consumer Affairs, YUM! Brands What’s new for the #CSMNY Summit in 2013?Leading insight Double the sessions, Benchmark againstfrom leading CMOs:  double the learning: and learn from 300+C-suite executives will share their insights Introducing two tracks across the afternoon corporate peers: from the very top. Our line-up includes Hertz (day1) and morning (day2) – allowing With over 16 hours of best practice and futureCorporation, MasterCard, Outback Steakhouse, you to tailor both days to your specific strategy planning. New interactive formatsSears and Footlocker. CMOs give a different needs. Whether you work for a B2B or delivering you an in-depth debate which delvesperspective to social execs – they know where B2C company we have targeted sessions into your biggest issues – so you take-awaysocial is headed and can share the decisions designed for you. solutions which can be put into action.and strategies that will have impact on you Join the conversation! You can get involved at: #CSMNY
  4. 4. SUMMIT AGENDA USMKEY CMO Keynote Plenary Sessions B2C Specific B2B Specific Customer Care OtherDAY 1 / mo rning Opening Keynote Social in context: Learn from CMOs about how social media fits into broader marketing and business strategy CEOs and CMOs have a vital role to play in leveraging social across business. MasterCard Worldwide Organic Valley/ CROPP Their decisions impact on every aspect of your own role. Alfredo Gangotena Cooperative According to Marketing Charts, CMOs project big increases in social Chief Marketing Officer Theresa Marquez Chief Mission Executive media spending in the next 5 years. Things are changing and you need to understand C-suite intentions to align and evolve your own. In this session, The Hertz Corporation you’ll hear direct from international CMOs on: Bob Stuart Christopher Krohn • Social Media integration: Understand how your role in social media is Chief Marketing Officer President and Chief integrated into a wider marketing strategy - so you know what goals you Marketing Officer need to aim at Sears K Mart Seasonal Outback Steakhouse • The multi-channel marketing mix: How a holistic marketing approach and Outdoor Living Mike Kappitt will create a consistent customer experience – and your role in the multi- channel mix Jennifer Dominiquini Chief Marketing Officer Chief Marketing Officer • How the board assess social media success: Get insight on the standards and metrics you’re held accountable to – and how you can achieve them! Footlocker/Eastbay The Hertz Corporation Dave Lokes Joseph Eckroth Chief Marketing Officer Chief Innovation Officer Chobani John Heath Chief Marketing OfficerBecome a social business Southwest Airlines Linda RutherfordMap out how to move beyond marketing: Your role in embedding Vice President of Communication and Strategic Outreachsocial across multiple departments in your company FedExIt’s essential to realise that social isn’t simply a way to do marketing - it’s a whole new way of doing business. According Victor Reissto IBM, companies that embed social strategy across more than simply the marketing department drive real business Director Digital and Social Mediavalue and create competitive advantage.Your role is critical. As head of social media, you need to help lay the foundations of a corporate social infrastructure –and in this session you’ll learn how to do just that: McDonalds Heather Oldani• Plan the system, develop the infrastructure: Learn the best ways to create a system which allows full social Senior Director of Communications integration and synergy across your business• Give your employees and colleagues the tools to succeed: Empower your biggest assets to make the right decisions and be a critical asset in your social plans act decisively for the benefit of your social strategy• Understand when to collaborate: Ensure you’re able to plan the levels at which cross collaboration is essential so you can achieve an even better internal communication flow• Overcome conflicts of interest across multiple departments: Ensure your colleagues work in harmony to achieve corporate goals quickerGet involved at: @usefulsocial
  5. 5. SUMMIT AGENDA USMKEY CMO Keynote Plenary Sessions B2C Specific B2B Specific Customer Care OtherDAY 1 / mo rningPut your new social infrastructure in place: Enhance consumer Whole Foods Market Bill Tolanyexperience through well-managed multi-departmental social Senior Director, Marketing Integrated Mediaengagement ARAMARKOnce you have broken down internal silos, set out a road-map and encouraged collaboration across your company, Tom Carusonayou’ve got to start walking the walk. Whether you are faced with a crisis, customer issue or simply want to engage Senior Director, Digitalyour online customers, you need to ensure the strategy you’ve put in place works in the real world. In this session Social Mediayou’ll learn::• How to ensure different departments deliver consistent solutions - guarantee all departments engage your The Home Depot customers with one voice Jean Niemi Director of Social Media• Engage across multiple markets: Deliver your core messages, while adapting to different cultural expectations• Define the triggers for multi-departmental involvement: Know when different departments need to collaborate to solve issues and leverage opportunitiesEnergize your advocates to build authentic relationships: Become Oxygen Media Harleen Kathlona valued part of your community, interact with purpose and spot Senior Vice Presidentnew engagement opportunities Wells FargoAs social media evolves, building authentic relationships - as opposed to building follower numbers - is becoming Kimarie Matthewsincreasingly important for brands. Vice President Social WebYour business needs to become the center of the community, a trusted partner and ‘friend’. You achieve that, and youwill benefit from a wealth of information and insight. You’ll ensure you keep in line with changes in your industry, and inconsumer demand.Keep ahead of competition by becoming trusted, boosting your reputation and driving long term credibility:• Discover where your community communicates: Identify and rank different discussions channels so you can prioritize where your company should be spending resources• Grow your own: Foster meaningful online discussions which allow you to build your own engaged community• Become a thought leader: Provide valuable and credible information to attract customers, and drive leads back to your websiteEffective audience segmentation: PETCO Animal Supplies Inc Katherine SmithUnderstand your customer better for more effective, targeted Director Social Mediaand precise marketingIt is important to realize that no consumer is the same. Every individual you’re trying to engage has a different setof tastes, needs and preferences.Fortunately, social media data gives you a better opportunity than ever before to get a truly 360-degree view of yourcustomer. Once you’ve got that, you can enhance your customer’s experience with targeted messages that areengaging, personalized and differentiated:• Spot an audience: Take your worldwide community of customers and break it down into different niche groups• Identify your customer’s needs: Understand their behaviours, preferences and desires - so you can target your messages accordingly - ensuring relevance• Build trust and relationships: Use social media to provide value to subsets of your customer base and engage in a way that allows your consumers to feel a connection with your brandJoin the conversation! You can get involved at: #CSMNY
  6. 6. SUMMIT AGENDA USMKEY CMO Keynote Plenary Sessions B2C Specific B2B Specific Customer Care OtherDAY 1 / AFTERNOON T RACK 1 TRAC K 2How to find and leverage your key influencers: Engage influencers to help put your productgenerate awareness and build a buzz for your in front of core customers and lend credibilitybrand with the support and backing of highly to your brandinfluential evangelists It’s important to accept that social media is now a channel that B2B marketers cannot afford to ignore.Forrester has found that 13.4% of US adults create 80% of the influential content online. According to, key influencers play a vital role inThat shows you how essential it is to identify and then engage these influencers. influencing decision makers within potential client businesses. Their approval,Identifying key figures in the industry can significantly impact your reach, reputation recommendations and insights about a product/service help to build credibilityand customer loyalty. Social gives you great opportunity to do this – but brings - and lift your brand’s reputation amongst potential customers.additional challenges. You’ve got to be faster, more transparent, and truly global to In this session you will learn how to identify, nurture and leverage thought leaderscreate meaningful relations with these thought-leaders. to get exposure to - and business from – a new client base.• Identify key influencers with a large, engaged audience - an audience who cares • IDENTIFY: Build a network of advocates: Identify which influencers can help about what your business offers your products be seen• How to demonstrate you’ll provide influencers with benefits that matter to them: • ENGAGE: Build mutually-beneficial relationships to enhance your industry Ensure they’re excited by, and engaged with, your brand presence• Take it to the next level: Develop influencer relationships for more proactive • DELIVER: Techniques to ensure key advocates act to help you - broaden evangelisation and effective brand building reach, boost reputation, and get more businessMichael Kors Farryn Weiner Director of Social Media, Worldwide Dell Cory Edwards Director of Social Media and Corporate ReputationIZEA Ted Murphy CEOCreate exciting, useful and valuable content: Get more interesting: Learn how to takeIncrease engagement, trigger a response an underwhelming product or service –and drive online sharing to broaden your and focus on the positives to turn it intocompany’s reach engaging contentMake your voice stand out from the crowd and gain competitive advantage by providing According to BtoB Magazine, 82% of B2B marketers believe that strong contentvalue to your customers through content. According to Business Grow, a significant is critical to boosting presence online.amount of users visit brand sites to consume content – not for freebies and discounts. Therefore, it’s obvious that distributing content through social media should be topIt’s vital you give them this reason to engage with your brand. of your agenda.You must know how to create compelling - and relevant - content – that engages, but But when you’re a company that makes cardboard boxes, how can you come upmore importantly, drives customers down your sales funnel. with a continuous stream of interesting, valuable content – on time andIdentify your consumer and analyze what is of value to them: Enhance your under budget?knowledge of the customer and match content to their needs • Understand what you want your content to achieve: Clearly define your content• Produce content that’s both relevant to your consumers - and aligned with your strategy to ensure it is aligned with your business goals brand’s objectives • not just the customer: Learn how content can be used to engage other It’s• Create an emotional connection with your brand via experiential marketing: critical stakeholder groups – employees, investors and beyond Provoke a long term connection between customer’s emotions and your • Understand how to pull out engaging stories from what may be perceived product/service as a dull industryESPN Katie Richman Director of Social Media Strategy Social Product • Identify the right platforms and audiences to share your content: LeverageDevelopment LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to ensure you are reaching stakeholdersThe Hershey Company David Witt Director, Global Digital Marketing and Brand PR on the channels they use SAP Todd Wilms Senior Director, Social Media MarketingGet involved at: @usefulsocial
  7. 7. SUMMIT AGENDA USMKEY CMO Keynote Plenary Sessions B2C Specific B2B Specific Customer Care OtherDAY 2 / mo rning T RACK 1 TRAC K 2Get closer to your customers: Use advanced Incorporate advanced SoLoMo strategy:social CRM strategy to build a fuller picture Deeper engagement through cutting edgeof your customer-base integrated marketing techniquesThere’s a huge opportunity – social interaction generates a huge amount of data SoLoMo - the combination of social media, location-aware technology andyou can use to get a far more complex view of individual customers. mobile device usage offers huge opportunities to your business. Adding it toIntegrate social data into your Customer Relationship Management strategy and your marketing strategy allows new levels of immediacy and advanced’ll be able to leverage this information for better corporate decision-making: With strong SoLoMo work, you can be sure you are reaching the right consumers - at the right place and time.• Discover how to data capture through multiple social touch points and ensure information is used to inform future customer engagement With over 50% of the US population owning a smart device and 70% using social media (Nielsen, 2012) it is now that you need to integrate your social, local and• Train your team to use sensitive information: Ensure you engage with your mobile strategy: consumers without being intrusive • Ensure Social, Local and Mobile work seamlessly together: Target by location,• Distribute data efficiently: Ensure multiple departments reap the benefit engage via social and use mobile to deliver messaging at the time when your of a fuller customer profile consumers are most likely to actThomson Reuters Jen McClure Senior Director, Social Media Strategy • Optimize your mobile site for social interaction – become mobile friendly and provide sharing capabilities to enhance your online and offline reach • Simplify your user experience to ensure your conversion process captures the right person, at the right time, in the right place EXPRESS Eric Gohs Director of Online MarketingSocial channels as a helpline: Better Use social media internally for increasedcustomer service through social interaction collaboration, innovation and efficiency62% of companies have already used social media for customer service 61% of employees say their company’s social media tools help them collaborate.resolution. 77% of customers expect to be served in the channel of their choice. 60% of employees say use of internal social media demonstrates innovation. AndIf you’re not using social customer service, you’re already behind the curve. 58% of employees would rather work at a company that uses internal social mediaAnd if you are, it takes a whole lot of work to stay ahead of it. effectively.Hear how Caterpillar and Ancestry integrate social with customer service for The gains are significant. If you can drive internal adoption of social media, you’ll bea future-proof, pro-active and engaging strategy: able to empower and enthuse employees, trigger interaction, and boost innovation.• Using social to resolve, not just spot, individual issues: How to manage In this session, we’ll show you how to do exactly that: complaints online - and why keeping it in the public domain is a must • up an internal platform to allow teams to contribute and collaborate in real Set until absolutely necessary time: Leverage latent internal expertise to help build a more robust business• Different channel, different approach: Specific tactics and best practice strategy for complaint resolution on Twitter and Facebook • up policies and training: Make your employees aware of the dos and don’ts Set• How to train staff for social complaint resolution: New skills to enhance for better team-working, and fewer internal disputes efficiency, save time and boost customer experience • How to take internal insight and collaborative ideas to define future goals Nick Cifuentes Director, Global Social Media solutions: Improve employee relationships and business growth by leveraging latent internal expertiseCaterpillar Kevin Espinosa Social Media Marketing Manager Wells Fargo Nathan Bricklin Senior Vice President and Head of SocialATT Phil Bienert SVP, Digital Experience Business Strategy Protiviti Greg Hedges Managing DirectorJoin the conversation! You can follow us at: #CSMNY
  8. 8. SUMMIT AGENDA USMKEY CMO Keynote Plenary Sessions B2C Specific B2B Specific Customer Care OtherDAY 2 / AFTERNOONSocial media for crisis response: Preserve brand reputation with JetBlue Airways Corp Jenny Dervina fast, transparent and empathetic response Vice President Corporate CommunicationsIt is no longer acceptable to communicate during a crisis using a press release. It is vital that you reach out directly to yourstakeholders for better - more efficient - crisis resolution. Procter GambleSocial media creates additional challenges for your crisis response strategy – you need to react more quickly, across Paul Foxmultiple platforms, to many different audiences. Overcome the challenges raised by social - create a strategy which Director, Corporate Communicationsallows you to forward plan against potential threats and deal with the unexpected.• Organize and train your team: Provide guidelines, processes and procedures to ensure a quick crisis resolution• Identify and differentiate one-off issues with those that require a coordinated response: Avoid time-wasting and prioritize your efforts for most efficient resource allocation• Become proactive: Scenario plan to pre-identify solutions for your most common issuesFrom quantitative to qualitative measurement: Analyze the holistic Ring Central Baochi Nguyenimpact your social engagement is having on your business Director of Social StrategyAccording to Econsultancy, “having 1million ‘likes’ means nothing if they are not engaged”. They’re right. For effective socialengagement, one must move beyond basic statistics. General MillsIt is essential that you have an in-depth overview of your company’s performance in order to drive future success. Social Kirstie Fosterinteraction offers unprecedented levels of data – unprecedented insight on impact, customer sentiment and more. But it all Director of Public Relationsgoes to waste unless you’re tracking it. and Social Media• Shift your measurement from clicks to comments: Understand the sentiment of your consumer’s conversation so you can analyze the effect that social has on your brand’s reputation• Measure your customer relationships: How relevant, quick and accurate are you are when engaging with potential or existing customers?• Analyze how your online community is sharing your content - the reach your postings achieve - and how this ties back into revenue generationEstablish the right framework to capture, manage and analyze social L’Oreal Georges-Edouard Diasdata – for an improved future business strategy Chief Digital OfficerWith the explosion of social media data, your company has more information than ever before to guide activity, strategyand future performance.But to leverage it, you need to know how to capture this data, then analyze it and act.It is most vital to have a clear strategy to deal with this data - so you can forward plan to meet the demands of yourconsumers.In this session we will prepare you will the tools and tactics that you need - to turn your data into actionable insight.• Capture relevant information: Enable relevant data to be captured throughout your social media engagement to ensure this is logged for future use• Take new information and distribute it correctly: Ensure your provide new insight to the right person which will define your business strategy moving forward• Inform content, marketing and product development decisions: Use social data to decide where to focus your next effortsGet involved at: @usefulsocial
  9. 9. NETWORKING USMHere’s a sample of some of the leading Who’s in the roombrands who attended in 2012 23% Service 73% Providers Corporates 4% Journalists Institutions 33% Directors 26% Managers 3% Senior Managers 13% Vice Presidents 4% CEOs 21% Other REGISTER NOW All Passes Include: The Corporate Social Media Summit June 12-13, 2013 The New Yorker, New York City Access to all sessions, I work for a brand I work for an agency Choose Your Pass lunches + drinks / corporate / solution provider reception Standard Book by March 22 $1395 SAVE $400 Book by March 22 $2095 SAVE $400 Book by May 3 Book by May 3 + ccess to presentation slides post-conference A $1645 SAVE $150 $2345 SAVE $150 Full price Full price $1795 $2495 Premium Book by March 22 $1595 SAVE $400 Book by March 22 $2295 SAVE $400 Book by May 3 Book by May 3 + ccess to presentation slides post-conference A $1845 SAVE $150 $2545 SAVE $150 + P3s of every session at the conference M Full price Full price $1995 $2695 Platinum Book by March 22 $2195 SAVE $400 Book by March 22 $2895 SAVE $400 Book by May 3 Book by May 3 + ccess to presentation slides post-conference A $2445 SAVE $150 $3145 SAVE $150 + P3s of every session at the conference M Full price Full price INCLUDES NEW 56-PAGE BUSINESS REPORT $2595 $3295 Register for a Diamond Pass and receive a copy of our brand new report. The report will help you utilize the power of social media to preserve and enhance your company’s reputation. CALL US +1 800 814 34 59 EMAIL US: online: CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after 26 April 2013 incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 17 May 2013 we will be obliged to charge the full fee.Please note – you must notify Useful Social Media in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are exclusiveof VAT unless otherwise stated, but VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
  10. 10. The Fourth Annual Corporate Social Media Summit New York USMSuperior marketing response, sharper corporatedecision-making, enhanced innovation and a happier,more loyal customer:Become a social #CSMNYTwo day business conference, June 12-13, 2013The New Yorker Hotel, New York Hear from 30+ corporate marketing and social media leaders: MasterCard Worldwide Wells Fargo The Hershey Company Whole Foods Market Alfredo Gangotena Kimarie Matthews David Witt Bill Tolany Chief Marketing Officer Vice President Social Web Director, Global Digital Marketing Senior Director, Marketing and Brand PR Integrated Media The Hertz Corporation Bank of America McDonalds Caterpillar Bob Stuart Emily Berg Heather Oldani Kevin Espinosa Chief Marketing Officer Senior Vice President Senior Director of Communications Social Media Marketing Manager Social Media Sears K Mart Seasonal Oxygen Media Procter Gamble SAP and Outdoor Living Harleen Kathlon Paul Fox Todd Wilms Jennifer Dominiquini Senior Vice President Director, Corporate Senior Director, Chief Marketing Officer Communications Social Media Marketing  Footlocker/Eastbay Wells Fargo Thomson Reuters ARAMARK Dave Lokes Nathan Bricklin Jen McClure Tom Carusona Chief Marketing Officer Senior Vice President and Senior Director, Senior Director, Head of Social Business Strategy Social Media Strategy  Digital Social Media Organic Valley/ CROPP The Home Depot LEGO Group Cooperative Jean Niemi Nick Cifuentes Lars Silberbauer Theresa Marquez Director of Social Media Director, Global Social Media Head of Social Media, Chief Mission Executive Southwest Airlines EXPRESS Ring Central Christopher Krohn Linda Rutherford Eric Gohs Baochi Nguyen President and Chief Vice President of Communication Director of Online Marketing Director of Social Strategy Marketing Officer and Strategic Outreach Outback Steakhouse Dell FedEx American Airlines Mike Kappitt Cory Edwards Victor Reiss Jonathan Pierce Chief Marketing Officer Director of Social Media and Director Digital and Social Media Director, Social Corporate Reputation Communications JetBlue Airways Corp ESPN L’Oreal Michael Kors Jenny Dervin Katie Richman Georges-Edouard Dias Farryn Weiner Vice President Corporate Director of Social Media Strategy Chief Digital Officer Director of Social Media, Communications Social Product Development Worldwide The Hertz Corporation IZEA General Mills Chobani Joseph Eckroth Ted Murphy Kirstie Foster John Heath Chief Innovation Officer CEO Director of Public Relations Chief Marketing Officer and Social Media ATT Protiviti Phil Bienert Greg Hedges SVP, Digital Experience Managing DirectorJoin the conversation! You can follow us at: @usefulsocial